Nalin files FR case over non-release of COPE report on bond scam
Posted on July 28th, 2015

Courtesy Island 28th July 2015

Prof. Nalin de Silva has sought the intervention of the Supreme Court to require former Chairman of Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) D. E. W. Gunasekera to file an affidavit in court, along with the Interim COPE report, declaring that it is a true copy of the Interim COPE report on the controversial 30-year bond issue by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL).

General Secretary of the Communist Party Gunasekera has been named as the second respondent in the case filed last Friday.

The petitioner has requested the SC to grant him leave to proceed, declare that the petitioner’s fundamental rights guaranteed to him under Article 12(1) of the Constitution and more importantly, Article 14 (A) have been infringed, grant an interim order requiring the former Chairman of COPE the 2nd respondent to file an affidavit in Court, along with the Interim COPE report, declaring that it is a true copy of the Interim COPE report on the 30 year bond issue of the CBSL, grant interim relief declaring that all former members of the consultative Committee COPE on the 30-year bond issue, have a right to continue to speak to media and at public forums without any impediment by law or otherwise on any matter concerning COPE and the said bond issue, as it is their duty to uphold the Right to Information of citizens guaranteed in the Constitution, by doing so;

grant Interim relief by directing the former Chairman of COPE or the former Speaker of the House of Parliament, or the Secretary General of Parliament, to release the said COPE report, now ascertained by affidavit as true and correct, to the media;

grant Interim relief by way of declaration that the former Chairman of COPE has, and had, unhindered rights to release in the public domain the COPE Interim Report, and refer to it, as he has already done; declare that the people of this country as the petitioner himself as a citizen, have the right to obtain all information regarding the COPE consultative Committee meeting, and all other credible information from official sources with regard to the bond transaction of the CBSL;

declare that the fundamental Right to Information that has been guaranteed under the constitution under section 14 (A) has been violated, with the addendum, ‘considering the suppression of information as a result of the dissolution of Parliament and the subsequent suppression of information by seeking to conceal the draft COPE report on the bond issue.’

The SC has been moved in terms of Articles 17 & 126 of the Constitution. Respondents are Ranil Wickremesinghe, D.E.W. Gunasekera, Dhammika Dassanayake, Secretary General of Parliament, P. B. Abeykoon, Secretary to the President, Sujeeva Senasinghe, Deputy Minister of Justice, Arjuna Mahendran, Governor Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Perpetual Treasuries Ltd., 10, Alfred House Gardens Colombo 3, Chamal Rajapaksa, former Speaker and the Attorney General The petitioner stated:

“A sum of Rs. 59 billion or thereabouts has been lost to state coffers as a result of the bond transaction on which the COPE Consultative Committee deliberated. Five weeks after the controversial 30-year Treasury Bond issue, the country has incurred an additional Rs. 5.3 billion as higher interest costs for this year alone and the incremental borrowing cost during the tenure of the different T-Bills and T-Bonds ‘issued within the last five weeks’ will now cost the country a staggering Rs. 42.5 billion.”

5 Responses to “Nalin files FR case over non-release of COPE report on bond scam”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    thanks a million nalin for this . all the others were on ly talking about this without taking action

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Well done, Prof Nalin !
    Our thanks to you for your sustained and great efforts. Good luck to you and May the Triple Gem Bless you and help you in your efforts to liberate Lanka to Peace & Progress for all here.

    We see great honesty of purpose (a rare attribute in the present govt), in your work for which we truly respect you. The Time Honoured Old Values of Lanka are evident in your work.

  3. charithsls Says:

    Yes a very good move. The UNP is aiming at youths & Senasinghe is one of their youth leaders.MR camp should talk as much as possible of his U turn & attempt to hoodwink the public. He has got to eat humble pie & should be given widest publicity. The other youth leader is Akila whose gaffes should be equally dealt with. I don’t think Sajith has any clout with elite NGOs.
    MR camp has got three other elite stalwarts in Sarath S, Dayan & Rajiv W.who should be in the forefront against these Christian NGO funded groups. Dayan & Rajiv specially are helpful as they are Christians themselves.
    We need to give broad publicity in their involvement in tackling these NGO right groups.

  4. Indrajith Says:

    Very well done, Prof. Thank you very much!

  5. ranjit Says:

    Great Sinhala son of Motherlanka and that is Prof Nalin De Silva. We greatly appreciate his service to the Sinhala nation. We need to expose these vultures of the UNP regime. Evil liars to the nation Sira/Ranil/Choura must be defeated on Aug 17th by a clear margin. They should not be allowed to form the next Govt at any cost. They will make this beautiful land up side down if they come to power by any chance. America and Indian parasites already have their own plans for my country if their Tie Coat traitor come to power. What we achieved during the past nine years will be just wasted if our citizens use their valuable vote on these traitors. Sinhalese must unite and fight together to beat the hell out of these evil traitors to the Motherland.

    All foreign funded NGO’s are with the traitors.Most of the traitors in this campaign too was Financed by Foreign Govts and NGO’s. When Mahinda form his Govt he should first investigate the foreign backed NGO’s and their money transactions during the election time. Champakaya,Rajithaya,Awamangalaya all must be defeated.They are poison to this country.They are indecent political outcasts who will do anything to be in power. I hope people in this country will answer them on Aug 17th.

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