Another Appeal to the Honourable Delegates to the 25 Session of the UNHR Council, Geneva
Posted on March 25th, 2014


Your Excellency

USA  has great scientists and technicians who have develop technology to reach into the outer space.They sent  men to the moon.  But the minds of the American  Presidents, even Senators and those of the US State Department have not seen a parallel development, remaining at a  primitive level  following the rule of the jungle – the survival of the fittest.

It has not changed, it is what America  is even today. It pounces on the developing nations, like the animals in the jungle hunting the weak and feeble animals of prey, not allowing them to rise above their under development, holding them tied to America’s own set of jungle rules obey us lest we change regimes, or  impose sanctions.

In this lawless state USA is  the deciding force for those who have not developed proportionately to challenge its might power. How else can one see this Honourable Delegates, the sadistic delirium in seeking satisfaction in claiming others are wrong without looking over its  shoulders to see the sufferings it has left behind ?

The ruling class of USA which accepts no challenge, nor reasons  has gathered around it a coterie of supporters from the European Union with UK, Canada, France, Germany etc. the “Yes Men”.   They have all  their skeletons in  their cupboards, but pretends to the world they are  shining knights of honour.

They are all present in the UNHR Council in Geneva, with a resolution against a small country  Sri Lanka- which suffered for thirty years under terrorism, and with a great effort and at a great cost of lives, eliminated terrorism hoping to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to its people after those long years of suffering.

But  since that historic elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka, USA with its coteries have gathered  like vultures around a carcass,  demanding accountability for violation of human rights and war crimes.

The Prime Minister of UK David Cameron had said speaking in support of the US Resolution against Sri Lanka,  that, “…. without a credible investigation in to very serious allegations of the past, it will be very difficult for the Sri Lankan people to move forward in the true spirit of lasting peace, reconciliation and unity and for Sri Lanka to reach its true potential”. It was repeated by Hugo Swire, Minister of State at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

British Foreign Minister William Hague has in the meantime said , that a Special Court for Sri Lanka on the lines of UN backed Special Court for Sierra Leone should be set up to investigate into atrocities allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan military.

Honourable Delegate, please ask yourself why UK is so keen about an investigation into  Sri Lanka’s just war against terrorism, when UK has still not published the Report of the Chilcot Inquiry -the British Public Inquiry into the Nation’s role in the Iraqi war.

In the accusation of Sri Lanka and presenting a resolution against Sri Lanka for its just war to end the thirty year old terrorism, David Cameron, William Hague and Hugo Swire have conveniently ignored their own violation of human rights and  war crimes during  the Iraqi war.

The war crimes and violation of human rights by the UK armed forces in Iraq have been well documented. Some of these items of violation of human rights are reported as follows:

On Januray ist, 2004 Ghanem Kadhem Kati, an unarmed young man, was shot twice on the back by a British Soldier at the door to his home. Troops had arrived at the scene after hearing shooting, which neighbours said came from a wedding party. Investigators from the Royal Military Police exhumed the teenager’s body six weeks later but have yet to offer compensation or announce any conclusion to the inquiry…………..

Details of beating, electrocution, mock executions, and sexual assault by British troops during the Iraqi war  were alleged in a 250 page dossier on January,2014.  These alleged abuses could result in some Britain’s leading defence figures facing prosecution for “systematic” war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in which Britain is the state party.  The allegations included range from “hooding” prisoners, to burning, electric shocks, threats to kill and “cultural and religious humiliations”. Other forms of alleged abuses include sexual assault, mock executions, threats of rape, death and torture.

These are real allegations unlike those of doctored videos and faked films of the UK Channel 4 which  the UN Commissioner for HR Navi Pillai  has taken as evidence to demand an International  Independent Investigation into Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists.  The UK Channel 4 is heavily paid to make this horror films by the anti Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora, some now manifesting with their red flags of terrorism in the UNHRCouncil premises in Geneva.

They are false and without substantial evidence of any sort.  The selection of the UK Channel 4 films as evidence on which UNCHR propose an International Independent Investigation  in Sri Lanka shows the partiality of the UNCHR Navi Pillai of Tamil origin, and her determination to punish Sri Lanka for the elimination of her distant cousins the Tamil Terrorists.

In the meantime the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper demands Sri Lanka to respect human rights and rule of law and supports the US resolution against Sri Lanka demanding an International Independent Investigation in to Sri Lanka’s violation of human rights.  But Honourable Delegate the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in doing that he is throwing stones sitting inside a glass house.

Utter discrimination of indigenous Indian/First Nation minority population is taking place under his Conservative regime. His Conservative Party-dominated parliamentary committee has rejected the establishment of a national commission to investigate the blatant discrimination, murders , disappearances and rape of women and young girls who belong to indigenous minority ethnic communities, saying it has no use.  Is it no hypocrisy to be more concerned with the Tamils of Sri Lanka to the exclusion of the aborigine Canadian Indians ?

Now with regard to USA the Prime Mover of the Resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC Geneva, the Honourbale Delegate  knows very well the record of USA with regard to violation of Human rights and war crimes. It  is not necessary to give in detail the torture camps of  Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo Camps in  Guantanamo Bay, My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, Hadith Massacre in Iraq, where there are crying evidence of American violation of human rights and war crimes.

There is the recent case of which the Honourable Delegates may have taken note.  It is the draft of Pakistan Resolution which proposes that nations “ensure transparency” when discussing drone strikes, and conduct prompt, independent and impartial investigations whenever there are indications of any violations to human rights caused by their use.”

“But the Obama administration has largely refused to supply UN experts with details about the classified US drone program, which has killed hundreds of suspected militants in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and other countries over the past decade. Independent investigators say the strikes have also killed thousands of civilians, including large numbers of women and children, a charge the White House denies without providing evidence to the contrary.

Andrea Prasow, an American lawyer who tracks national security issues for Human Rights Watch, said the United States was passing up a golden opportunity to influence the UN debate on drones.

“This resolution would be the first time the council is going to do anything about drones and the US is not participating in any of the informal discussions about language”, she said. “They are telling us they are reserving judgment on the resolution, which means they won’t be happy with it. They are concerned that the council doesn’t have jurisdiction over this issue. I think it’s ludicrous to say the Human Rights Council doesn’t have anything to say about drone strikes.”

The declassified papers on Vietnam war  US Atrocities went far beyond My Lai : Nick Turse and Deborrah Nelson reported to the Times on August,2006.  The men of the 8 Company  were in a dangerous state of mind having lost five of their men in a fire fight the previous day. The following day there were orders to resume their sweep of the country side, a green patchwork of rice paddies along Vietnam’s central coast.  They met no resistance as they entered a nondescript settlement in Quang Nam province. So Jamie Henry, a 20 year old medic, set his rifle down in a hut, unfastened his bandoliers and lighted a cigarette.  Just then, the voice of a lieutenant crackled across the radio. He reported that he had rounded up 19 civilians, and wanted to know  what to do with them.  Henry later recalled the company commander’s response: Kill any thing that moves.  Henry stepped outside  the hut and saw a small crowd of women and children.  Then the shooting began.  Moments later , the 19 villagers lay dead or dying.

These are some of the atrocities the prime movers of the resolution against Sri Lanka  is trying to hide calling for an International Independent Investigation into the violation of human rights and war crimes committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in the course of the elimination of the terrorists.  But no one challenges them because the future of the Sovereignty of small independent nations depend on  being on their side,  without pointing fingers at them.

The President and the government of Sri Lanka  have after the elimination of terrorism developed the country to a great extent.  There are no poor people in rags living  in  shanties and dilapidated houses. The communities in Sri Lanka are living in harmony. Sri Lanka has  risen from its development  stage to become a middle income  country.

But these are   the Tamil sympathisers of the former terrorists living in USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands,  Australia etc. and Tamil Politicians the former supporters of the terrorists who have come to UNHRC premises in Geneva, to manifest against Sri Lanka trying to hide the real ground situation in Sri Lanka, supporting the USA resolution to pressure the Honourable Delegates to vote for the US resolution hoping thereby to force the International Community to change the regime in Sri Lanka, and divide the country to set up a Tamil State.

 Honourable Delegate  Sri Lanka really needs no such resolution, and there is no need for an International Investigation.

UNHRC is really wasting its time passing resolutions against Sri Lanka, which needs no immediate change as the country is in peace and fast development, and the Communities are living in harmony.

While UNHRC is passing resolutions against Sri Lanka,  in Nigeria, Somalia, Central Africa, Syria, and in  Lebanon, men, and women are being killed or massacred, young women and children kidnapped raped and killed, others  live in utter  poverty in shanties, or  in refugee camps, without , food, water, proper sanitary conditions, or schooling for children.

Those are the places that need the presence of  the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, where USA and its allies should rally round not to wage wars but to bring the people together and settle political issues in peaceful dialogue.

In Sri Lanka they are raking the past where Sri Lanka was engaged in a just war to eliminate terrorism to bring peace to the people who for thirty years lived uncertain lives, waiting  for their children to return home safely , or worry until  husbands return home,   living in panic on hearing news of a bomb that exploded, when the husbands and wives avoided travelling together lest that one would live if the other were to die in a bomb explosion.

If they want to rake the past they should go to Agentina where the people are still looking for lost persons.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces did not fight against the Tamil people but against the ruthless terrorists. USA and its allies want to know how many civilians had been killed by the armed forces at the last phase of the military operations against terrorists, some say there were 40,000 deaths others say, 100,000, yet others say 7000.  How can one really say what exactly happened at the end of a war,  and how many people were  killed ?

Does numbers count? If there had been any deaths at all, at least they had given their lives to allow millions to live in peace.

Seven years after USA imposed sanctions on Iraq 1.5 million people had died.  Of them half a million were children, that is more children than in Hiroshima after the Atomic bomb.  When Leslie Stahl ( CBC -11 May,1996)  asked Madeleine Albright (USSecretary of State) Is the price worth it ?  She replied ” I think this is a very hard choice.  But the price, we think the price is worth it.”  Leslie Stahl says, ” Worth it, because she (Ms.Albright) believes the sanctions are working.” ((

Honourable Delegate,  please see the hypocrisy of the US Resolution against Sri Lanka. It is a cover up for its own violation of human rights, and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Libya etc.

Therefore, if you hesitate because your country needs USA and its allies for political and economic advantages, or because of bilateral agreements, you have still  the independence and freedom to act in defence of your principles and convictions. Today USA and the West are not the only Nations the developing countries  could turn to for their needs , but there are others such as China, and  Russia.

Honourable Delegate, it is fair and just that you reject the US Resolution against Sri Lanka and allow this country to look forward to a peaceful future during which it could develop the country and build a  Nation of  united Communities.

 Please say no to the US Resolution against Sri Lanka

 Yours Respectfully,


26 Responses to “Another Appeal to the Honourable Delegates to the 25 Session of the UNHR Council, Geneva”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    Whatever we say is not relevant to the biased idiots in the UNHRC when crazy americans bribe the delegates. It is the money that matters and not the facts. When bank moon could be bought for two bananas can anyone else anything for the fear of loosing american dollars. UNO is a bunch of racist bullies who are yes men to amerians. Can a racist Tamil woman be a judge who hears a case filed by a racist Tamil Terrorist supporters. Is it right to appoint a Tamil woman to investigate into a claims by a Tamil group of Racists Terrorists? Is this the UNO?

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    The problem is the UNHRC of only 47 selected members NOT the UN with 195 members MOST of them pro-SL.

    Yes. MOST UNHRC jokers have made up their mind by now.

  3. Nanda Says:

    Charles can be the next president ! He does not give up.

  4. Nanda Says:

    “USA has great scientists and technicians who have develop technology to reach into the outer space.They sent men to the moon.”

    – Stolen or kidnapped from other countries !

  5. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: In your letter you should have drawn the attention of the “Delegates” of this UNHRC to the statement President Obama made when he was asked to investigate the “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” during the tenure of office of President W George Bush. Here below what he said:


    The trouble with us was, we did not have the guts to say such a thing. We are too “gentlemen” type and that is not the way, in my view to confront the “Diplomatic Terrorism” of these Delegates and the UNHRC High Command.

    You would have heard our local saying: “Rat Una Yakadaya Dekkama, Archariya Uda Pena Pena Thalanawa” (When the black smith sees the red hot iron, he jumps up and hammer it more and more) Our country has dropped down to this level of the red hot iron today. Every NGO, the Higher Ups in World Bodies, Human Rights Activists, The LTTE Rump, the TNA etc. will now come and shit in our back yard and conveniently get out having a hearty laugh. Look at a recent incident of that man by the name “GOPI” who even shot at and injured a Law Enforcement Officer and ran away without a trace. We have to offer Rs.1 Million to get at any information leading to his arrest. This man “toured” the globe and arrived in Sri Lanka and very freely obtained a job as a Truck Driver driving all that while between Jaffna and Colombo. Yet we did not suspect him and gave him the freedom to carry on as a decoy of the LTTE Diaspora Rump. That is how we display our “GENTLEMANLY” qualities and style.

    We have no option other than to pray day and night for the BLESSINGS OF THE TRIPLE GEM for our protection. Anyway, all the good luck in your efforts.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    My Comment on the article entitled: Why a UN probe of Sri Lanka would spark new hope for reconciliation


    On the contrary, the UN probe will further alienate the communities of Sri Lanka from each other. People who have lived in Sri Lana during 30 years of unremitting terrorism are grateful to the present government for rescuing them and ensuring their security.

    The fake refugees who used that war to emigrate illegally into Western countries have largely forgotten that pain and suffering of others, and want to keep the pot boiling somehow to keep the illegal immigration pipeline open for their relatives and ti impose their will on the heroic government of Sri Lanka.

    The UN Report will give these Eelamists the INCENTIVE to continue their destabilization of Sri Lanka, and the Govt of Sri Lanka will lose faith in the UN and the Western Powers and will take decisive action.

    I hope Sri Lanka will ABANDON Reconciliation with defeated terrorists just to please these foreign powers. I hope Sri Lanka LEAVES the UN altogether … it is a PUPPET of a few Western Powers anyway. I hope Sri Lanka will enter into DEFENCE PACTS with China and Russia to protect herself, and grant military bases to those two countries in Sri Lanka.

    As in the case of CUBA, the Hypocrites of the West are forcing Sri Lanka into the arms of China and Russia, and to move away from its traditional alliances with them.

    SO BE IT … Sri Lanka will NEVER GIVE UP its sovereignty preserved over 3000 years by our ancestors. The Hypocritical Western Neocolonialists will NEVER succeed!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    My Comment on the article entitled: Why a UN probe of Sri Lanka would spark new hope for reconciliation

    Accusing Asian countries of “uncivilized behavior” while ignoring the DEPRAVITY of the so-called “civilized” nations of Europe who send millions to gas chambers (Nazi death chambers), firebomb hundreds of thousands of civilians to ashes (Dresden and Coventry), incinerate entire cities with nuclear bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), deny food and medicines to entire nations ( Iraq) while their children die by the thousands, inflict water torture and dog attacks on prisoners held naked in prisons (Abu Gharib, Iraq)), wipe out entire villages of innocents in their pacification of terrorists (My Lai, Vietnam), kill villagers by the thousands (Algerian war of independence from France), spy upon ALL of their own citizens (NSA, Sen. Diane Fienstein & Pres. Jimmy Carter) and foreigners and their leaders (Angela Merkel), while witholding citizenship rights from minorities (Civil Rights Movement USA) and supporting racial discrimination (US veto of UN sanctions on Apartheid in South Africa) …. is just one example of the selective memory of immigrants now “assimilated” into and “enjoying” the benefits of life in rich western countries.

    It would behoove these Pukka Sahibs to remember their roots and carefully analyze the activities of the Hypocrites of NeoColonial West plying their own agenda of world domination using “human rights” and “democracy” to undermine, destabilize and dismember developing countries of the world to keep them forever yoked to the task of serving their Western Masters. Bah!

  8. aloy Says:

    Letters without an address continue to appear. However following part of Ananda’s comment need to be taken carefully.
    “As in the case of CUBA, the Hypocrites of the West are forcing Sri Lanka into the arms of China and Russia, and to move away from its traditional alliances with them.

    SO BE IT … Sri Lanka will NEVER GIVE UP its sovereignty preserved over 3000 years by our ancestors. The Hypocritical Western Neocolonialists will NEVER succeed!”

    I think it is good to align with powerful countries who can help us. But we should not allow them to build military bases. If we do, they will start ruling us with minorities after establishing a foothold, the same way former colonials did.

    Talking of ancestors, present day rulers keep on saying India is our relative. From which part of India are they?. I think Sinhela people are being fooled, not Indians. If not, why not bring up a resolution against them in UNHCR.

  9. Nanda Says:

    “I think it is good to align with powerful countries who can help us. But we should not allow them to build military bases. If we do, they will start ruling us with minorities after establishing a foothold, the same way former colonials did.”

    – a very wise statement indeed.

    India is Kallathoni’s relative. Some of the present citizens are related to Kallathonis.

  10. aloy Says:

    If anybody says corruption should be tolerated and what is wrong if people decide to vote for them, his head needs to be examined by a specialist. Robert Mugabe wins every time even though that country is in dire straights. Kim Jon Ill gets 100% as he is a dictator. Corrupt Hosney Mubarak won every time until the people deposed him. The development that comes with corruption is only a byproduct, and our unborn generations will be tied up with loan repayments. I have read that some peasants in hinterland commit suicide unable to find a way of living although well to do people ride flashy and luxury vehicle mostly with ill gotten money in the city.
    Look at tiny Singapore which used to be a fishing village. There is no corruption there and today it is one of the financial capital of the world. It does not have issues with any world power. True we have traditional enemies. There should be a way to get round with it if the rulers are clever.

  11. Charles Says:

    Extract from an email I had received:

    Charles, please be hard on replying to comments for any article that attack the MR family. Ask this question from them
    1. Has any other family or persons done so much to the country in such a short time? Answer is a resounding NO

    2. Can any one person move from one time zone to another or to move to a very cold climate and in few days come back to a very hot climate? Where is the jet lag that one goes through?

    3. Disinformation is published on articles by other authors to generate anti MR family comments.

    4. How many countries MR has visited to get support to suppress the US state department efforts to discredit the armed forces.

    5. The work of the first lady Shirmanthi is doing is to is not seen by many because may be she wants that way. Cancer treatment centers and prisoner rehabilitation programs are only two examples.

    6. Basil and Gota’s contributions are very visible

    There may be others in the family that we do not know. Please hit hard at Lorenzo, Fran Dias and Douglas. They attack MR using disinformation.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    There should be a way to get round with it if the rulers are clever- we have enough clever peoples but what we need Honest ruler! Who stick with his promise .

    Hon MR ,where is your war time & election time promised 13 plus Sir ?

  13. Nanda Says:

    1. Who wrote the email ?
    2. No one deny the good work done by MR family, however everyone knows what he do. Everyone knows he protects a murderer Duminda Silva and goes trips with the lunatic Mervyn Silva. These actions bring disrepute to not only to MR family but to Sri lanka as a whole, making our county susceptible to attack by LTTE, USA, INDIA, UK , EU. These are NOT “disinformation” but FACTS.
    3. Why can’t MR family openly declare that remove 13A, which is the main culprit to our sovereignty and well as the creator of lawlessness ?

    Readers have brains. No need to listen to this email sender. Lorenzo, Fran Dias all love their country and did not attack MR family. They have nothing to gain by doing so or personal agendas.

  14. Nanda Says:

    “If anybody says corruption should be tolerated and what is wrong if people decide to vote for them, his head needs to be examined by a specialist.” – Very true.
    However, people will tolerate corruption to some extent, as long as they work for the betterment of the country in general, without betraying it. Even in Singapore people say this. They know their government is doing good work even though they do not like politicians having salaries of $400,000 per month.

    LKY once said , while he is earning a $200000 + salary that he is the poorest prime minister compared to other countries.

  15. douglas Says:

    Charles: It was very unusual and very surprising to read the posting of an “extract” of an e mail you received. I have always read very direct and forthright comments and presentations you post in this web page. This is the first time, you have resorted to use a third party to send a “salvo” against me. Frankly, I still do not believe you did it, because it is not your “style”.

    In any case, I do not intend to reply or discuss the matters raised in that “extract” of the e mail, as it is addressed to you and not me directly.

    However, if you know the party who sent that mail, I wish to make a request to you. Please reply the sender of that e mail and invite him to write on the subject matters raised through this page, so that I can appropriately respond.

    Thank you.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    I would take my hat off to anyone in Parliament who raises the question about ILLEGAL MIGRANTS IN LANKA & PUTS FORWARD MEASURES TO DEPORT THEM. My vote is with such a person.

    If any GoSL wants to import LABOR, then do it the way Singapore does it – legally, with attached conditions. Certainly should not done through various religious bodies.

    Also, will Sri Lanka authorities have the guts to stop the SAARC ‘visa on arrival’ scheme that allows any Tom, Dick or Harry into Lanka from the SAARC countries ? INDIA has done away with this rule – why not Lanka ?

    Is Sri Lanka respected in the world ? Too Lax, too Nice ?

    Rule of Law must prevail, or we must depart. Govern as in Singapore, or depart.

  17. Marco Says:

    I’m not sure which was more funnier!

    Mervyn Silva (our erstwhile PR Minister), crying after laying the foundation stone for his tomb at Borella Cemetery in the presence of VC of the Sabaragamuwa University, Ven. Prof. Kamburugamuwe Vajira Nayake Thera.


    The comment above by Charles, an extract of an email.

    With all due respects, I seriously did not expect you to stoop to such levels (ps- I do read your blog ‘In My Opinion’ from time to time.- when did you move it to UK?) to copy and paste an extract of an email without giving the source. Equally, you would question me if i told you or commented that various interested parties (politicians, journalist, members of the diplomatic community and Statesman/woman in Colombo) consider some articles and most comments at Lankaweb a joke, hilarious and not to be taken seriously. It’s not entirely a true reflection of views of the majority of Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka.
    Not withstanding that, i’m not sure for what purpose you (or your source) felt it was necessary name individuals (rightly or wrongly) or for that matter apart from no 1 & 6 (subject to certain proviso) the rest are a joke.
    I do hope the sender of this email has some brains not to insult the intelligence of the reader or the local discerning members of the public.

    I may not agree with Fran Dias rather monotonous and irrelevant (in current Sri Lanka) of caste issues of Tamils or Sinhala etc, i have not read Fran in any way refer to the Rajapakse family in disparaging way from “disinformation”

    Finally, Charles as its a common grievance amongst many Lankaweb readers perhaps, you may wish to ask your “source sender” why President Rajapakse with his 2/3rd majority is unwilling to use that to repeal the 13th Amendment.
    Very much looking forward to another extract email with an answer.
    Best Regards


  18. Lorenzo Says:


    You are WRONG.

    LW is a reflection of MAJORITY views of SL. Like it or not.

    LW articles and comments say this.

    1. MR and the crowd are the BEST POLITICIANS we have (election results approve this).

    2. MR needs to CHANGE and become MORE patriotic AGAIN (people LOVE STRONG patriots than traitors in elections, etc.)

    3. 13 amendment and Tamil language should be SCRAPED from official status (people NEVER voted for these but 1956 DID happen)

    4. MOST SLs like LW commentators LOVE how the war ended. That was how MR won 2/3 in parliament. NO ONE believed it was possible.

    5. LW commentators ridicule RUN-NIL. So does the MAJORITY! (look at every election since 2002).

    SL people don’t work to south Endian models. They have their OWN thinking FAR DIFFERENT to south Endians.

    South Endians are still in shock WHY SWORD won in 1956 and why MR won in 2010 such HUGE election victories. Surprise surprise!

  19. Fran Diaz Says:

    Glad to know that my monotonous comments on Tamil Caste issues (now mainly in Tamil Nadu, not in Lanka, thanks to genuine efforts to solve Tamil Caste problem by GsoSL, past and present), touches a raw nerve in some people. The desensitized are becoming sensitive to ground realities. Objective achieved. Good.

    TN society begins and ends with Caste, and hey ! they are just a 12 measly miles away from Sri Lanka. Plus ILLEGAL TAMIL MIGRANTS come from Tamil Nadu and not from Maldives or Pakistan, with and with them comes all the baggage of TN Caste/poverty issues.

    The Caste structure of Tamil Nadu : It is 3,000 yrs old and hard to eradicate. Nasty for some and convenient for others.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    There are 4 types of SLs.

    1. Those who unconditionally LOVE SL but NOT the Pakshas.

    2. Those who unconditionally LOVE SL AND the Pakshas.

    3. Those who unconditionally LOVE the Pakshas BUT NOT SL.

    4. Those who don’t LOVE SL AND Pakshas.

    Fran, Stanley, myself, Nanda, and MOST commentators and writers here fall into #1.

    Charles, etc. fall into #2.

    SOME pro-govt. politicians fall into #3.

    Micro, Andi, etc. fall into #4.

    NO category is SUPERIOR to others. They are all EQUAL. I prefer #1s and HATE #3s and #4s.

    STRANGELY these 4 categories are similar to the questions Ven. Mahinda asked the KING 2,200+ years ago.

    We should have an IQ test for ALL candidates and others trying to enter parliament. From the family, only GR will make the cut!!! Gonzeka will get zero. Run-nil less than 10. CBK less than 20. Sambandan less than 5. Hack-him zero.


  21. Lorenzo Says:



  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    With you, Lorenzo !

  23. Fran Diaz Says:

    I have the greatest admiration for the President but I also know that his hands are tied on many important matters. We must be patient.

    Greatest concern is that no lives are lost in stupid riots as in 1983. And that ALL people of Lanka moves forward in peace toward prosperity. Also, problems are solved in a civilized way, in keeping with the Law of the Land.

    Sri Lanka, undivided and strong – let’s move forward !

  24. Nanda Says:

    Honestly, I did not meet anyone in category 2, in UNPiers. All UNPiers are greedy buggers , in my experience.

    Category 2 , SLFPPiers, after the war are behaving like UNPiers now.

    Most important lesson form Ven Mahinda’s question is to learn how to turn back and look at oneself.
    So, lets all reflect on this.

    One cannot be a good ruler without this quality. Doubt MR is this type.

  25. Nanda Says:

    We all have major difference in opinion and do not approve everything what others value.
    But IF ALL LOVE SRI LANKA unconditionally, how wonderful it is ?

  26. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, Nanda, it would be wonderful if ALL just simply LOVED our Mother country, SRI LANKA ! where else can we go ?

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