The dilemma to be faced by voters who choose my3!
Posted on December 29th, 2014

By mahinda

Assume if in a worst scenario my3 elected even with thin majority, the country being pushed in to a total chaos is unavoidable ending up with a total destruction and long standing quagmire to the entire country and public there onwards.

First there will be conflict situations among themselves who will be the key player once my3 decline as executive president, which means Ranil and CBK both will demand the steering while, there will be initial Soap Opera!

Then what will happen to my3?

Need not mention about Cham-paka then?

If my3 does not decline then it will be another scenario of Soap Opera! my3 will do another set of beautiful Soap opera never seen before!

In either case, it will bring riots on to the streets and that will fulfill the dream of USA creating total instability, the Norway will dance up and swiftly move in to re-create the North-South border.

Ealaam will be born !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the troubles water, Hakeem and Jihad will demand Safaristan in the East and Norway will take the full opportunity to make another border.

Safaristan is born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The USA and West will demand and pressure my3, Ranil and CBK to crush the Sinhela Buddhists should they rise up against separation of the county creating Ealaam in the North and Safaristan in the East. Await wholesale slaughter of Sinhela Buddhists then. Remember, this is the 1915 Muslim riots completes 100 years.

Those who voted to my3 and those not equally will have to face consequences.

All Sinhela people should keep this fact in mind, be wise, don’t severe your own neck by own cross on the ballet paper!

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Those who vote for my3 are those who will be cutting their noses to spite their faces. On Jan 9 there will be many nose-less
    ( Mukkamuwo) in Sri Lanka! That is if he by some misfortune wins. Otherwise it will be difficult to find anybody who voted for my3! Either way the world will say ” This is Sri Lanka!”

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