Canada’s Response To Banned Sri Lankan Terror Fronts Overseas Dismays Many Discerning Sri Lankans Aware Of Related Realities.
Posted on May 1st, 2014

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial,

May 1st.2014

Only a feeble minded simpleton without the capacity to comprehend the direction Canada  is taking with respect to Sri Lanka in recent times would have thought contrary to the breaking news that Canada will not enforce the Sri  Lankan ban on named groups who have the notoriety of being supporters and sympathisers with the Tamil Tigers ( dead and buried in Sri Lanka hopefully never to be recussitated or revived but making desperate attempts to regroup overseas!)

So when the Canadian Government  has indicated through dialogue from the  Cdn.Foreign Ministry that it will not enforce a ban on 16 groups by the Sri Lankan Government and those groups will have the freedom to express their views in Canada legally it is an insult and an affront to the policy of a fellow Commonwealth member, also the Secretary Nation of Commonwealth affairs,  Sri Lanka which not only shows off Canada’s foreign policy in very  poor light but also exposes the dangers Canada is toying with towards tolerating these groups who have every likelihood of taking advantage of Canada’s naivette towards propagating the implements needed towards a resurgence of the Tamil Tigers on Canadian  soil.

This would be something disastrous as well as a gross embarrasment to Canada  where perhaps.Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Consular Lynne Yelich  may have to re-think their policy making over the related issue. It might even prove regrettable given the track record of anything linked to the Tamil Tigers as history has proved their mendacities and the attitude of the Canadian Foreign Ministry a seemingly blinkered one!
Regardless of their so called  concern towards the Government of Sri Lanka’s listing of 16 entities and 424 individuals for purported links to terrorist activities, including some with ties to Canada.” despite Sri Lanka’s action having no legal binding in Canada: it does not constrain the freedom of listed groups and individuals to lawfully express their views to the contrary in Canada which then needs to work both ways.
The opposition to the Canadian Government’s decision also needs to be tolerated and there could be a voluminous response from Sri Lankan Canadians aware of the importance of Sri Lanka’s ruling towards the preservation of the country’s Sovereignity and Territorial Integtity where under no circumstances should Sri Lanka tolerate any situation that could imperil the security and well being of Sri Lanka through a resurgence of the Tamil tigers and what Canada’s state of being blinkered is all about.
Apathetic. irresponsible and a viol;ation of the charters of freedom for a sovereign democratic nation not to be able to legitimately foster and maintain censure and proscription within her justice system of proven threats which have unfolded almost to a nation destructive level in the past albeit viewed upon indifferently on the basis of agendas and sympathies brought on by a need for political survival it is presumed by many analysts.
If Sri Lanka chose to enforce the implications of  censure and proscription of Sri Lankan Canadians targeted by this list where they could be subject to possible questioning, detention or arrest by authorities in Sri Lanka, it would be Sri Lanka’s prerogative where the two Ministers who have been obnoxiously adamant that their decision will stand may have  no legitimate recourse towards warding off any related fallout or penalties and punishments likely to be imposed. 
In an almost Faux Pas like scenario they have stated  that “diaspora communities play an important role in Sri Lanka’s post-conflict reconciliation process and the action by the Sri Lankan Government could further hinder progress on reconciliation.” a somewhat lame sounding excuse where the hampering of any peace that now exists within Sri Lanka at a very appreciable level could easily be ursurped and interfered with should these diaspora communities with proven sympathies to the Tamil Tigers whose agendas are the furthest from reconciliation and hinges mostly on the pursuit of secession which they have never apparently given up are tolerated! It also proves further that Canadian cognizance of the related realities and the dangers involved are at either at a very low ebb or virtually non existent..
Once again The Canadian Ministers have resorted to the never ending cacophony over “Human Rights Violations saying that “while they share concerns about some of those listed, ” (sure sure! and how so? just some and not all ? or is this a bit of eyewash towards justifying their overall ignominy directed at the GOSL) the Government of Sri Lanka must ensure that any measure taken to combat terrorism complies with its obligations under international law, in particular international human rights law.” as though Sri Lanka comprises of  a bunch of  undiscerning insensitives unaware of what’s best for their country. The obligations have been more than fulfilled in the manner terrorism was eliminated in Sri Lanka and the post insurrection measures taken to ensure the well being of all freedom loving citizens not terrorist supportive deadbeats calling themselves the LTTE rump!
If as suggested “The Government of Canada remains committed to combatting all forms of terrorism. Under the provisions of the Criminal Code, Canada included the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on its list of terrorist entities in 2006 and added the World Tamil Movement to the list in 2008,”  it has to rationally follow that there are other proven organizations linked to groups capable of furthering terrorist ambits covertly disguised and towards strengthening the statement  should heed the cautions of the nation most likely to be affected by them namely Sri Lanka.
The following responses from many Sri Lankans apalled at Canada’s  Foreign Ministry response more than pellucidates the mood of those who percieve the ramifications involved. 

1.What a shame! Canada has still not been hit by a severe case of terrorism that is why they are courting these vultures. Politics Is more important than peace in the world, we witness that daily with the UK and USA too. Oh dear Canada the haven for terrorists! If Iran or Syria is considered as terrorist sponsoring countries by the West, then Canada and UK too are terrorist sponsoring countries no different than Iran or Syria.

2. Good luck Canada, till you reap the results of ungrateful Tamil eelamist terrorists.Reply Canada is now risking the well being and safety of Canadian citizens by blindly protecting those named as connected with terrorism in another nation. Canada must surely be aware of the terrorist acts committed by LTTE front organisations operating from Canada, including the Colombo Central bank truck bombing, even though Canada failed to investigate and act against the perpetrators of such crimes. To these power hungry politicians, getting re-elected seems to matter more than the welfare of their nation and accountability of their supporters.

3.LTTE supporters in Canada collected millions of dollars, but sent only a fraction of it to LTTE. Some of the ‘collectors’ became rich overnight, bought BMWs and luxury houses without even working and paying taxes in Canada. Still the politicians supported them and rub shoulders with them to get Tamil votes. They even participated in events where tiger flags hoisted in front of parliament. Shame on them! Conservatives are trying their best to woo Tamils. If the Harper government wants to support the LTTE rumps, then they should stop talking about reconciliation and peace in SL.

4.Canda  You have invited terror into your own land.We as Sri Lankans will make sure that Ealam will never raise its head in our mother is upto you how you will contain this false propaganda and fund raising for trerriorist .They are he’ll bent on revenge.Soon you will find Scaraborough wanting self rule.There are many Tamils inCanada who do not support or associate with this so called find raising for Tamils organizations as they are well aware how ruthless these people are.Children of diaspora who were brought to Canada as infants now carrying LTTE flags And infiltrating universities teaching hatred .
5.Canada do you want to support generations who grow up with evil intents? It is a pity that the Canadian Government has opted to ignore the activities of terrorist groups bsased in their country, just to spite the request of Sri Lankan Government although US Government’s bureau for terrorism has confirmed that LTTE is still active internationally. Canada which was a friend of Sri Lanka and had assisted Sri Lanka in a major way under the Colombo Plan opened its doors to immigrants from Sri Lanka from late 50”²s. Many of the tamils from Sri Lanka made their way to Canada to better their life.
5.The Tamil leaders like Chelvanayagam who was fighting for a 50-50 power sharing in Sri Lanka formulated a far reaching plan to get the tamils to migrate to the Western Countries as well as get employment in Western Embassies to facilitate their migration and also to restrict the issuing of Visas to Sinhalese. Today their plans have borne fruits with the tamils being politically strong and influential in framing the foreign policies of their host countries. Sri Lanka’n Government which defeated the brutal LTTE terrorism which was ravaging for over thirty years has to use their military intelligence to prevent the LTTE terrorism from raising their heads again and has banned the organisations still engaged in funding the LTTE terrorism internationally.
6.Although it is the duty of peace loving countries to assist in curbing terrorism, the countries such Canada and UK where tamils are politically strong have been influenced by them to ignore the Sri Lanka Government request. The banned organisations which are free to act in anyway in these countries will tend to use the legitimate organisations with no links to tamils to channel funds to Sri Lanka to assist the LTTE terrorists. The Government of Sri Lanka should take note of this fact and scrutinise and restrict the activities of the NGO’s and other individuals from these countries from using their freedom to act in Sri Lanka and rekindle the brutal terrorism again even by banning any person or organisation in Sri Lanka. “They noted that diaspora communities play an important role in Sri Lanka’s post-conflict reconciliation process..”The Tamil diaspora sent millions of dollars to LTTE to buy missiles,but they didnt send even a penny to the people who were affected by the war.If the diaspora really want to do something good to the Tamils in SL,they can open factories,teach English to the poor students in Vanni etc,etc.What they are doing is spending thousands of dollars in organizing protest march.Tamils are not going to benefit by these protest marches.If the diaspora is really interested in reconciliation,LET THEM STOP PROPAGATING RACIAL HATRED.LEAVE THE POOR SL TAMILS ALONE. Lets see whether Harper Government & John Baird can get re-elected at the next election by fostering Terrorists by Sucking up to the pro-LTTE diaspora to get re-elected.
Some responses which more than empasize what many observers now see as Canada’s folly and seems to have kindled a fervour of impassioned emotions that convey a diatribe against Canada unprecedented previously.

17 Responses to “Canada’s Response To Banned Sri Lankan Terror Fronts Overseas Dismays Many Discerning Sri Lankans Aware Of Related Realities.”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Not only should Sri Lanka dismiss any charges brought against Sri Lanka that involve Canada, Sri Lanka should aid and support the separatist movement of Quebec.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Canada has gone to terrorists thanks to greedy politicians who want votes even from terrorists.

    This will be a DISASTER waiting to happen. SOON JIHADIS will outnumber Tamilians and then Canada will be in DISASTER.

    This is the problem of a MIGRANT COUNTRY. It CHANGES all the time.

    SL should support Quebec independence (as BW says) AND help MILLIONS of Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians and SL Muslims go to Canada. They already OUT BREED Canadians who sympathize with Tamilians.

    Where is patriot Susantha Wijesingha?

    I hope he is well. If he has left us, may he be with Jesus or attain nirvana. We miss you.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Lorenzo and Nanda,

    Appreciate your concerns. Not keeping good health. Still hanging on. Love you all. Sus.

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Calls to support separation in Canada are misguided ones.No country with a confederation and a multicultural mosaic needs division least of all to favour the bourgeoisie Quebecoise as it would be on a parallel with a Tamil secession in Sri Lanka.Don’t even go there! Canada needs to be properly informed and updated about the duplicitous role the TAMIL Diaspora and the TNA are playing towards misinformation about Sri Lanka and the importance of the elimination of a terror group that had taken on proportions that could have threatened global security inasmuch as the Taliban and Al Quaeda! where the Government of Sri Lanka is recognized by the unblinkered powers around the globe as the one Government that eliminated terrorism within Sri lanka in an unprecedented manner and needs acollades of recognition and plaudits of encouragement and praise for the effort not incarceraation and condemnation!

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    IF Canada is split into Canada and Quebec, Tamil voters will split. They will lose their clout. Tamils in Quebec will have more clout than they have in Canada now but they will have friction with Quebec because of French proficiency problems.

    We fully appreicate GOSL winning the war AND keeping terrorist activities under control.

    Actually Tamils are AGAINST Quebec separation!!!

  6. douglas Says:

    I do not think any country will welcome or propagate terrorism, because they know what the end result could be. Yet we also find some seek power through these organizations and persons, because they have grown and allowed to expand their activities to influence a certain block vote under a democratic system. This was the plan well crafted by the LTTE Diaspora, in that, they “exported” the Tamil community to various countries in the west and today they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to election to Legislatures of all these countries. So it is no surprise that as all politicians do, rely on this block vote to win a seat in the Legislature. So in that respect our “condemnations” will have no effect. Then the question is: What we should do about it?

    The answer is with us. That is the way our Late Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar did. He relentlessly invested all his skills to educate all those involved (from the very bottom levels to the highest) in Foreign Affairs in those countries until he wan the battle in getting the LTTE banned as a “Terrorist Outfit”. When this was done, the Diaspora got so disrupted, it concurred with the LTTE Supremo to get rid of him. He paid that supreme price for the country and the nation. He will be remembered by us as a “HERO PAR EXCELLENCE” .

    So we must follow his steps. For us to ban these organizations and persons operating in foreign countries, we have gathered enough of evidence to justify our actions. Now is the time for our “BIG WIGS” to make available the evidence and educate from the grass root levels (meaning those involved in Research and Analysts levels) in those countries who are involved in foreign relations and affairs. In this respect our Missions abroad has a very prominent and important role to play. I remember how Senali Waduge made a very constructive contribution through this web page very recently to bring home the need of the hour.

    So let us refrain from condemnations and do something constructive and invest our “know how” to arrest the growing situation of apathy towards Sri Lanka.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m again concerned about what happens in EAST UKRAINE.

    Russian minority fighters have shot down 2 Mi-24 military helicopters.

    This is a very dangerous model if used by Tamilians against SL backed by US-EU or Endia.

    They will OFFER Trinco (CRIMEA) to Endia, etc. and get their help to gain TE independence.

    Putin is trying R2P in East Ukraine. ANOTHER strategy that will be copied by Tamilian sympathizers.

  8. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Just curious Lorenzo whether you live in Canada?
    You seem to have much insight into the Tamil clout although It’s my belief they have been well and truly clouted re LTTE activities!. According to your argument re. a Quebec-Canada split the Tamils will then get a stranglehold in Ontario which must cause much anxiety in the minds of the hierarchy although they seem quite oblivious to this. There was a time when the Tamils in big cities were intolerably arrogant and aggressive and it is this present Administration that sent them scampering for cover!and became very tough with them through RCMP procedures.The campaign on our part now should be to continue informing the Canadian Government of the dangers involved in tolerating their pro LTTE antics not in Quebec nor in Canada so that Canada will remain a multicultural haven and a safe place for all.Neglecting this could easily spark off ambitions of other groups who are always plotting to set up their idealogies capable of causing mayhem someday. Some have already tried and failed as you probably know.They are the scourge of mankind if you know which particular groups I am refering to and already there is a presence that only the discerning eye can see.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Points to ponder :

    * Canada is a British lapdog ?

    * Also, Tamil Fund collectors fill foreign political purses plus votes ?

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    The Ukraine Fiasco for the US: Hillary Clinton started it, Vladimir Putin is ending it.

    Vladimir Putin is administering an object lesson to the US that the “Arab Spring” strategy Hillary Clinton orchestrated works even better in his own “Ukrainian Spring”. They are both fighting for “Human Rights” and “Democracy” to advance their own national agendas.

    Watch closely to see how Vladimir Putin not only OUSTS the US installed puppet regime in Kiev, but also graciously bends to the democratic will of the people of Eastern Ukraine and grants them a BOON to be accepted into the Russian Frderation. It seems that what is good for the US Goose, works even better for the Russian Gander!

    Will the US leaders, who pushed 95% of the Baltic, Eastern European and Baltic countries out of Russia’s orbit into NATO, LEARN that this is the come-uppance for 3 decades of pushing and threatening Russia? I doubt it. They will continue to PREACH to Russia about Human Rights, Democracy and the sacrosant Sovereignty of Nations while the US violates all of those balleyhooed virtues whenever it suits us.

    This is all just an exercise in diabolical hypocrisy on BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    I meant to say “who pushed 95% of the Baltic, Eastern European and Balkan former Warsaw-Pact countries out of Russia’s orbit into NATO”

  12. Marco Says:

    Seriously Sunil !!!
    It beggers belief that you keep missing the plot
    c’est la vie

  13. Marco Says:

    Ananda you commented in another thread as follows which intrigued me.

    […reported in the Island article, and orchestrated by Rishard Bathuideen, an “interested party” in the dispute, is EXACTLY what I meant when I said “DON’T LET THE FOXES MIND THE HEN HOUSE”.

    Legally, he is a party to the dispute, and CANNOT SERVE as an IMPARTIAL investigator.

    The Courts and the Police should undertake that function. Bathuideen should RECLUSE HIMSELF from the issue and let it be settled by the Courts and Police without trying to influence the result.]

    interesting, one has to be careful in contradictions in posts/comments

  14. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you LANKAWEB Editorial………It is no secret Canada always support & foster TAMIL immigrants of all types BUT FAIL to help their own NATIVE or Aborginal Indians who suffer IMMENSELY due to measures taken by Canada.

    They do not have PURE drinking water, and their housing is a disgrace to see in a developed & rich country like Canada. If foreign visitors come to Indian or Native villagers THEY WOULD find LOWER THAN THIRD WORLD statndards. WHY IS IT that if this is NOT discrimination against the FIRST PEOLES, what other explanation is there.

    Granted they are handicapped in many ways, no proper education, no living conditions & most of them resort to DRUGS & other illegal activities JUST TO EXIST. IF that is the case, WHAT RIGHT has Canada to point out this NEVER ENDING HUMAN RIGHTS issue, 3000 miles away in an OUTPOST called Sri lanka.

    ALL THEIR effots centre ON OTHER COUNTRIES not on Canada’s short comings. Same as USA they are tryng so hard to INTERFERE in a small SOVERIGN FREE INDEPRNDENT country, just to cover up shortcomings of their own. At least USA have stood firm re: their terrorists & their PUNISHMENTS are very severe, mainly beacuse of 9/11. Not they are any concerned about TERROR in other parts of the world.

    It is time for Canada get their house in oder, before casting blame on others JUST TO GET THE TAMIL VOTE……..J

  15. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Oui Allo! Marco!
    Je pense vous comprenez pas de rien concernant de situation politic Sri Lankaise parce que en vraiment votre logique avoir beaucoup de fantasme!
    C’est aussi peut etre La Vie pour quelque gens!!
    Au Revoir!

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    What exactly are you referring to? Did I contradict myself in my comments on different articles?

    I don’t think I did, so please clarify the contradiction.

  17. Nanda Says:

    It is strange that I was thinking why you are silent (just happened to be the same moment when Lorenzo asked that question).
    With all the good deeds done by all , may you be happy, well and more get a thorough understanding of 4 noble truth.

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