USA is moving more and more towards  a Global Dictatorship.
Posted on June 1st, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

In Ukraine America supports the extreme right wing  neo-nazi groups. It wanted to bomb Syria and put an end to the conflict which USA and  its allies themselves  aggravated by arming those rebel against Bashar Al Assad Government, but it was the good sense of Russia  that averted a Syrian massacre and raising Damascus to rubble as they did Libya using the  NATO Forces.


America is egocentric.  It seeks its own safety, its own leadership in the world and in that ambition it is least concerned about other developing nations and their people.  Its concern fro the wellbeing of other people of other nations is a false pretence. What does it care about the Tamil people of Sri Lanka other than to destabilise the country and divide it, as it did to separate Kosovo from Serbia ?


United Nations was set up to avoid wars between countries and solve their problems in dialogue.  But America today has along with its Western allies set up a second force to work outside the UN System.


USA has its Council on Foreign Relations. ” It convenes meetings at which government officials, global leaders and prominent members of the foreign policy community discuss major international issues. Its think tank, the David Rockefeller Studies Program, is composed of about fifty adjunct and full-time scholars, as well as ten in-residence recipients of year-long fellowships, who cover the major regions and significant issues shaping today’s international agenda. These scholars contribute to the foreign policy debate by making recommendations to the presidential administration, testifying before Congress, serving as a resource to the diplomatic community, interacting with the media, authoring books, reports, articles, and op-eds on foreign policy issues…..”


There is also a USA Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and its subcommittees.  The US State Department submits reports on foreign Countries to the Senate Committee which decides on  USA’s relations with other countries.  These are all governments within government interfering  into the internal affairs of  Sovereign States of  developing Nations.  UNO has no control over these Committees but they could over ride the decisions of the UN Security Council by misrepresentations, and false information as it happened in the War against Iraq, and NATO bombardment of Libya and the murder of the Libyan Leader.


The Chairman of the US Senate Committee Robert Menendez has recently written about the concerns of the US Senate Committee on Sri Lanka to  Navi Pillai the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who is  a person biased towards the Tamils and therefore unable to take  independent decisions on problems in Sri Lanka concerned with the Tamil Community.


Senator Menendez writes, ” that the Committee is concerned  with the deteriorating  environment for the democratic process and human rights in Sri Lanka. Until the Sri Lankan Government engages in genuine reconciliation that serves to strengthen the long term stability of the country, I will support international effort to promote accountability, political reconciliation and reform. Over the past year, this committee has noted with concern the deteriorating environment for the democratic process and human rights in Sri Lanka. While this is particularly acute in the north, there are also disturbing reports of an increasingly authoritarian approach across the South and East.”


These are interferences into the internal affairs of a sovereign state without knowing the ground realities dependent solely on bureaucratic reports made without understanding  a countries cultural and historical sentiments.  These statements only make reconciliation difficult as the Communities concerned instead of discussing and coming to an understanding amoung themselves, are distracted by the proposals suggested and anxieties expressed by foreign State Committees without a clear understanding of the situation,  and  seek alternative solutions.


USA and even the UN Commissioner of Human Rights whose interest is divided on issues concerning the Communities in Sri Lanka  should leave Sri Lanka to solve its own problems.  No USA Senate Committee came to help Sri Lanka during the thirty long  years of its suffering under terrorism, therefore they are now  a barrier and make the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka still more difficult.

In the Meantime the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs  Nisha Desai Biswal had said, ” While we are disappointed that the government has failed over the past four years to take adequate and meaningful steps to support accountability and reconciliation, the United States is committed to working with the people and the government of Sri Lanka to strengthen its democracy and to help the country move towards a more durable peace.”

The problem in Sri Lanka needs no advice from USA or UN,  it can settle its own problem if Sri Lanka is left alone.   There is a more vibrant democracy in Sri Lanka, and it is USA itself which has to put its own house in Order.   Unfortunately USA had not been a constructive influence to developing Nations as it is more often a destructive and a destabilising force.  There is no developing  country in the world that USA had helped to develop and become independent.  USA and its allies interferes into the developing countries to fortify their own  political strategic interests.

It is China and Russia that have come forward to help developing nations without interfering in to the governments or destabilising communities within the countries.  It is China and Russia who could “strengthen Sri Lanka’s democracy and help the country move towards a more durable peace.”, and not USA or its Western Allies.

USA which speaks for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka should know that the Tamils are not a hate group, nor are the Sinhala.  They are each a part and parcel of the larger Sri Lankan people. The Tamil people of Sri Lanka are being manipulated by the Tamils racist politicians.  There are no hate groups in Sri Lanka.

On the contrary in USA there are more than 1000 hate groups , such as the White Aryan Resistance led by Tom Metzger.  There are neo-Nazy groups, such as the Supreme Nazi Alliance. There are villages exclusively for the whites.  Leonardo Blair of Christian Post reports, “More than 1,000 active hate groups are operating across America and California has more of them than any other state, according to a controversial list produced by the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center.

From church groups opposing homosexuality, to groups that promote racial superiority, the SPLC’s hate map has identified and included 1,007 organizations on their hate list based on beliefs or practices they conclude “attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.”

There are from time to time psychologically ill  Americans who shoots into crowds or gun down children in schools.  This is the USA that is propounding democracy and peace in the world.

It is time that US State Department stops this masquerade playing the role of  an exemplary state of morality, peace and democracy, and allow developing nations to find  peace, security, and democracy, in their own way, at their own pace.

10 Responses to “USA is moving more and more towards  a Global Dictatorship.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “The Tamil people of Sri Lanka are being manipulated by the Tamils racist politicians.”


    IF I assume your theory is true, then Canadian losers don’t have to pander into Tamil RACIST demands!

    The OPPOSITTE is true. It is the Tamil people (in SL, Endia, Canada, USA, UK, Norway and now Malaysia too) WILLINGLY voting for Tamil RACIST politicians.

    Tamils had PLENTY of non racist options. But they ALWAYS, ALWAYS rejected these.

    IF MR says he will give Tamil Elam and does something to ENSURE that it is true Tamils will vote for MR and reject TNA.

    FACTS are stranger than fiction.

    Agree with the rest. But Russia is a country without a BACKBONE. Hundreds of Russians are KILLED daily by Ukraine and there is NOTHING Russia is doing to stop it. Same in Syria, Yugoslavia, Palestine, etc.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “The Tamil people of Sri Lanka are being manipulated by the Tamils racist politicians.”

    If you replace “Tamil” with “Sinhala” it could be true to a certain extent, but as it is , Not True at all. Tamil people are happier when their politicians talk like Viko, Seman, Lolita, Prbahkaran you name any bloody racist Tamil politician. Between two racists , they always chose the worst racists one. This is the TRUTH.
    NO POINT WHITE WASHING to be diplomatic. It is MUSAWAADA.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “Between two racists , they always chose the worst racists one.”


    This is why BOTH MAIN Tamil parties (in SL and TN) COMPETE to become the BIGGEST RACIST.

    This was how Chelva beat Ponnambalam. Sampanthan beat Ananda Sangaree. VP beat Uma Maheswaran. FAT Lolita beat Old Karuna.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The US may want to do all those things but questions have now risen whether the US can sustain them. The containment of China is a joke and Japan has seriously questioned the capacity of the US to sustain such long term actions.

    The US has not only downsized the military to pre world war two levels but is now pro gay and pro female against militaries far tougher and better funded than the US. In sum total the US is still the largest spender on her military but in percentage China and Russia are now spending more on an already developed military. In this situation and taking into account the abysmal domestic economic situation where 100 million Americans are not dependent on the government and many states have legalized the mind altering drug of marijuana (for a nation whose government is defined as a government run by the people or in this case drugged out, dumbed down and dependent people) The question to be asked is how can the US back up her threats against Russia or China?
    The options are as follows
    Can the US downsized pro gay military “scratch her (Russia or China) eyes out?
    Cant the US write a strongly worded letter using Made in China paper ink and pen?
    Cant the US borrow from China in order to fight either China or her strongest ally Russia?

  5. stanley perera Says:

    We have been diplomatic not to annoy Tamil people connected to us by calling all Tamils are anti Sinhalese. In that scenario we were not truthful to ourselves. It is true to say that there are a handful of moderate Tamils who say yes to Sinhalese. But when it comes to the election time 99% of the Tamils are racists or anti Sinhalese. Before the war time when the professional Northern Tamils were in high positions in the government sector,were friends of Sinhalese. But the moment they reached North they turned True and full Tamils. It is fair to say the Sinhalese treated them differently as they hated Tamils dominated the Public sector. Even DD and Ananda Sangaree are supporting some separatist ideology. There is no solution to this Tamil racist issues until our leaders tell the world loud and clear that all Tamils are Sri Lankans and if India thinks that Sri Lankan Tamils are not treated fairly in Sri Lanka India take back the entire Sri Lankan Tamils including the Estate Tamils to India. Or else let all those Sri Lankan Tamils to become Sri Lankans and give up their Racists Tamil ideology. Why Sri Lanka should give separatists demands only to the North when all other eight districts do not demand the political devolution? Our leaders do not have the guts to ask that question from the International community specially from bullying India. Indian is a Bloody Indian no matter who get in to power. Sonia, Singh and Modi have to look after the Indians and not Sri Lankans. Indian means a bloody indian. I thought Subramanium Swamy is a friend of Sri Lanka. He too supports Tamil separatist ideology like the devolution of power. Devolution of power is Land and Police powers. If that is given, that means EELAM is served on a plate. If the land power is given, Racists Tamils will bring loads and loads of Nadoos to settle down in the North and will become the majority. Look, Fiji is a clear example. Those Tamils do not want to develop the country. They want to rule the country. They want to build their numbers. Tamils do not call Sri Lanka is their country.

  6. douglas Says:

    “USA is moving more and more towards Global Dictatorship”.

    Where are we (Sri Lanka Administration) moving?.

    This is typical of Sri Lankan attitude. We find and analyze : “Anunge ahe(eye) dust without seeing “Polparala” in our own eye”. Take for instance the 22 Billions gobbled down the drain by our National Carrier – SriLankan Air managed by highly questionable (as regards their competencies and qualifications to manage such a huge venture). This figure works out to be 60.00 Millions Rupees a day.

    There are many, many more. If we highlight those the writer of this article will be inundated with e mails requesting him to “hit hard” at us.

    Anyway, ask ourselves: Where are we heading?

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    I know you DISAGREE on a military take over. But the options are getting FEWER and FEWER by the day! Hope you see that!!!

    As in Thailand a MILITARY TAKE OVER with the blessing of the HIGH PRIESTS is the ONLY way out of this MESS. But it should be temporary.

    What is the point of democracy if it is NOT DEMO-CRATIC (rule for the masses by the masses)?

    We are just stuck in BIG WORDS with NO meaning. Politicians have SCREWED the system in their favor.

    American global domination is done through spreading “democracy”, regime change by IRRESPONSIBLE ROWDIES and BS HR nonsense. And we play by those rules too.

  8. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: Thank you. I know frustrations are very high and building up. Perhaps, from you point of view, that option could be relevant.

    Yet this is not the article to deal with that “concept”. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, I have my greatest reservations for that “option” you are speaking of. We will discuss it at a later occasion when the question is raised.

  9. Nanda Says:


    I was hoping for military takeover for probably 20 years until my ex-hero MR came along. But he became a stupid Maha Raja, on the very first day he landed after main part of the war was won. Then came the Kalawedda , like a bloody idiot trying to sell the country to USA to earn his wealth and satisfy the ego.

    Maha ranee has cleverly eliminated the military take over by handing over the leadership to COlombians after the war. A cunning bugger when it comes to local politics, a stupid idiot when it comes to international politics.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Sri Lanka should become a bridge between China and India, if GTN (Global Terror Network) of USA to be beaten. No hope of doing this by current buggers interested in eating away the county than working towards real freedom.

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