A Bishop’s Observations Emphasize What Needs To Be Broadbased As A Positive Response By The Government Of Sri Lanka To The United Nations Cacophony Calling For An International Investigation Into Rights Violations.
Posted on March 15th, 2014

 Sunny Sunil’s Column Of Positive Analysis

February 2March 15 th 2014
While there have been many observers fron the Buddhist Clergy in the form of prominent monks from the Buddhist hierarchy in Sri Lanka admirably so, regarding the United Nations misguided calls for Human Rights Violations Investigations, not only irrelevant and illogical but also quite inapplicable in the case of Sri Lanka, all the calls thus far have not included attestation of much Christian sentiments which has been a cause for concern from many observers. The popular belief is that Christians have supported the insurgency of the Tamil Tigers through various anomalies such as the clarion calls of the  Bishops of Jaffna, Batticaloa and Mannar to name a few.

However, quite remarkably and in an unexpected manner that seems very appropriate towards the cause at a time when the UNHRC summit is drawing close some very important pointers have been raised by the Bishop of Kurunrgala in a related sense and worthy of positive analysis.

It is indeed also a precursor towards the importance of religious unity in Sri Lanka where the presentation is not only commendable for its remarkable arguments which render worthless all the hoopla and hype of the likes of Navi Pillai and the Tamil Tiger sympathetic diaspora but also indicative of the power it generates in favour of Sri Lanka if all factions of religious and ethnic divides shed their differences towards a defiant stand to repeal what has now become an aberration of the norm when adjudicating calls against countries for accountability by sources such as the UN and other Western World tormentors of Sri Lanka whose objectives by far overide and asphyxiate the meaningfulness towards reason and justice which the callers seem to have twisted  towards their own agendas and objectives.

Therefore when the National Christian Alliance under the direction of Kurunegala’s Bishop Francis asks  “as to what legitimate right UN Human Rights Commissioner Navaneethan Pillay or anybody else has to focus on the last stage of the operation against terrorism in Sri Lanka without investigating the role of those among the international community who built up the terrorist outfit from a rag tag band of youth in the 1970s, to an outfit that was capable of challenging any army.” the futility of Investigative calls against Sri Lanka seem quite academic and very trashable in addition to being a back breaker for the ongoing accusations set in place by the British Prime Minister Cameron, the British Foreign Secretary Hague, Canadaian Prime Minister Harper and the entire bandwagon of anti Sri Lankan campaigners which also include the USA  the EU and a long list of Tamil Diaspora instigated sycophants  sotto voce ~by more than lip service thought to be of a monetarily beneficial nature as well as promises of constituent support at forthcoming elections~ climaxing in falsified documentary videos which add to the cheap sensationalism as icing on their particular cake of fodder and hardly worth dwelling on for the lack of tangibility and altogether tasteless in a putrid sense!

In accordance with the contents of a media report to the Daily Newspaper of Sri Lanka  the Bishop of Kurunegala Rev. Francis has said that the LTTE in the 1970’s was so weak, its members were surrendering to the Sri Lanka Army with petrol bombs and a few crude weapons in hand. They did not have any military training at that time. Yet they were transformed into a group of terrorists with training, massive funding and sophisticated weapons even unknown to the Sri Lankan Security Forces, within a few years, due to the support of sections of the international community. He said that thereafter, the terrorists unleashed a series of brutal killings on unarmed civilians, religious figures and villagers. He  has questioned the reason Navaneethan Pillay and others did not focus their attention on the initial stages of the LTTE campaign rather than directing human rights allegations against Sri Lanka based only on the last stage of the war.
The Bishop has also stated that “the LTTE which started with only a few youth was later equipped with submarines, ships, air craft and other modern weapons with the funds of the diaspora resident overseas and the international community. He added that the international community supported the LTTE to wage war against Sri Lanka.
Rev. Francis said that the Buddhist community acted with patience when the LTTE massacred unarmed devotees at the Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi in their hundreds, bombed the most Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy,and massacred novice Buddhist monks in Aranthalawa and tens of thousands of innocent people for three decades.
Further pointing out that the LTTE also attacked churches and mosques and devotees at these religious places. He has questioned whether the so-called international community  was sleeping during those 30 years of the atrocities of the LTTE against unarmed people and had now has suddenly woken up to make human rights violations allegations against Sri Lanka during the last stages of the war, that defeated the most ruthless terrorist group in the world. He has stated quite vehemently that it was not fair to accuse the Government of  Sri Lanka of human rights violations after defeating the war which was not only precedent setting but a defeat no other regime on the face of the planet has accomplished against many odds including at times surreptitious and in some instances openly blatant support from certain areas of the International communmity itself today shamefacedly coming to terms with their grave errors of judgement! (India! Tamil Nadu , Norway,  a la Eric Solheim eat your hearts out!)
Truly this evaluation renders speechless much of the obnoxities of the loud mouths of the UNHRC anti Sri Lankan name callers with much food for thought about their objectives with so much sense and sensibility displayed by these comments of Bishop Francis which need to be viewed very objectively towards the realities that suggest Sri Lanka is being unfairly targetted.

The most positive aspect  of Rev. Francis’ observations are that he strongly believes in reconciliation and peace as a religious leader and there is no other way for long a lasting solution on this issue where he has also said that “in order to achieve this objective, two significant features need to be adopted which are unconditional forgiveness and forgetting and burying the past altogether.
“We are not dealing with machines but with human feelings. As a professional psycho therapist, I often deal with wounded minds and I know the gravity of it. It takes time for reconciliation”, said Reverend Francis adding “this is where I appreciate the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. We cannot achieve reconciliation overnight” he said.

It seems very noteworthy that he has idealised the President who continues to maintain the importance of this concept towards which some of his foreign antagonists seem blinkered in their obstreperous insistence that the President is liable for Tamil distress which on the other side of the equation it is the Tamil Tiger attrocities perpetrated on the rest of the populace that brought distress to Sri Lanka in the first place. This however seems to have uncannily slipped through the dragnet of accusations to languish in oblivion while Sri Lanka’s antagonists take center stage under the auspices of the likes of those mentioned trumpetting for dear worth over a cause that is not only lopsided but also biased to the core! 

4 Responses to “A Bishop’s Observations Emphasize What Needs To Be Broadbased As A Positive Response By The Government Of Sri Lanka To The United Nations Cacophony Calling For An International Investigation Into Rights Violations.”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Well said Rev. Bishop Francis !
    But he has off-tracked a bit when he said ( assuming this writing is true) ,
    “We are not dealing with machines but with human feelings. As a professional psycho therapist, I often deal with wounded minds and I know the gravity of it. It takes time for reconciliation”, said Reverend Francis adding “this is where I appreciate the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. We cannot achieve reconciliation overnight”

    By handing over the local power to Terrorist (TNA) without proper supervision, MR done a great damage to whatever that has been achieved by sacrificing so many lives to the cause. Now LTTE is shooting police !
    DO NOT appreciate FOOLISHNESS Rev. Fr.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Thank you Bishop Francis, for coming out with this valuable commentary in a few blunt words, about the birth of Tiger terrorists, some of their vile acts, the patience of the majority community and the struggle of the President to forgive the past for the greater good of the future of Sri Lankan people. Up to this point, I thought only Cardinal Cooray had taken a balanced view, without getting pushed by Tamil separatist Bishops and priests in the North, who are shamelessly peddling inflammatory allegations against the Sri Lankan security forces and the Government, whilst being mum about the real culprit the LTTE and its diaspora. I also hope the US/UK/EU will take note of this and instruct their ambassadors/High commissioners to stop the practice of believing the wild accusations the TNA/LTTE alliance is making and also engage with clergy of other religions as well as the Christian priests in the South.
    Justice must prevail and all those former terrorists masquerading as human rights activists need to be stopped before they achieve their goal of irrevocably sabotaging the reconciliation process.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    At last one bishop with sense.

    Looks like the Catholic church is cracking!!

    Pedophile Kasippu Joseph Goebbels is not the ONLY bishop. There are sane people too.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    This is a blistering exposee of the LTTE supportive deadbeats with their ulterior agendas combined with a panacea for restoration of moral values in Sri Lanka pointing towards the unity needed to defeat impediments created by the likes of Navi Pillai, Channel Four and the rantings of the USA, the UN, UK, Canada, the EU in support of their own concept of Human Rights Violations viewed from second hand sources laced in bias and veritably distorted.
    The rogue bishops of the North and East merely contributed to the confusion where their support of the LTTE was crystal clear and should have been apprehended and tried for treason as well as being de frocked! Careful Desmont Tutu also when poking your nose into things beyond your comprehension from the safety of your cassock!! Get your facts right!
    Hopefully there will be more such evocations towards the redemption of Sri Lanka whose populace is a contented one unlike other parts of the world crying out for affirmative action to bring to justice the real perpetrators of Human Rights Violations taking place even as this is being written.

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