Rajiva Wijesinghe highlights Ranil Wickremasinghe corruption in Central Bank bond scam
Posted on July 5th, 2015

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Rajiva Wijesinghe crossed over to My3 camp with My3 in Novemver 2014.

    I don’t blame him because I too did same.

    BUT what can he bring to the MR camp?

    If he cannot bring VOTES (to get himself elected by the voters and NOT through the back door national list), please don’t accept him back. Same with RATANA and PATALI RANAWAKA.

    At least this time MR needs LOYAL people. LOYAL people must STAND BY MR at crucial times OR bring in votes this time.

  2. Independent Says:

    He will bring friendship with LTTE, UK and USA. That is a good thing.

  3. Christie Says:

    Namaste: “According to informed sources, the Sirisena-Ranil-Chandrika group will fight the August 17 parliamentary polls as an alliance with the “Swan” as the symbol- their symbol for the Presidential election.” Yes that is what Indian Imperialists are banking on. Is this going to be another “surgical” political operation like the last Presidential operation and if it fails then the correction would be another “surgical” military operation like the one on Nagas of Nagaland. The Indian Empire has already done the preparations with Indian terrorist arm that was militarily defeated in 2009; and the Sinhala terrorists that was funded by Indian Empire with the new Indian Colonial Parasite leader. Jai Hind

    Christie Says:

    July 5th, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    දේසපලන වැඩේ වැරදුනොත් හමුදා සැත්කමක් කිරීමට ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයෝ සැලසුම්කර ඇත. සින්හල තෘස්තයින්ගේ නායකයා ලෙස ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයෙකු පත්කර ඔහු සින්හල තරුනයන්ට දස දහස් ගනනින් පඩිගෙවා සන්විදානය කරගෙනයති. ඉන්දියාව නාගලන්තයේ කරනලද හමුදා සැත්කම අපේ රටේද මහින්ද ආවොත් කරනු ඇත.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Look who is pontificating on LOYALTY: That treacherous DISLOYAL reprobate Lorenzo who was jumping up and down advocating the Yamapalanaya candidature of Palwatte Gamaralage Maithripala Sirisena!

    Why do we need to listen to Lorenzo who was DEAD WRONG on everything he said and did then, and ONLY CONTRIBUTED to the DISASTER that we patriots are trying to extricate our Motherland from TODAY?

    Lorenzo is crapping all over LankaWeb offering his flawed advice and opinions on everything that he abandoned and betrayed. Now he has the UTTER AFFRONTERY to offer us advice that MR needs LOYAL people! Getting ready to SINK the PATRIOT’S SHIP ONE AGAIN on the eve of the upcoming Parliamentary Election, I suppose.


    Lorenzo may DEARLY WISH that we have FORGOTTEN HIS ANTICS … but our memories will NEVER FADE! We will NEITHER FORGIVE nor FORGET his TREACHERY!

    Be WARNED PATRIOTS, Lorenzo is a hidden enemy of our Motherland doing everything possible to lead the voters of Sri Lanka over a cliff to sow discord and cause injury to patriots ONCE AGAIN!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    So you have started to ABUSE other commentators again?

    Read what I said.

    “At least this time MR needs LOYAL people. LOYAL people must STAND BY MR at crucial times OR bring in votes this time.”

    So those who were NOT loyal last time are OK if they can bring in VOTES. The January defeat opened MR’s eyes to see who the REAL LOYAL people are and that include me.

    A good friend is NOT someone who will come with you in your MISADVENTURES. He will say NO, NAY. That doesn’t make him a NAYSAYER!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    You are not a ” mere commentator”. You are an LTTE operative trying to undermine Sri Lanka, and hoping people won’t notice it by changing your camouflage like a chameleon. You keep advocating EXTREME things while pretending to be a Sri Lankan Patriot, and at the critical time becomes a TURNCOAT!

    I don’t know why I am the only one who seems to want to hold you responsible for what you have SAID & DONE in the past to undermine Sri Lanka. Your HYPOCRISY simply BOGGLES my mind!

    There are many like you, but you are the most bare-faced HYPOCRITE of them all!

    When people STAB others in the back as you have stabbed the patriots of Lanka, at least they have the DECENCY to never darken the doors of those they have STABBED ever again. But you, you keep popping up EXCUSING yourself for every shameless thing you have done, and CONTINUES to dance the same treacherous jig over and over again!

    Have you NO SHAME?

    The cap of SHAMELESS HYPOCRITE fits PERFECTLY, so wear it in SHAME!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    You know very well that I’M THE EXACT OPPOSITTE of what you call me.

    I didn’t support MR in January 2015 for NOT looking after SL NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS most importantly NOT RESETTLING SINGHALA IDPs and REMOVING HSZs.

    I NEVER wanted Run-nil to run the show. Maru Sira CHEATED me. That is #1 reason to support MR this time.

    NOW MR realizes who the REAL PATRIOTS are and he sticks with them. That is #2 reason why I support him now.

    Like me MOST SLs OPPOSED MR in January (52.2% of the voters DID NOT vote for MR). Like me MOST SLs now want MR BACK. That is NOT hypocricy.

    You are right on that I’m not a mere commentator. I GET THINGS DONE. This time I support MR.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    This time we will NOT let USA agents to manipulate MR. No way!

    This time MR will follow his HUMBLE campaign with LOCALS ONLY and VERY FEW handpicked expats. I will be in SL for 1 month after July 18 when MR’s campaign kicks off.

    I invite other patriots to do same. The country needs you.

    IF UNP wins 41 of our GREATEST HEROES will be sent to gallows for doing the RIGHT thing. That cannot be allowed.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Lorenzo!

    I don’t know AT ALL that you are the opposite of what I call you: An LTTE operative trying to undermine and destroy Sri Lanka to achieve the LTTE’s ends.

    Now you claim to be an innocent Babe-In-The-Woods CHEATED by Sirisena, your hero of a few months ago!! Even if it were so, why should we TRUST an IDIOT who is so easily FOOLED and a TURNCOAT who so easily BETRAYS?

    You have never given the impression of being someone who can be easily FOOLED; instead you have always been the ARCH CONNIVER advocating various Machiavellian schemes … and EXTREME METHODS … to achieve your ends.

    NO. I don’t think you are a FOOL at all, but you certainly are a TRAITOR and a DANGEROUS ENEMY of Sri Lanka.

    You seem to be able to spend ALL OF YOUR TIME commenting at LankaWeb and elsewhere FULLTIME. So, it appears VERY LIKELY that you are a PAID FULLTIME EMPLOYEE of the LTTE and other foreign enemies of Sri Lanka attempting to sow discord and spread chaos among the Patriots who want to restore Mahinda Rajapaksa to power in the upcoming elections.

    You did all that was in your power to unseat President Mahinda Rajapaksa and install an anti-national government of foreign puppets in the last Presidential Election, and NOW here you are again … PRETENDING TO BE A PATRIOT … waving the flag like a Pied Piper to send the Patriots off the cliff AGAIN! YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED … I will be there to expose you to help assure that.

    ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY they say … MR does not need you, we SHOOT TRAITORS like you in the HEAD when they come bearing poisoned gifts we don’t need!

    Machiavellian HYPOCRITE!

  11. Independent Says:

    Most of all we should not LTTE manipulate Sri Lanka. Let is be MR, MS, Runil of Lorenzo, it should be stopped.
    I am going to take action.

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