Posted on July 4th, 2015


President Mahinda Rajapakse did not apply to UPFA OR SLFP seeking nominations. The UPFA/SLFP nominations have already been closed.  Few days after the closing date for receiving applications for nominations, a person who did not apply has been offered nomination!   This is quite puzzling.  What was the motive behind this U turn by the President Maithreepala Sirisena?

After receiving the letter of offer from Mr Susil Premajayantha, the MR team should not have accepted it immediately.  Instead it should have asked for the following:

  1. to appoint Mr Mahinda Rajapakse as the Chairman of UPFA. This would mean the President Maithreepala should resign from the role;

2.to appoint Mr Mahinda Rajapakse as the Head of the UPFA nomination board;

  1. to nominate Mr Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the UPFA and assure that he or anyone else will be appointed as the Prime Minister after the election, in consistent with the provisions of constitution;

If all or some of above points were addressed, then the authenticity of the offer could have been validated.

The letter from the UPFA General Secretary was silent on all of above issues.  In fact, it is a master mind action plan to salvage SLFP from total obliteration in the hands of President Mahinda Rajapakse.

It is also questionable whether the letter of the UPFA General Secretary is a legally enforceable document.  There is nothing to prevent a legal challenge or to obtain a restraining order just few days before the closing date of nominations, preventing Mahinda Team from contesting the election.  What safeguards have they taken to mitigate any such risks?

The following announcement states that :”as discussed during the leadership meeting of the UPFA, it has been decided to  give nomination for Mr Mahinda Rajapakse for the forthcoming general election”.


The facts are: 1.MR did not apply before or after the closing date of nominations; 2.MR was not present at the UPFA leadership meeting held on 2nd July; 3. Letter did not request an acceptance of the offer from MR which means it tantamount to an “open ended offer” that can be withdrawn at any time even after acceptance, due to the absence of a legally enforceable Deed signed between the parties; 4. Letter did not mention that the offer is unequivocal and binding on both parties.

So far neither MR nor MS  made any comments.   On 26 June, there were media reports that a secret meeting had taken place between MR and  MS at the official residence of the Speaker.  This was denied, later it was revealed that the meeting did take place at the President’s residence at Wijerama Mawatha.

We all believe that this meeting sealed a deal  ( or a DEED addressing the key issues) between MR  and MS, consequently  the release of the UPFA announcement confirming the nomination. Perhaps this could be a facing saving strategy  for MS, to prevent massive backlash against him.

We all hope that President Mahinda Rajapakse had accepted the offer based on an agreement  reached with the President on 26 June, the contents of which still not in the public domain.

We trust that President Mahinda Rajapakse had evaluated pros and cons and reached an agreement that will pave way for victory for Sri Lanka at the next election.  His Plan B must still be on top of his Agenda until the closing date for nominations.



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Looks to me another TRICK by BACKSTABBING Maru Sira.

    The FIRST he backstabbed after winning the election were us – who worked for his victory. He started bootylicking LTTE and AQ after winning the election.

    MR should NOT trust Maru Sira. Options available to patriots are running out. This leads to a situation where no non violent option remains. It is Maru Sira’s fault if that happens.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Breaking news!!

    Anura Kumaran Dissanayaka, Ravi Kallathoninayaka and Arjuna Mahahora-indran have met in JAPAN secretly to discuss JVP support for UNP financed by Arjuna Mahahora-indran!! This is what JVP leader SOMAWANSA also predicted!!

  3. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    This is the problem with waiting this long to contest separately. Mahinda should have given Maithripala a firm deadline after which it was clear he would contest alone from a separate party. If I were Mahinda I would continue with the plan to contest separately until it is clear that there is an acceptance to contest under UPFA as the prime minister candidate and as chairman of the UPFA.

  4. Metteyya_Brahmana Says:

    Japan is a US front, so this is more of the same US meddling in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.

  5. Independent Says:


    Don’t attack Maithri” – Mahinda orders

    Details Created on Saturday, 04 July 2015 16:52 Category: General

    “Please stop attacking Maithri. I will handle him. The honor should be given Susil Prem Jayanth. The latter without coming to Medamulana the other day went with Maithri to the temple and able to post pictures in the media. I will look after the rest” said the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa who visited the western chief minister Prasanna Ranathunga’s house yesterday 3rd addressing his mates.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa has stressed “Maithri is not our main enemy. Our main enemy is the UNP. Now attack the UNP to its maximum. Put the COPE report, Treasury bond and the Diaspora discussion in front and ruin the UNP. As I appalled Maithri and got the nomination I will get the nominations to everybody. Now the UNP websites has already started to attack Maithri. At this time we should protect Maithri. I leant this hypothesis theory from R. Premadasa. Now I have able to put my head. I will do the rest. You all do how I say” cheerfully said the former president.

  6. ranjit Says:

    I cannot understand why Mahinda’s team going behind Maru Sira? For what reason. Though Sira won Presidential election he is not a popular guy.His win was a coup.He didn’t won a fair fight as all knows. The whole plan was planned by Foreign agencies including America and India. Mahinda must be careful when dealing with this backstabber Sira. He and Choura Regina will not give Mahinda a chance.Both of them were Ranil’s friend and they were all control by America and Indian Parasites who are cunningly planning to take out Mahinda for good from Sri Lankan politics. I hope Mahinda will not fall in to Sira’s trap. He should have his won secret service to watch these traitors movements and actions.

    Mahinda should take the lead. He should be the leader for all parties who are supporting him not anyone else. We give the vote to the name MAHINDA not for any party. There are millions like me who supports only him not any party. We want him to come to power to rescue our country from foreign invaders and traitors within. JVP,UNP,MUSLIMS,TNA,HELA URUMAYA and people like Pacha Wickrama,Saleh,Ganesh,Choura and few more small parties are financed by foreign Embassies and their objective is to oust Mahinda at any cost. This coup was going on for sometimes now. Sira will say YES to everything what America and Indian Parasites say to him because they were the ones who brought him to that position. Study Mahinda well and compare with other traitors like Ranil,Choura and Sira and see who is more capable,strong,hardworking,trustworthy,straight forward,have Charisma to lead our Motherland at this very grave moment in our political history. To keep our Motherland in one piece give your vote to MAHINDA if need to break and divide on ethnic lines then give your vote to traitors like Sira,Ranil,Choura. Do not be a traitor to your Motherland. Be wise and think of your future.

  7. Kumari Says:

    I hear that according to Anura Priyadarshana Yapa all current parliamentarians are also getting nominations. If true, that is great news. The Mahinda faction of the SLFP did not cross over to a unity government. Then Ranil cannot pickpocket the premiership and form a unity government.

  8. Independent Says:

    “if need to break and divide on ethnic lines then give your vote to traitors like Sira,Ranil,Choura.”

    Ranjith, please calm down. Which Choura ? So many Chouras getting nominations. Sira is not asking for votes. That vote was over and people already voted to divide the country, according to you.

  9. Christie Says:

    As soon as nominations are open Mahinda should forward his nominations and then see what he has to do.
    Ranil’s friend that Ranil met in the US is a leading agent of the Indian Intelligence Service the Third Eye.

  10. aravinda Says:

    We are expecting Mr.Harin Fernando (Badulla/UNP) to leave politics from today. This is according to his promise that he would leave politics if there is rapprochement between Mahinda and Maithripala. Harin, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors after politics!. But if you fail to leave politics, you will a dog which vomited and ate the vomit.

  11. Indrajith Says:

    Lorenzo is correct. See what “LankaCnews” has reported regarding this:

    ජපානයේ සංචාරයක නිරත වීම සඳහා එහි ගිය ජවිපෙ නායක අනුර දිසානායක මහතා පිලිගැනීම සඳහා එරට ප‍්‍රබල එජාප සාමාජිකයන් පිරිසක් පැමිණි සිටීම නිසා ජපානයේ ජවිපෙ සාමාජිකයන් පුදුම වී සිටිති.

    ඉන් අනරතුරුව ජවිපෙ නායකයා කෙලින්ම ගොස් ඇත්තේ එජාපය සමඟ සක‍්‍රිය දේශපාලනයේ නිරත වන බානගල උපතිස්ස හිමියන් බැහැදැකීමට සවර ලංකාජී විහාරය වෙතයි.

    එහිමියන් ලවා පිරිත් නූල් බැඳ ආශිර්වාද කරගත් ජවිපෙ නායකයා අනතුරුව එජාප ක‍්‍රියාකාරීන් සමඟ ගත් පින්තූර මෙහි දැක්වෙයි.

    මේ අතර සමාන්තර දිනවලදී මුදල් ඇමති රවි කරුණානායක හා මහ බැංකු අධිපති අර්ජුන් මහෙන්ද්‍රන්ද ජපානයේ සංචාරය කල බව සඳහන් වෙයි.

    – ජවිපෙ හිතවතෙක් ජපානයේ සිට

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