Disunited Nations Organisation.
Posted on August 15th, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

United Nations Organisation ceased to exist the day George Bush with false evidence of  an imagined Iraq’s stock pile of weapons of mass destruction provided by the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair stepped over UN to wage a war against Sadam Hussain of Iraq.

The President Barrack Obama  did nothing to revive the UNO after  the debacle of George Bush. He instead made UNO an unofficial  Agency of the US State Department  making a  puppet of its Secretary General. The President Barrack Obama who every one expected would change the aggressive United States foreign policy,  made it worse by ignoring the UN forming a United Front with his Western allies using the NATO Forces to destroy Nations, and kill National Leaders.

They bombed Libya, killed its Leader and left it in chaos.  America avoided UN as a forum to settle disputes amoung countries, and  imposed sanctions on Iran and North Korea.  Barack Obama with his allies in EU used lies to impose sanctions on Russia. Like Tony Blair’s lies about WMD in Iraq USA accused Russia without any proof for the shooting down the Malaysian Air plane.  USA and its allies of the UE have become a law unto themselves. They assist rebels against governments in place. Libya, Syria and Ukraine are examples of their  thuggery” to make UN powerless.

UN Secretary General is a puppet who bends backwards to accommodate the new  world order being set up  by USA and its allies.   Ban Ki Moon lies to implicate Nations without knowing their ground situations, without respect to their culture and in breach of their Sovereign Status.

Ban Ki Moon who said that the report of the  Darusman Panel on Sri Lanka was an advisory report  without  official status, allowed Navi Pillai a Tamil woman  who was the UN High Commissioner for Human rights to use the Darusman report as an official UN Document to allow her to take revenge from Sri Lanka for the elimination of the group of Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka. USA and its allies backed  false evidence provided by Navi Pillai, as they did to destroy Iraq, Libya and now Ukraine on false information, to back an unwanted probe into Sri Lanka’s just war against terrorism.

USA and its allies of the EU are interfering every where in the world  to create political catastrophe against Sovereign Nations that do not fall in line with their views.

It is time that the member States of UNO  demand the USA and its  Western allies of EU to dismantle NATO Forces and realine with  a renewed UNO or in the alternative abandon the UNO to form another more realistic Organisation of Nations outside USA and the West.

The USA and the EU are working together to subordinate  China, Russia, and India to their leadershp in the world.  They want to form a hegemony of military power to  force the other nations outside their circle to accept their leadership, to become vassal Sates. USA and  its Western allies of the EU with their NATO forces cannot fulfil the original intentions of those who mooted the idea of an Organisations to avoid wars and settle disputes in dialogue.

Today  China and Russia are ready to help Nations in need of help to rise above their  economic backwardness, which the USA and the West failed to do.   They –USA and its allies have their laws first to protect themselves and develop their countries, and keep others at bay  by making them get caught in their  debt trap  giving aid without transference technology.

USA and UE Countries are destructive forces as they have never helped third world countries to develop to come out of their under development.  They stand by their preoccupation of their own protection and development, making others depend on crumbs falling from their sumptuous tables.

They want  wars in the world to provide employment for their Armed Forces.  USA and its allies  have a lot to learn from Sri Lanka as to how the Armed Forces could be used not to destruct but to construct.  They want to dictate terms without learning from others how best to govern and use their manpower for constructive employment.  It is in giving you receive.  It applies to countries as well as to persons.

USA and the West should learn to look outwards and contribute in some way to unity in the world and peace without armed conflicts. The conflict in Ukraine could have been  settled by a sincere dialogue with the willingness to find an acceptable solution, without expecting the other party to give into demands by the USA and UE.

The Middle East is  in turmoil.  The Nations from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, Israel to Palestine are unable to find peace amoung themselves making religion a barrier for a political settlement. Muslims are divided according to their own belief systems.  The world is different today from the time when the Bible  or the Koran were written.  The Creator God is the same for the Muslims, the Christians and the Israelites.  Therefore why bring the religion to stand in the way of their unity ?

There is already a faction of the Israelites who are not averse to unity between the  Palestinians and the Israelites to  form a nation living together in a multi-ethnic environment.  Why cannot the UNO take this question  with the support of USA and EU to the Israel hardline Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu to demand him to be flexible and accept a reconciliation with Palestine ?

The USA has  miserably failed in its military adventure in Iraq, proving that political problems cannot be solved by bombs, by sanctions, massacres,  destruction of people and property, or by inflicting  torture in American Military Prisons.

What is the voice that can bring sense to stubborn minds of USA and Netanyahu ? Ban Ki Moon is clueless and the UNO is laid to rest.

There should be a sincere effort to find reconciliation between communities without  politicians standing in the way of the people.  Let to themselves the people will be able find solutions.  It is the ambitions of politicians and religious leaders that bar unity of the people whether it is in Palestine and Israel, or between Sunnis and Shias in Middle East or between Tamils and Sinhala in Sri Lanka.

USA and the Western Countries are out to create conflict within countries hoping that it would be a means to keep developing countries under their control and stop the forward march of China and Russia to win over the trust and  confidence of the developing nations in the world.

Can the Pope intervene ?

But the old God of the Bible or the New Testament has failed to establish peace amoung people from the beginning of time, and what solutions can we expect from the same old God for the present day conflicts.  It is not the God but it is for the men to find peace amoung themselves and for that we should have correct political leaderships that find salvation  for the people in the modern day conflicts.

That was the reason why the world leaders in Europe  after the World War  I, sought to set up the League of Nations to stop  the world suffer no more from Wars. Its intension was to prevent wars through collective security and disarmament, and settling international disputes through negotiations  and arbitration.  It was a failure and the Second World war began soon after. It was replaced by the UNO after the Second World war in October,1945.

Its objects are large but with passage of time they have become blurred and   indistinct due to interferences by powerful countries making use of the UN for their own selfish ends.   This was not foreseen in its  Charter where all member states were equal without distinction of  their size or wealth.  Failure of the UN is due to rich member States using their wealth and power to dictate terms to UN and withholding contributions (sanctions) when necessary  to cripple the  UN System.  It is no different from USA imposing sanctions on countries with which it has disagreement-Cuba, Iraq, Iran, and now Russia.

Hence the UNO has either to be replaced by another organisation with different objectives. The UNO should not be allowed to be  manipulated by rich and powerful countries of the West, which has already made it different from what it was intended to be.  The Member States of the UN should demand USA and the Western Countries to disband the NATO or bring it within the control of the UN.

An Objective of the UNO, amoung others is the maintaining of International peace and Security and thus stop wars. Therefore its Member States should not have their own Armed Forces  which would then be a rival  force to usurp the objectives of the UNO. It is the actions of the Member States of UNO such as USA and the Western Countries that has prevented the UNO becoming an institution to provide  security  and ensure peace in member states. UNO has thus lost its confidence amoung the rest of the Member States.

When there are incidents in a member state of UNO, it should first be reported to the UNO.  The  role of the UNO then is  to interact with the country not as a wrong doer but as a Member State to examine  the incidents and settle it in an open dialogue with the Member States, without making it an interference into the internal affairs of the Member State.

No Country should be allowed to act contrary to any decision of the UNO.  This has not happened in the recent past.  Even the present issues in Iraq, with ISIS, Ukraine  with Russia and Syria  between rebels and the Government, should be taken over by the UNO barring USA and its allies interfering on the issues arming the rebels or the people.

The UNO therefore  has a primary role to play concerning its member states, not a secondary role, sitting obediently behind USA and its allies.

3 Responses to “Disunited Nations Organisation.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Riots in USA over the killing of Ferguson a black man by white police.

    Racial divide is still there in USA.

    That black man in the white house (credit MP) has not changed a thing.

    IF Russia has ANY BRAINS LEFT, it should give “rasaayanic” and “jeewa” weapons to blacks. USA operates in a KILL OR GET KILLED world. Perfect opportunity to President PUssy RioTINg. But as usual he will not do it because he is too fearful of USA.

    If this terror empire continues, there is NO hope for mankind. Along with it the Saudi barbaric regime and Jihad will also collapse.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    USA has over 17 trillion govt. debt. Who keeps it going? SAUDI. Jihadists keep USA going. If the two can be pitted against each other in a REAL FIGHT TO DEATH war, bingo!

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    To quote the article “United Nations Organisation ceased to exist the day George Bush with false evidence of an imagined Iraq’s stock pile of weapons of mass destruction provided by the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair stepped over UN to wage a war against Sadam Hussain of Iraq.”

    Actually when the United Nations was created on October 24th 1945 it was dealt a severe blow when NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was created on April 45th 1949. The goal of NATO according to the Wikipedia was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”

    The United Nations suffered another blow when Russia rose out of the collapse Soviet Empire and established her own version of NATO in the form of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). The United Nations again sustained another blow when China created the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which by September will also include India, Pakistan, Iran, and Mongolia. There is even talks that this organization like that of the European Union would come up with her own currency.

    the United Nations continued to suffer another blow when BRICS group was formed including the “New Development bank” of the BRICS group of nations. By the creation of an independent financial institute to that of the US dominated World Bank, the IMF and the Asian Development bank the role of the UN where loans were effectively used to push political agendas of Washington was nullified.

    Other movements and groups that have lessened the direct role of the UN include the formation of the European Union and their Euro currency, the ASEAN organization of South East Asian nations, SAARC organization which is still developing, to OPEC. Each in its way have systematically taken powers away from the United Nations. One could even conclude that the Commonwealth of nations is also power not beholden to the UN

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