Diego Garcia Genocide by joint US, Britain and Mauritius to establish Military Base
Posted on March 27th, 2014

Warna Hettiarachchi Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dear Diplomats, Lawmakers and Distinguished Leaders of World’s Nations,


 May I draw your attention to the above YOUTUBE link of a CBS 60-Minutes report by Christiana Amanpour depicting how the US and Britain

secretly planned inhuman relocation of Diego Garcia atoll’s natives and inhabitants through deportation to Mauritius and Fiji Islands to facilitate establishing

a US airbase for B52 bombers and for Britain to benefit from missile deal.

 In an era of Human Rights preached by American, British, Canadian, Mauritian, UN lawmakers, how did you miss this?

 Can you stand up to be representatives of your  respective countries’ citizens and peoples of all walks of life, and let criminals like this be scot free, while preaching

breach of HR in other countries?

 Are US and British citizens the only PRIVILEGED peoples far more superior to your own peoples from your countries?

How is that only safety of American and British citizens are important?

 Is this Human Rights? OR, Human Wrongs?

 And you are threatened to ignore this?

Ask yourself the question.. When you are back at home with your families, can you teach your children to be honest and righteous about standing up to what is right and proper,

if you keep quiet?

 This explains why the US, the UK and Mauritius are co-sponsoring a resolution against Sri Lanka using Tamil Tiger Terror supporters as Guinea-pigs to gain access to Sri Lanka

and overthrow a democratically-elected government and install US-friendly puppet to revive Tamil tiger terrorism in Sri Lanka to secede and break the country in half, then use tactics

the Western allies used in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, South America, Diego Garcia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and Ukraine to kill the peace of Sri Lanka through rebel terrorist funding and fortifying them with weapons to kill. The Western Allies will then use Sri Lanka to establish stronghold US Naval command to monitor maritime activities of China in the vicinity and region.

 Tamil Tiger propagandists have been fooled by the same tactics used in other countries by putting carrot before horse, showing lucrative deals and powerful positions in a new government through regime change that goes against all definitions of democracy they are preaching. They will abet, arm, fortify and train revolutionists, rebels and terrorists to kill and cause mayhem.

 My intention is not to talk about Sri Lanka or its human rights issues, but to point out the credibility of handcrafted and fabricated evidence of killing 40,000 Tamils by Sri Lankan security forces and other

fanciful fairy tales, all supported in tandem of coherent, well-orchestrated, guided global mass-media and mainstream media campaign, where HR organizations like Amnesty International and HRW have been funded by the Tamil Tiger front organizations. You are seeing the vote for an international investigation in Sri Lanka for 40,000 Tamils ALLEGED to have been killed, without an iota of evidence other than hear say stories of folks holding photos talking in a western funded media clip.

 Just like elsewhere, western mainstream media controls what you and I see and they controls what they want you and I to see and believe. We never see ground reality as is in REAL reality.

They are using HR and mainstream media (including social media) as the greatest weapons in history to create grounds conducive for invasions and militarizing. You remember how media, Tony Blair and George W. Bush showed CREDIBLE EVIDENCE of Weapons of Mass destruction. I am sure they are still looking for that in Iraq, after inhumanely using depleted Uranium Shells to radiate Iraqi’s with ionizing radiation for generations.

 If you cast your vote against Sri Lanka, it will cause a major storm in that country, just recovering and trying to inhale a breath of fresh air after 3-decade old war against the most ruthless terror organization the world has ever seen., called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. They did not spare even a child or pregnant mother in their killing sprees to drive fear psychosis in Sri Lankans.

 If you cast your fote in support of the US, UK, Mauritius and Montenegro funded resolution against Sri Lanka, you will support to bring mayhem and disharmony among the peace loving Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and Malay people that live in a culturally diverse, unified resplendent beautiful island once known to Arab world as Serandib, to Greeks as Taprobana, to Europeans as Ceylon and now to all of you as Sri Lanka.

 Please use your conscience and honest feelings within your heart.  Ask United States of America, the UK and Mauritius what RIGHT they had to forcefully remove Diego Garcia’s own inhabitants to desolate shanty areas of Mauritius and Fiji Islands? What are you going to tell your children?

 May Real PEACE and Happiness be upon your hearts and your peoples!! Your vote decides the PEACE for Sri Lanka. Please do not let the Wester Allies destroy hard fought, hard won peace of Sri Lanka and the rest of the world. Your country may be the next target of the West.

 Warna Hettiarachchi

Toronto, Ontario


2 Responses to “Diego Garcia Genocide by joint US, Britain and Mauritius to establish Military Base”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    This reminds me of France relocating the natives of the Bimini islands in order to test her thermonuclear bombs. The Polynesian natives not only lost their lands but also their heritage and culture as they saw their lands reduced to radioactive rubble.

    France used the Bimini islands to as zero ground for a series of Thermonuclear (Hydrogen) bombs during the 1950s’. This crime against humanity was blithely ignored by the UNHRC and the UN. France’s human rights crimes in the suppression of the uprisings in her former colonies of Algeria, Morocco and Vietnam are an ongoing list of massive human rights violations never addressed by the UNHRC.

  2. Christie Says:

    Come on Indians are supreme, Mauritius and Fiji are Indian colonies.

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