Do not make a mistake on 08th Jan 2015! If you choose Ayyo Sirisena,  then soon Ayyo Jaathiya.
Posted on December 24th, 2014

By Mahinda

It is very clearly proved that the duped coalition of Common presidential candidate is an Unholy Alliance with all the cooks who are ought to cannibalize this island and cook for West and Tigers.

This time the Chef is CBK, who couldn’t do it for her eleven years in office, now she is executive chef have gathered a team of cooks to make that soup. Ayyo Sirisena is the cook at old Walawwa while RW is supervising!

The ingredients!

  • Full implementation of 13 A
  • Removing of Army from North and East
  • Handover land powers to North-East
  • Handover Police powers to North –East
  • ICC Inquiry to cannibalize MR, Military and so on

That part of soup is for the LTTE

The other part of the soup is to USA and West

  • Degeneration of Sinhela culture
  • Destruction and breaking of the spinal of the Buddhism and Buddhists
  • Bring Yankee culture to Sri Lanka, resembling her Jangi culture at Sorbonne
  • Jihad will be swiftly inaugurated with Hakeem and Rishad

This time is the last attempt of all attempts since 1815 to betray and destroy the Sinhela nation never to rise up and our spinals will be broken forever.

Dear Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son, Friends those Sinhela, please do not make that mistake and you will be subjected to endless curse all over the cycle of life span (samsaara) for that sin.

  • Defeat the Imperial conspiracy
  • Kick out the enemy cooks and the French Jangi Cheffy
  • Protect motherland and heritage

Remember, it’s your last chance!


3 Responses to “Do not make a mistake on 08th Jan 2015! If you choose Ayyo Sirisena,  then soon Ayyo Jaathiya.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Mahinda it is the new Mahinda from India. The Sinhala culture has disappeared and what we call Sinhala culture is Indian culture. Wrapping men and women in saris and wettis is not Sinhala. The same apply to our culture and religion. As I always say It is Indian interests at work since 1792.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Mahinda do not have nay doubts about the winner on January 8th 2015. Sitting President will win with a landslide more than last time for sure. This man has shown our people what he has achieved within a short period and what he can do for the future.What can those dirty Harry’s can give to the people? The western backed stooges have to find places to run on 8th as people will reject them in wholesale. Who is this Aiyo Sirisena. Is he a political leader of any sort before? He is just a member of a Mafia group from Pollonnaruwa. People dont have faith or trust on these kind of people at all. Our people are more educated now and they know whom to give their valuable vote so Mahinda be ready to celebrate on 8th January 2015 on a grand scale.

  3. rohanana Says:

    In the last ten years we have witnessed “Ayyo Sinhala Jathiya” with drugs and alcohol to kill Sinhalayas. How come drugs coming to SL has increased by ten fold if not more, and how new liquor licenses were given and how many liquor stores are now in each town compared to five or ten years ago. Who drinks alcohol most and takes drugs most, it is the Sinhalayas. Did Mathata Thitha says that those will be increased and drug lords (who are mainly Muslims) will be protected? So which will destroy the “Ayyo Jathiya”.

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