Medical Camp by Old Anandians’ Group of 99
Posted on November 2nd, 2015

Press Release by – Old Anandians’ Group of 99

Old Anandians’ Group of 99 recently carried out a Medical Camp in a rural village in Anuradhapura District called Konakumbukwewa.

Over 650 people were benefitted from this medical camp while 130 villagers were given free spectacles.

Pregnant women were given with a bag of nutritious food and relevant scanning services were also carried out. All villagers went through a free medical checkup. It included advanced services such as ECG scans and ultra sound scans. Free medicines were also provided. Children were provided milk packets.

Many sponsors supported the project while medical officers supported free of charge. Some of the doctors were old Anandians.

Ananda 99 Group Medical Camp (002)

The group embarked on a new journey earlier this year with the theme of Anandaya Apa saha Samajaya” focusing on three main pillars; What more can we do for the development of our school Ananda College”, What can we do for ourselves” and What can we do for the welfare of the society” which constituted the framework for the 2015 year plan. This project looked at the societal aspect of the groups’ service.



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