The UNCHR has been hijacked by the Superpowers !
Posted on March 24th, 2014

By Garvin Karunaratne-Formerly of the Administrative Service of Sri lanka

 It is sad that the UNHCR, an international institute which should look after Human Rights has today been hijacked by certain Imperialist Countries  and is being used to punish sovereign countries that do not follow their dictates.

The UNHCR of today was adopted by the  United Nations General Assembly in 2006 charged with the task of  upholding “the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights”.

One year after its institution  the UNHCR adopted its “Institution Building Package”, where the UNHCR  held as its aim, “to assess the human rights situation in all 193 UN member states” In addition there is a Complaints Procedure  where individuals and organizations are entitled to  bring complaints about human rights violations.

What we are seeing today is a situation where the UNHCR has failed miserably in its task of  assessing the human rights situation in all  UN countries and has allowed itself to be hijacked by mighty members like the USA to do their imperialist bidding of bringing charges against particular members, who fail to carry out their dictates.

 It is up to the members of the UNHCR to stand up to be reasonable and to judge the complaint resolution moved by the USA ,the UK and certain EU countries, assess whether the accusations leveled against Sri Lanka are true and factful  giving the country full chance to explain the circumstances. Today we hear of a twenty minute slot of time granted for the leader of the Sri Lankan delegation to speak.  

Having worked long in the Administrative Service of Sri Lanka I have held many important  inquiries and investigations. In  all of them I have granted ample time, time without any restriction for the accused to speak out and  find evidence in defence. It was never a twenty minute restriction..

I must point out that the complaint against Sri Lanka is serious and Sri Lanka should be awarded more time to substantiate facts.

It is also important for the  UNHCR to look into the motivation that the movers of resolution. Are the movers of the resolution having so exemplary records of human rights,  what motivates them to castigate a country like Sri Lanka, while they are involved in infringing the human rights of many- thousands of citizens of sovereign countries on various pretexts all around the World.

In particular, as far as the USA  is concerned the UNHCR members are kindly requested to look into how the USA has without any authority from the United Nations invaded Iraq and caused the deaths of thousands of people. It has now been fully established that the USA had no legitimate reason to invade Iraq and that even in the Chilcot Report the contents of discussions between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair are to be erased.  Why was it necessary to erase. It was because the two leaders had made a wrong, a decision that has caused  the death of a nation enabling both of them to be hauled before the International  Courts for crimes. . Even today a full ten years after the invasion of Iraq that country is a mass of rubble. The UK Inspector of Arms who was a leading member of the UN Panel that was sent to Iraq to establish whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, said that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, yet he was silenced and the two countries the USA and the UK invaded Iraq. In my words in the Lanka Web,

“The Weapons Inspector’s body was found  after he was unmasked as a source  of a damaging BBC Report  questioning the grounds for the Iraq war.  Dr Kelly was found dead on an evening walk  a few days later. A strange inquest was held, not by the  normal coroner, but  by Lord Hutton who concluded that  Dr Kelly had committed suicide, with no evidence. However Lord Hutton decided that his post mortem report  and photographs of the body should not be released for seventy years- till ,after everyone in the deciding line were dead.  After protests in 2010, the Report was released. Dr Kelly being silenced speaks volumes for the Human Rights standards being upheld by Great Britain!.

The UNHRC members are kindly requested to request the USA to take them to any of the Indian American  Reservations  in the USA where the American Indians who were the occupants of the USA that were defeated to take over the country to create the USA are yet living in poverty, confined to land that is unhabitable, where the basics of education and health are not provided. The poverty in which the original settlers live today deserve immediate investigation. I know this for certain as I have traveled in the USA going through these areas of poverty and squalour. Is it right and fair for the mightiest country in the World today- the USA,  to confine the original inhabitants of the USA  to this type of segregation and poverty. This is well documented and books have been written by world renowned authorities, but the USA is not concerned.

The UNHRC members are kindly requested to look into the plight of the two thousand Chagossian Islanders who were forcibly evicted from their land- the Chagos Islands  by the UK in order to enable the USA to build  the San Diego Military Base.  I quote from my own Paper in the Lanka Web:

“The Chagossians lived a peaceful life  in the Chagos Archipelago “till they were forcibly evicted in the late 1960s and 1970s so that Diego Garcia could serve  as a location for a military base shared  by the UK and the US.  On 16/4/1971, the UK issued an Order called BIOT Immigration Ordinance No 1 which made it a criminal offence for those without military clearance to be on the island without a permit. Between 1967 and 1973 the Chagossins then numbering 2000 were expelled by the British Government. The food stores were allowed to deplete in order to make the remaining inhabitants to leave. The homeless Chagossians  moved from pillar to post and took to the Courts and “on 11/5/2006 won their case in the High Court of Justice  that they were entitled to return to the Chagos Archipelago. However the British Government  filed a motion in the Court of Appeal against the decision of the High Court. The Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the High Court.  Then the British Government appealed to the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords On 22/10/2008 the House of Lords  reached a decision in favour of the British Government, ending the legal process in the UK  and dashing the islanders’ hopes of return. Further in April 2010 the British Government established a  Marine Natural Reserve  around Chagos Islands. This was the most effective long term way  to prevent any of the Chagos Islanders  from resettling in their islands. The Chagos islanders launched an appeal that the reserve was unlawful aimed at preventing them from returning home. In June 2013, the Pair of Judges turned down the appeal, because the reserve was compatible with EU Law”(Wikipedia & Press Association 11/6/2013)

Today as we write the Chagossians numbering over 2000  are homeless eking a life  wondering in many countries.  What a record of Human Rights!

If one goes through the annals of recent history it will be found that the USA has been meddling with the human rights of many people in a large number of countries and taking unilateral action  while  the UNHRC has remained silent. The few instances quoted above alone serve for the UNHRC members to veto the resolution on the grounds that it has been submitted by two countries who have again and again infringed the human rights  of many sovereign countries.

Sri Lanka has today come to face a resolution  accusing it of infringing norms of human rights in defeating the terrorist LTTE that tried to establish a separate state in a portion of its  island.

The very manner that the USA, the UK and certain other countries are pursuing this resolution, insisting on an international investigation in to the manner in which terrorism has been eradicated speaks in no uncertain terms of their role in furthering terrorist activities in different parts of the world that would serve their imperialist purposes.. Both countries speak out against terrorism, but create and advocate terrorist activities. The UK allowed LTTE leader the late Anton Balasingham to live and plan his terrorist activities in the UK. His wife Adele Balasingham the creator of baby terrorist brigades has yet been given a home in the UK.  It is well known that the UK, Germany, France and many other Imperial countries tried their best to stop President Rajapoaksa from defeating the LTTE. As much as the LTTE was created by India to destabilize Sri Lanka the UK and its allies wanted the LTTE to continue its terrorist activities!

The LTTE was a terrorist outfit created by no other than the Government of India- then under Indira Gandhi   to destabilize Sri Lanka which in the late Seventies went to the USA. Camp.  Former Union Law Minister Ram  Jet Malini has said recently that the LTTE was a creation of India.  India did not like President Jayawsardena allowing the USA hegdemony in Sri Lanka and allowing it a few miles of land in Trincomalee to establish a center for satellite reconnaissance.  Trincomalee was a coveted sea base and India did not want it to be a naval base for the USA. India established training camps to train LTTE cadres,  ferried across from Sri Lanka, trained them the art of making bombs, equipped them with sophisicatd weapons and poured them back to Sri Lanka to destabilize Sri Lanka. The motive of India is clear- they want a subservient country on their doorstep.

In considering the resolution submitted by the USA castigating Sri Lanka, the member countries of the UNHCR are requested to consider the following facts.

The LTTE waged a battle to establish a separate state in Sri Lanka, a democratic country.

In the area controlled by the LTTE Prabhakaran  established a fascist state, where every person that opposed his reign of terror was summarily killed. In parliamentary elections where citizens were requested to vote, the LTTE ordered that no one should vote. The first person that voted had his arms chopped off, The LTTE forced families to hand over their children to be trained as baby terrorists.

The LTTE  murdered all Tamil leaders including two Mayors of Jaffna, Tamil Members of Parliament, Tamil Leaders, Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India, President Premadasa of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgama and many other Tamil leaders.

The LTTE attacked civilians in all parts of Sri Lanka, including pilgrims venerating the Sri Mahaha Bodhi at Anuradhapura when the number killed was over five hundred.There were frequent attacks in the entire island and the entire population lived in mortal fear of death at the hands of the LTTE

The Government of Sri Lanka made overtures to the LTTE and military action was taken only when the LTTE stopped the irrigation water from the Mavil Aru Anicul to farmers. This itself is highly humanitarian because if the irrigation water had not been provided the farmers would have been deprived of their crop for an entire year.

Since 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka has spent a massive amount of funds to develop the North and has actually neglected the rest in an attempt to help the people who were traumatized during thirty years of LTTE rule when they were ruled with the gun, not knowing when they will be summarily killed by the LTTE.  The problems of unemployment and poverty are universal to Tamils as well as the other communities. The massive spending done by the Government has actually brought more development in the North than in all other areas.

There is talk about accountability. This was a war situation and the manner in which the LTTE took with them civilians as a human shield and used hospitals and schools to house weapons are well documented. In such a scenario the LTTE is responsible for the collateral damage which they brought upon themselves

The International Community talk of a political settlement. The fact is that the majority of Tamils live amongst the Sinhala people and enjoy all the priviledges enjoyed by the entire population.  They do not require a political settlement as they are fully fledged citizens enjoying the peace that has been brought about by the defeat of the LTTE. The Wignesvarans and Sumathirans did not exist during the LTTE days because they had no voice. It is only the politicians that want a political settlement, not the Tamil people.

The LTTE in the last stages of the battle compelled civilians to proceed with them as a human shield to avoid being attacked, In the last stages of the battle the Sri Lankan Army liberated  this mass of some 280,000 people

In the annals of warfare there is no other parallel to the humanitarian manner in which the people in the LTTE areas were provided with food, medicines and essentials of life like building materials etc. all supplied free throughout the thirty years. Hundreds of lorries laden with rice, dhall, medicines and cement etc were driven to the gates of the LTTE at the border every week. The LTTE took charge of the goods and they sold it to the people and raised funds. My own driver  in the Agrarian Services got a promotion as a lorry driver and he too went on such a humanitarian mission. My driver Lionel as well as a number of other lorry drivers  who took provisions never returned. It is beyond parallel for the enemy to be fed, housed and medically attended to. This fact alone belittles the USA for its “humanitarian” act of sponsoring this resolution against Sri Lanka, a country that fought a humanitarian battle. Right throughout this thirty years every teacher and administrator in the LTTE territory was paid by the Government of Sri Lanka. The LTTE controlled the education provided and  dictated to the administrators. Five Government Agents- the chief officers of the districts were murdered by the LTTE.  This humanitarian manner in which the Tamil people were fed and housed while they lived under the LTTE alone should open the eyes of the USA and the UK the sponsors of this resolution against Sri Lanka.

Let me write no more. It is time that the members of the UNHRC opened their eyes and act fairly and not play poodle to the USA and the UK. It is time for them to realize that Uncle Sam will willingly put them in the dog house someday.

 Garvin Karunaratne

Formerly of the Administrative Service of Sri lanka


18 Responses to “The UNCHR has been hijacked by the Superpowers !”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    UN has 200 members but UNHRC has only 47. How about the other 153?

    Worse. UNHRC boss is a TAMILIAN so expect nothing good from it.

  2. Nanda Says:

    How good are the Tamils in the world’s oldest professions ?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Friday when USA brings ONE resolution against SL, there will be FIVE resolutions against Israel. UNHRC has gone NUTS!! Every year they grill the SAME few countries.

    Our dip-low-mats are useless. Israeli diplomats are ON STRIKE!! Not much different.

    “The United Nations Human Rights Council is expected to vote this Friday in Geneva on five anti-Israel resolutions, including one that encourages the boycott of West Bank settlements and Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

    “We urge all states and regional groups to fulfill their legal obligations as third state actors by adopting guidelines to ensure that settlement produce does not enter their markets,” a Pakistan official told the UNHRC on Monday during a debate on Israel.

    The Pakistani official urged the UNHRC to create a commission of inquiry into Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners and detainees. He added that all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails should be released.

    The official spoke on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference that, with Pakistan’s help, submitted the five resolutions. The resolutions focused on what the UN says are Israeli human rights violations in east Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights.

    One resolution called on member states “to take appropriate measures to encourage businesses domiciled in their territory and/or under their jurisdiction, including those owned or controlled by them, to discontinue any activities that are not in conformity with… relevant international laws and standards.”

    It added that individuals and businesses should be informed of the “financial, reputational and legal risks, as well as the possible abuses of the rights of individuals, of getting involved in settlement-related activities, including economic and financial activities, the provision of services in settlements and the purchasing of property.”

    Israel is the only country in this upcoming 25th session in Geneva this month against which there are five resolutions pending. The UNHRC is voting on only one resolution on Syria even though over 120,000 people have been killed in its ongoing civil war.

    Similarly, there was only one resolution against the regime in Tehran that has executed over 80 people this year.

    In light of the Foreign Ministry strike Israel was not represented at Monday’s UNHRC meeting that heard four reports on Israeli activity in the Palestinian territories.

    The UNHRC Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Richard Falk, who is ending his six-year term, delivered his last report.

    He called on the UN to ask the International Court of Justice at The Hague to issue an advisory as to whether Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian territories meets the legal standard of “colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.”

    Representatives of UN member countries spoke of Israel under Agenda Item 7, which is held at every UNHRC session.

    Israel is the only country which the UNHRC is mandated to discuss at every session. It does so under this item.

    Israel and the US have worked to remove the item from the agenda claiming that one in a series of UNHRC actions shows that it singles out Israel for condemnation and censure more than any other country.

    In protest the United States and the European Union have recently stopped addressing the council under Agenda Item 7. When the EU spoke of Israel during this session it did so under other Agenda items.

    The PLO Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Ibrahim Khraishi, along with member states, spoke on Monday against the EU and in defense of Agenda Item 7 on Israel.

    Khraishi attacked the concept of Israel as an “oasis of democracy.”

    “We should have a clear study of the systemic and serious violations of human rights that take place in Israel. Just look at the newspapers and the TV channels and you will realize what is happening in Israel.

    Major violations take place there on a daily basis,” he said referencing Israeli activity on both sides of the pre-1967 lines.

    He used as an example claims of indiscriminate attacks by Jewish extremists against Palestinians and Israeli Arabs, known as “price-tag” attacks, and prejudice against Ethiopian Jewish citizens of Israel.

    “Some people believe that to speak about human rights violations under Agenda Item 7 means hampering peace. Not to talk under Agenda Item 7 is a mere encouragement to Israel for it to continue with its violations and to commit more violations. It is our duty to call Israel order and all those who turn a blind eye to these violations only encourage Israel,” Khraishi said.”


  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    India just voted with the UNHRC for a comprehensive investigation into alleged Human Rights Violation BUT made sure it only covers the period from 2002 to 2009. She refused to sign any such investigation if it included the entire war as demanded by Colombo. That would put India in a bad light since it would also cover the period when the Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF) was in Sri Lanka in the 1980s and the massive human rights violations they committed.

    It would also include India’s role in the war. India is playing dirty politics. She has been involved in this gutter level politics ever since India engaged the Tamil Tigers to take on Colombo. Without India’s help the war against Tamil Terrorism would have ended in the 1980’s and not in 2009. India is still determined to use whatever is in her disposal to create Eelam.

    That is why I strongly suggest that either Sri Lanka negotiate with China to join the SCO and in return allow China to create a military base in Sri Lanka. Offer the same to Russia. The very military presence of these two Security Council members in Sri Lanka would cut the Indian strangle hold, including that of the US and the UNHRC.

    Sri Lanka should take the offensive against India and support the freedom fighters of Kashmir, the Khalistan movement, the Maoists to India’s north eastern states. Not for spite but because Sri Lanka’s Buddhist values are superior to those of Hindu India and her entrenched caste system. These movements have a moral right to break from India.

    Recently a friend of mine who is a Doctor and an active participant in helping the desperately poor of South India including orphans who were victims of maltreatment where he had worked tirelessly to help them get an education wrote to me in response to a letter. I will cut and paste part of that letter. The story is real, then names have been changed. But multiply this situation a hundred million times and Sri Lanka has the obligation that those ethnic groups seeking independence from India should receive support:

    “Presently, to site one example very close to home, Shiva (name has been changed), my partner, and I are trying to
    finish work on a house there for his aging mother. The neighbors continue to cut the water lines because no water that has touched a Dalit home should flow to their own holy residence. Only the Muslims, not even the Christians, came to their defense against arson, threats of rape and even murder. I am inclined to think that the best thing to do with India is to get the hell out if you can.”

    “Get the hell out if you can”. That is what the Kashmiri, the rich state of the Punjab, the Northeastern States are clamoring. Why should the taxes taken from their states go to support such a savage and brutal system such as the Caste system?

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    I call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to WITHDRAW Sri Lanka from membership in the United Nations immediately.

    The United Nations as currently constituted has become a the TOOL of a few NeoColonialist Powers to perpetuate their Global Hegemony and Undermine, Destabilize and Dismember smaller developing countries throughout the world.

    The United Nations DOES NOT SERVE the best Interests of sovereign Sri Lanka.

    Let Sri Lanka WITHDRAW from the UN NOW, and work with other nations, under the leadership of China and Russia to CREATE a New Global Organization .. the UNION OF NATIONS … FREE OF SUCH ABUSES.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Final draft of the resolution on Sri Lanka tabled at UNHRC, eliminates India’s complicity in war

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 25, Geneva: The final draft of the resolution on Sri Lanka sponsored by the United States, the United Kingdom and three other countries was submitted to the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva this morning .

    The sponsors submitted the revisions and amendments to the resolution HRC25 “Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka” before today’s deadline. The Council will vote on the resolution Wednesday, March 26.

    The draft of the revised resolution, which specified a time period to investigate the alleged human rights violations, was circulated among the member states of the UNHRC Monday.

    The revised version requests the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to undertake a comprehensive independent investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka, during the period covered by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), and establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations and of the crimes perpetrated with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability, with assistance from relevant experts and special procedures.

    The revised draft limits the time period for the OHCHR to conduct the investigations to the period covered by the LLRC which investigated the incidents from February, 2002 to May, 2009.

    The more recent time period specified by the resolution means the numerous suicide bombings, massacres and other atrocities committed by the Tamil Tiger terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) before 2002 during the three-decade long war, as well as the violations by the Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF) in the late 80s will not be investigated.

    The Sri Lankan government has stressed that it is grossly unfair to investigate only the last phase of the war and constantly called for a comprehensive investigation during the whole three decades of war if an international inquiry were to be conducted.

    However, the text of the final version of the resolution formulated with the help of India effectively eliminates any probe on India’s complicity in Sri Lanka’s terrorist war.

    Following is the text of the revised draft resolution HRC#25.

    Draft resolution HRC 25 24 March 2014

    25/1. Promoting reconciliation, accountability, and human rights in Sri Lanka

    The Human Rights Council,

    1. Reaffirming the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,

    2. Guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant instruments,

    3. Bearing in mind General Assembly resolution 60/251 of 15 March 2006,

    4. Recalling Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1, on institution-building of the Council, and 5/2, on the code of conduct for special procedures mandate holders, of 18 June 2007,

    5. Recalling also Human Rights Council resolutions 19/2 of 22 March 2012 and 22/1 of 21 March 2013 on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka,

    5 bis. Reaffirming its commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka,

    6. Reaffirming that it is the responsibility of each State to ensure the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of its entire population,

    7. Reaffirming also that States must ensure that any measure taken to combat terrorism complies with their obligations under international law, in particular international human rights law, international refugee law and international humanitarian law, as applicable,

    8. Recognizing the Human Rights Council’s support of Reaffirming that all Sri Lankans to are entitled to the full enjoyment of their human rights regardless of creed, faith religion, belief, or ethnicity, in a peaceful and unified land,

    9. Welcoming and acknowledging the progress made by the Government of Sri Lanka in rebuilding infrastructure, demining, and resettling the majority of internally displaced persons, but noting nonetheless that considerable work lies ahead in the areas of justice, reconciliation, land use and ownership demilitarization, the resumption of livelihoods and the restoration of normality in civilian life, and stressing the importance of the full participation of local populations, including representatives of civil society and minorities, in these efforts,

    Welcoming the announcement made by the Government of Sri Lanka that elections to the Provincial Council in the Northern Province will be held in September 2013,

    10. Welcoming the successful holding of Provincial Council elections held on September 21, 2013 and in particular the high turn-out and participation in all three provinces, but noting with concern reports of election-related violence, as well as voter and candidate intimidation,

    11. Expressing appreciation for the efforts and cooperation of the Government of Sri Lanka in facilitating the visit of a technical mission from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and providing her with open access, and encouraging the Government to increase its dialogue and cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner, and welcoming the visit of the High Commissioner to Sri Lanka in August 2013,

    12. Expressing deep concern over reported intimidation and retaliation against civil society members who engage with UN human rights mechanisms including those who met with the High Commissioner during her visit,

    13. Expressing serious concern at the continuing reports of violations of human rights in Sri Lanka, including sexual and gender-based violence, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture and violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, threats to judicial independence and the rule of law, as well as intimidation of and reprisals against human rights defenders, members of civil society, lawyers and journalists,

    14. Alarmed at the significant surge in attacks rapid rise in violence and discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, particularly against members of religious minority groups in Sri Lanka, including Hindus, Muslims and Christians,

    15. Calling upon the Government of Sri Lanka to fulfil its public commitments, including on the devolution of political authority which is integral to reconciliation and the full enjoyment of human rights by all members of its population,

    16. Taking note of the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission of Sri Lanka, its findings and recommendations, and acknowledging its possible contribution to the process of meaningful national reconciliation in Sri Lanka,

    17. Recalling the constructive recommendations contained in the Commission’s report, including the need to credibly investigate widespread allegations of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances, demilitarize the north of Sri Lanka, implement impartial land dispute resolution mechanisms, re-evaluate detention policies, strengthen formerly independent civil institutions, reach a political settlement on the devolution of power to the provinces, promote and protect the right of freedom of expression for all persons and enact rule of law reforms,

    18. Taking note also of the national plan of action to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission of the Government of Sri Lanka and its commitments as set forth in response to the findings and recommendations of the Commission,

    19. Noting Reiterating Noting that the national plan of action does not adequately address all of the findings and constructive recommendations of the Commission, and encouraging the Government of Sri Lanka to broaden the scope of the plan to adequately address all elements of the Commission report,

    20. Noting Also reiterating Noting with concern that the national plan of action and the Commission’s report do not adequately address serious allegations of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law,

    21. Emphasizing Emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach to transitional justice incorporating the full range of judicial and non-judicial measures, including, among others, individual prosecutions, reparations, truth-seeking, institutional reform, vetting of public employees and officials, or an appropriately conceived combination thereof, in order to, inter alia, ensure accountability, serve justice, provide remedies to victims, promote healing and reconciliation, establish independent oversight of the security system and restore confidence in the institutions of the State and promote the rule of law in accordance with international human rights law, with a view to preventing recurrence of violations and abuses

    22. Underlining underlines that truth-seeking processes, such as truth and reconciliation commissions, that investigate patterns of past human rights violations and their causes and consequences are important tools that can complement judicial processes and that, when established, such mechanisms have to be designed within a specific societal context and to be founded on broad national consultations with the inclusion of victims and civil society, including non-governmental organizations,

    23. Recalling Reaffirms the responsibility of States to comply with their relevant obligations to prosecute those responsible for gross violations of human rights and serious violations of international humanitarian law constituting crimes under international law, with a view to end impunity;

    24. Recallingthe High Commissioner’s conclusion that national mechanisms have consistently failed to establish the truth and achieve justice, and her recommendation that the Human Rights Council establish an international inquiry mechanism to further investigate the Noting the call made by the High Commissioner for an independent and credible international investigation into alleged violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law and monitor any domestic accountability processes,

    25. Encouraging the Government to increase its dialogue and cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner, including with regard to technical assistance,

    1. Welcomes the oral update of 25 September 2013 and the report of 24 February 2014 of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on advise and technical assistance for the Government of Sri Lanka on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka and the recommendations and conclusions contained therein, in particular including on the establishment of a truth-seeking mechanism and national reparations policy as an integral part of a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to transitional justice;

    2. Calls upon Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka: to implement the recommendations made in the reports of the Office of the High Commissioner, and also calls upon the Government to conduct an independent and credible investigation into allegations of violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, as applicable; to hold accountable those responsible for such violations; to end continuing incidents of human rights violations and abuses in Sri Lanka; and to implement the recommendations made in the reports of the Office of the High Commissioner;

    3. Reiterates its call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to implement effectively the constructive recommendations made in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, and to take all necessary additional steps to fulfil its relevant legal obligations and commitment to initiate credible and independent actions to ensure justice, equity, accountability and reconciliation for all Sri Lankans;

    4. Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to investigate all alleged attacks, by individuals and groups, on temples, mosques, and churches and to take steps to prevent future attacks; and calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to investigate and hold accountable perpetrators of attacks on places of worship, journalists, human rights defenders, members of religious minority groups, and other members of civil society, as well as on temples, mosques and churches, and further urges the Government of Sri Lanka to hold perpetrators of such attacks to account and take steps to prevent such attacks in the future;

    5. Calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to release publicly the results of its investigations into alleged violations by security forces, including the attack on unarmed protesters in Weliweriya on August 1, 2013, and the Army Court of Inquiry report of 2013;

    6. Encourages Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to provide ensure that all Provincial Councils, including the Northern Provincial Council, and its Chief Minister with the resources and authority necessary to govern, as required by are able to operate effectively, in line with the 13th Amendment of Sri Lanka’s constitution;

    7. Welcomes the visit by the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in December 2013, and to issue an invitation to the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants; and calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to facilitate the effective implementation of durable solutions for IDPs, including the long-term displaced

    7 bis. Further welcomes the invitation to the Special Rapporteurs on the Human Rights of Migrants and the Right to Education;

    7 ter. Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to cooperate with other special procedures mandate holders and to respond formally to their outstanding requests, including long standing requests;

    8. Welcomes Takes note of the High Commissioner’s recommendations and conclusions regarding ongoing human rights violations and on the need for an independent and credible an international inquiry mechanism in the absence of a credible national process with tangible results, and requests the Office of the High Commissioner:

    a) to monitor the human rights situation in Sri Lanka and continue to assess progress toward accountability and reconciliation on relevant national processes;

    b)to undertake a comprehensive independent investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses ofhuman rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka, during the period covered by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, and establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations and of the crimes perpetrated with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability, with input assistance from relevant experts and special procedures special procedures mandate holders as appropriate,;

    c) to present an oral update to the Human Rights Council at its twenty-seventh fourth session, and a comprehensive report followed by a discussion on the implementation of the present resolution at its twenty-eighth fifth session.

    9. Encourages the Office of the High Commissioner and relevant special procedures mandate holders to provide, in consultation with and with the concurrence of the Government of Sri Lanka, in consultation with and with the concurrence of the Government of Sri Lanka, advice and technical assistance on implementing the above-mentioned steps;

    10. Calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner concerning the implementation of this resolution.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Furthemore, I call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to enter into a Bilateral Defence & Military Manufacturing Treaty with the Peoples Republic Of China, and to provide a Naval and Military Base in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka to the Peoples Republic of China to ensure the Defense of Sri Lanka against all AGGRESSOR Nations in the future.

    IT IS TIME to give TEETH to our DEFENSE against the NeoColonial Powers and their Lackeys.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lankan army heightens security

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 25 (Hindu) The Sri Lankan army has heightened security in the country’s Northern Province through a host of measures, including vehicle checks, it is learnt. Jaffna Security Forces Commander Udaya Perera said the move was aimed at preventing a possible regrouping of LTTE sympathisers.

    “We hear that sections of the diaspora are funding some of those elements here,” he said. The “precaution,” he said, was also necessary to nab a suspect still at large, after a recent incident in Kilinochchi where he reportedly opened fire on a policeman.

    The army has maintained that the suspect, Gobi, and an associate, Appan, had links with sections of the Tamil diaspora reportedly working on reviving the LTTE, the Tamil militant outfit defeated in Sri Lanka’s brutal war that spanned nearly three decades. “There is no popular support for such regrouping, but such forces may exploit vulnerable communities in the north. We will not allow that,” Mr. Perera told The Hindu on Monday.

    Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran said the story [of the LTTE re-emerging] was being floated in order to justify the heavy military presence in the north. Observing that the story was “very weak”, he said many unanswered questions remained about the suspect Gobi, the policeman said to have been injured when he reportedly opened fire, and the delay in nabbing him.

    “We have been repeatedly asking the government to confine the military in the north to the barracks, but the government does not want to demilitarise the north. This story is only to justify that,” Mr. Wigneswaran told The Hindu.

    Meanwhile, Sri Lankan police have announced a reward of LKR one million for anyone providing information leading to the arrest of the two, said the state-run Daily News here on Monday.

    According to reliable sources in Jaffna and the Vanni, the heightened surveillance – coupled with an emerging refrain about a possible regrouping of the LTTE – has made people nervous.

    It all began on March 13, when police arrested Balendra Jeyakumari, a resident of Tharmapuram at Kilinochchi, and her 13-year-old daughter Vidushika, on charges of sheltering Gobi. The mother and daughter were regular participants in rallies on disappearances, highlighting the case of Jeyakumari’s son who reportedly went missing in 2009. She still remains in custody while the daughter was put under probationary care.

    On March 16, police arrested prominent human rights activist Ruki Fernando and Fr. Praveen, a catholic priest working the area, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

    They were released in a couple of days, following pressure from several international rights watchdogs. Coming on top of the arrests, the heightened security has created fear and panic among many in the north, according to an activist, working with women’s groups in the region.

    Read More:: Hindu (Source)

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda and others,

    Lets NOT take such DRASTIC action. Russia and China are still in the UN and will NOT leave it.

    We should NOT.

    Even if we leave UNHRC can still create trouble for us.

    UNHRC is TOOTHLESS. We can weather this storm. Let the dirt pass. No real impact on ground.

    DESTROY the Tamil Elam dream with MORE VIGOR afterwards.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Good move by the army.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    Actually REVIVE the “LTTE” and destroy all Tamil racist leaders. LTTE did a GREAT favor to SL and killed ALL Tamil leaders who died tragically!!

    Now the foremost enemies of SL are Tamil politicians and 205 Tamil Catholic clergy. ONLY “LTTE” can destroy them.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association to Pillay, UN Office Director General

    Lankans losing confidence in UN as neutral body

    Representatives of the Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association in Geneva say that action by certain lobby groups within the Human Rights Council to pass another resolution calling for an independent international investigation against Sri Lanka will further reduce the confidence most Sri Lankans have on the UN system as a neutral body within the international system.

    “At a time when the process of reconciliation is making steady progress, we do not wish to see the peace in Sri Lanka disturbed due to any reason. Some lobby groups are trying within the Human Rights Council to pass another resolution that will include a commitment to an independent international investigation in Sri Lanka in the form of a Commission of Inquiry,” the Association states in a letter addressed to Office of the United Nations, Geneva, Acting Director General Micheal Moller and UN Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay.

    “ These types of actions will not help to put the country on the path to justice and reconciliation but become detrimental to fostering good will and spirit of cooperation within the UN system. We believe that these actions will further reduce the confidence most Sri Lankans have on the UN system as a neutral body within the international system,” the Association said in the letter.

    The letter adds that Sri Lanka has consistently interacted with the United Nations system and the wider international community in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

    “We expect reciprocity in the cooperation between the UN system and Sri Lanka in order to fulfill its international obligations and commitments to bring about sustainable peace and reconciliation to all Sri Lankans. We reiterate that Sri Lanka should be given adequate time and understanding to resolve her problems by herself without undue interference from countries that are influenced by the Tamil Diaspora”.

    The letter signed by Erric K.Makaewitage and Nihal Liyanage also states: “While commending the important measures that you have taken in recent years to elevate human rights concerns within the UN system, and encouraging the participation of the civil society in its activities, we urge you to consider the above concerns and emphasise that any efforts by the UN to promote human rights in its member countries should not essentially undermine the domestic efforts of reconciliation.

    As you are well aware, Sri Lanka is a member of the United Nations for the past six decades and it has proudly demonstrated its unstinted belief in the cherished principles of the UN. Hence, we expect fair treatment from all the UN bodies as well as its Chief Executive Officers such as you on issues pertaining to its member states like Sri Lanka.

    We the peace-loving Sri Lankan expatriates in large numbers demonstrating our commitment to ‘peaceful co-existence without undue influence or interference from external forces’ which is a cross section of thousands of such expatriate living in different parts of the world wish to bring to your notice the following: most brutal and ruthless terrorism that plagued Sri Lanka for 30 years has been totally defeated; for the last two years there were no disastrous suicide bombings; people of all ethnicities can move freely and peacefully in any part of the country; economy is growing at seven percent contributed by significant regional growth rates of 23.6 percent from Northern Province and 26.6 percent from the Eastern Province.

    Tourism alone is growing at 25 percent and tourists are free to enjoy our rich cultural heritage and our beautiful beaches without any fear. People enjoy their democratic rights to elect their representatives in free and fair elections. The elections which successfully conducted last year in the North itself is a testimony to the return of political freedom to the region after decades. Since the defeat of terrorism in May 2009, a lasting peace is the only hope for the future of Sri Lanka and its people.

    While being aware of the fact that post-conflict processes do take time, what matters the most is going on the right direction and keeping our eye on the ultimate goal of reconciliation although it is a lengthy process. The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, an internal mechanism has been established to investigate into allegations of violations of international law.

    The government is in the process of implementing the recommendations of this Commission which will enable the country to move forward, addressing accountability issues and concerns on human rights. It is evident that there has been significant progress in the reconciliation process over the past 19 months since the National Plan of Action came into force.”

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have GIVEN UP on the United Nations!

    The UN will NEVER BE IMPARTIAL as long as it depends on a few rich nations to provide the funds that keeps it alive.

    Next most LUDICROUS thing to the PUPPET United Nations, is the “World Community” that the NeoColonial Powers keep referring to when they want another FIG LEAF to hide the NAKEDNESS of their murderous depredations.

    When did the US, UK, France, Germany, Norway and such like become the “World Community” absent the voice and representation of the teeming masses of the world’s humanity in developing nations that they PREY UPON?

    Since poor developing nations can’t influence the UN from within, and INDEED PROTECT OURSELVES from the UN being used as a TOOL TO HARASS & UNDERMINE us, let us RESIGN FROM THE UN … en Masse!

    If no one attends the party thrown by them, how can you call it a party?

    Let us hope that Russia and China will heed our call and create a UNION OF NATIONS as an ALTERNATIVE to the current United Nations. WE NEED SUCH AN ORGANIZATION very badly.

    Russia is already working on an ALTERNATIVE to the European Union … the Eurasian Union! I hope it succeeds, and becomes a viable counter to the EU, and becomes the germinating seed for the UNION OF NATIONS I propose here.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    The TAMIL racist woman has gone crazy over Israel too. She DOESN’T see Palestinian terrorists – Hamas, Jihad, Al Aqsa, Hezballah, etc. Only sees JEWISH people as criminals for settling down in their OWN country!!

    “The building of Israeli settlements and attacks by settlers on Palestinians are a major source of much abuse of rights in the occupied territories, the United Nations’ top human rights official said on Monday.

    Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay also expressed concern at a recent surge in violence in and around the Gaza Strip by both local groups and Israeli forces.

    “Israeli settlement-related activities and settler violence are at the core of many of the violations of human rights in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” she told the U.N.’s 47-nation Human Rights Council in Geneva.

    The settlements not only had a significant impact on the right to Palestinian self-determination, but activities around them “also violate the entire spectrum of Palestinians’ social, cultural, civil and political rights,” she said.

    “Despite repeated calls for Israel to cease settlement activity, ongoing settlement construction and acts of settler violence continue with devastating consequences for Palestinian civilians,” said Pillay, a former judge of the International Criminal Court who has visited Israel and the territories.

    Most countries deem Israel’s settlements in the West Bank illegal and an obstacle to peacemaking. Palestinians decry them as a barrier to achieving a viable state, while Israel considers some of its settlements as a security buffer.

    Settlers view the West Bank as a biblical birthright.

    Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from Gaza in 2005, and Hamas – an Islamist group which rejects Israel’s existence – seized control of the territory two years later, fueling tension which often leads to cross-border violence.

    Pillay said an Israeli blockade of Gaza must be lifted, “with due regard to Israeli security concerns.” Egypt also blockades Gaza from its side of the border.

    Referring to the West Bank administered by the Palestinian Authority, she said U.N. monitors there had documented “a dramatic increase in fatalities and injuries in incidents of use of force by Israeli security forces” in 2013.

    There was an urgent need to ensure accountability for such incidents through independent investigations into allegations of unlawful killings or torture and ill-treatment and to prosecute those responsible, Pillay said.

    Israel’s foreign ministry has been on strike since Sunday. Other officials had no immediate response to Pillay’s remarks.”

    – reuters

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    BTW, The United Kingdom may not be united much longer, as Scotland is about to secede from Great Britain. THat should drive a spike through Cameron’s and Millibanda’s black hearts.

    Funnily enough, the people living in the Orkney and Shetland Island chains off the shores of Scotland want to SECEDE from Scotland and join their forebears in Norway … no doubt with sharing in bounty of rich government benefits in Norway supported by North Sea Oil and Gas revenues!

    Why Norway you might fondly ask. Well, these people are of Nowegian Viking descent, and became a part of Scotland when a Norwegian king gave them as a dowry to the King of Scotland who was marrying his daughter around 1476! They still speak a version of Norwegian and celebrate their Norwegian cultural roots.

    The next thing is to somehow get the Welsh to Secede from Britain. We would be happy to give each of them a free Sri Lankan banana each year, if they would comply.

    Here is a list of all the CONFUSING names used to refer to the British Isles as they came together politically.

    Britain = England + Wales
    Great Britain= Britain + Scotland
    United Kingdom = Great Britain + Northern Ireland

    So, if Scotland secedes, what will England + Wales + Northern Ireland – (Scotland + Orknney Isles + Shetland Isles) be called?

    By God, I have it: “Disunited Kingdom” (DUK), or even “Not So Great Britain (NSGB)”!

  15. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Lorenzo:Lets NOT take such DRASTIC action. Russia and China are still in the UN and will NOT leave it.
    We should NOT.
    Even if we leave UNHRC can still create trouble for us.
    UNHRC is TOOTHLESS. We can weather this storm. Let the dirt pass. No real impact on ground.
    DESTROY the Tamil Elam dream with MORE VIGOR afterwards.

    Lorenzo I completely disagree. The political motivations of India and that of the US including the UNHRC have been relentless and now have taken the next step to force an investigation on human rights violations on Sri Lanka determined by India who made sure that it only covers from 2002 to 2005. Thereby saving herself. India is hosting pro LTTE organizations. The US is determined to punish Sri Lanka while being safeguarded from a litany of human rights violations of her own including crimes against humanity. COLOMBO IS IN A SECOND WAR!!! AND SRI LANKA NEEDS TO RAPIDLY CHANGE THE DYNAMICS TO HER BENEFIT. Bringing either Russia or China or both to build military bases in Sri Lanka would be a boon to the economy of Sri Lanka and side line India and the US including the Tamil diaspora. Ask yourself this question. Since Sri Lanka has faced two prior human rights violations and is about to face another do you really think India or the US or the Tamil Diaspora will simply stop till Eelam is realized?

    Remember the war Lorenzo. When ever Colombo decided to negotiate, or try for peace the Tamil Tigers and India made sure the situation got even worse. Unless Colombo makes a strategic move that would literally upset the apple cart would India back off.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    All that is true but it does NOT justify LEAVING the UN.

    UN has 195 members. MOST of them support SL.
    UNHRC has only a selected 47. How can 47 make decisions for 195?

    SL should NEVER leave the UN because MOST UN members are PRO-SL. Tamils are desperately trying to get into UN at least with the OBSERVER STATUS. We should not get isolated.

    The problem is the UNHRC. SL should leave UNHRC like Israel did until that racist Tamil woman is replaced.

  17. RohanJay Says:

    UN like NATO is just western imperialism in particular UK,US and France govts institutions and organisasions under another name. To submit to this bunch spells near total disaster for the targeted nation under the guise of Human rights, Democracy or weapons of mass destruction as the previously better off citizens of Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan had found out as well as immense sufferings were inflicted by them the Governments of NATO countries of the west on Syria. Thankfully Assad and the Syrian Arab Army is smashing the NATO backed forces there and we should see that brutal NATO created conflict end by the end of this year or next year after their citizens of Syria have suffered tremendously at the hands of brutal savage NATO backed Islamic extremist mercenaries.
    Sri Lanka should ask Russia and China to build military bases in Sri Lanka. As Russia and China seem to have a sane policy for the world not based on war and conquest or framing countries that say no to the NATO countries and their hegemony.
    Sri Lanka should walk out of the NATO/UN created farce called the UNHRC in Geneva in two days. If anyone should be in the dock for massive human rights abuse it should be the NATO countries who instigated constant war and human rights violations on a massive scale in the world every year since bombing serbia in 1999. THen Afghanistan in 2001. Iraq in 2003. Libya in 2011 and Syria almost in 2013 prevented by Putin. However NATO did send their terrorists there which Assads forces are crushing with the help of Russia, Iran and China.
    Is this the bunch trying to frame Sri Lanka for human rights violations. This must be some kind of sick joke. Hopefully Sri Lanka can smash this UNHRC meeting once and for all and may it be the very last time UNHRC/NATO frames Sri Lanka because Sri Lanka dared to defy their dictats like Syria, Russia and China are doing.

  18. RohanJay Says:

    Hey Lorenzo,
    Please explain to me why Isreal is helping Al Qaida terrorists is Syria?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why Isreal is trying to be the defacto airforce of these neantherthal savages in Syria.
    I am sure majority Isrealis would be against their govt supporting Islamic extremists in Syria?
    So what’s going on here. Isreali Govt is implementing the NATO agenda.
    Also please refrain from bringing up Isreal in these forums. Isreal is a criminal nation as Shenali Waduge pointed out correctly a couple of weeks ago.
    Lorenzo the country called Isreal is not what you think it is. I suggest you do your own research there, instead of bringing Isreal into this forums. Isreal and Sri Lanka have no connection other than friendly bilateral relations. You should understand that Isreal is a major part of Western hegemony in the world. I am not talking about the Isreali people. I am talking about the Isreali Govt and institutions that serve a western global hegemonic agenda.
    Please no more pro Isreal stance on these forums its getting tiresome. What are you a die hard Isreali govt agent or something?

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