A National Calamity If Rajiva Wijesinghe Becomes Foreign Minister Under Sirisena
Posted on December 27th, 2014

Dilrook Kannangara 

Rajiva Wijesinghe of Liberal Party fame has been unable to muster even 2,000 votes but found his way to parliament through the national list. He crossed over to the Common Candidate camp with Sirisena. He is part of the Dayan-Thisaranee-Rajiva trio that is consistently pushing for an anti-Sinhala pro-Tamil agenda nationally and internationally. Keeping them at arm’s length is wise advice to any President. President Mahinda came to learn the hard way the true character of this politician totally and abjectly rejected by the people. Sirisena while promising to get rid of the preferential voting system must also abolish the National List along with it.

As pointed out in a number of previous articles, Rajiva Wijesinghe harbours anti-Sinhala sentiments. He blames the Official Language Act of 1956 which was a cornerstone of Sri Lanka’s Independence for the war! How absurd can he be; Tamil Eelam was officially demanded in 1923 by none other than Sir Ponnamlam Arunachalam – 33 years before the Official Language Act of 1956. He also calls the demand to resettle Sinhalese in the north as ‘Sinhala chauvinism’. In that case Tamil settling down in Colombo must be ‘Tamil chauvinism’.

It is a fact that Sri Lanka is more isolated today than in late 2005 when the world stood by Sri Lanka through the tsunami disaster and in banning the LTTE. This is due to politicisation of the Foreign Service and appointing family members in to it. These evils must be reversed and a professional Foreign Service should be established with available resources.

Sirisena must not appoint him as the Foreign Minister just because he was one of the few who crossed over with him. Rajiva brings no votes to the Sirisena camp and his worth should not be exaggerated. Preferably a person outside the parliament must be made the Foreign Minister. If it is not possible, Prof. GL Pieris. Joseph Michael Perera and even Chandrika or Mangala (Mahinda’s choice of foreign minister) would make a better foreign minister than Rajiva.

3 Responses to “A National Calamity If Rajiva Wijesinghe Becomes Foreign Minister Under Sirisena”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Christian Rajiva Wijesingha is a mole of the Christian West who reflects the views of the Christian Church.

  2. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    60 years old Rajiva Wijesinha is single and a bible carrying devoted christian. He lives at 8 Alfred House Rd in Kollupitiya. He can be reached at 0113443191. Self serving Rajiva WijesinhaHe is NOT a patriotic Sri Lankan.

  3. Marco Says:

    I note with great amusement that you felt my factual comment relating to the above subject manner was not worthy to publish.
    I did not see where my comment contradicted your stated policy.

    It’s not surprising that Lankaweb has been losing its readership and its usefulness
    Moderator’s Reply – Rajiv Wijesinghe is a politician in Sri Lanka. His address or his land line Telephone number shouldn’t be considered as confidential information. Rajiv Wijesinghe has got a dedicated page for his articles on Lankaweb. If he doesn’t like his address and telephone number to be published on Lankaweb, let him send us a note and we will delete it. But you have no right to demand removal of his address and tele. No. on Rajiv’s behalf.

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