Adaptation of hybridisation in Chemistry for cooking and energy saving.
Posted on November 20th, 2015

Dr Hector Perera         London

If we take a simple molecule such as methane, it has formed due sp3 hybridisation of the carbon atom. Carbon has only two electrons in the p orbital and two electrons in the s orbital. Two of the p orbitals are empty at the start because two electrons are paired and occupied one of the p orbitals. Carbon has p orbitals in the directions of x axis, y axis and z axis. First the carbon atom undergoes a promotion of one of the electrons to an empty p orbital. To begin with it was paired but when it promotes to an empty p orbital then one of the s orbital electron as well promotes an electron to the other empty p orbital of the carbon atom then it undergoes hybridisation or a mixing of orbitals. Then four hydrogen atoms get attached to this sp3 hybridised carbon atom to form a molecule of methane. The shape of the orbitals are unique, the s orbitals are spherical and p orbitals are dumble shaped. If you hold two pares or two small balloons together that gives a dumble shape. Once they undergoes hybridisation, one cannot find the individual orbitals. Since one s orbital and three p orbitals undergone hybridisation, we call it under went sp3 hybridisation. Once they undergone sp3 hybridisation, one cannot find the individual orbitals.

This is a completely new idea where no one has used my idea in chemistry and cooking. The point is I am going to adopt this kind of hybridisation in the explanation of cooking where no one has done such explanations with respect to cooking.  I made it clear what are the orbitals then what happened when they are hybridised or mixed and I am going to adopt this kind of explanation to cooking. I am sure most of you are wondering what is going on.

Archimedean was ridiculed

When Archimedeans explained some of the properties of the elements in a different way, many scientists at that time told that he was mad and rediculed. He said when the atoms are arranged in the increasing order of atomic weight, every eight element has a relationship. He compared them to the musical notes then he called it law of octaves. Then only the others told that he was mad but much later they found that Archimedeans comparison was perfect. Then he was showered with honours and in addition the periodic table as well named after him. Similarly when I compared and adopted this hybridisation to cooking, some people might think that I am wrong but I know it for sure it is right. I am not going to give details right here. It will be appropriate to explain these things with respect to an actual cooking demonstration then only one can decide if I am right or wrong.

When time permits I will invite University lecturers as well to witness my kind of cooking then they would admit that if am right or wrong. I am not going to the details right now because that is my unique idea.  Just not hybridisation but other terms such as thermodynamic equilibrium condition, intermolecular and intramolecular reactions, absorption, adsorption and chemisorption and many more terms are also applied. In addition to that I am using gas laws that are well established and they are even more than two centuries old. If those gas laws are valid now even after two centuries and if I adopted them for my kind of cooking then nothing wrong with that, am I correct? I am sure no British chef has used those gas laws in cooking but I am using them to save energy and to stop any volatile chemicals depositing while cooking.

Some British TV chefs are real jokers

Nearly all British chefs love to shower with cooking aroma, set fire to the cooking pan to excite the viewers. When cooking aroma is set on fire, it will burn away the vapours of some of the essentials in the vapour state. One must let that cooking aroma recycle then only the food taste better. Did you add spices to have a fire display or to flavour the food? If you don’t believe me please have a good look at the cooking demonstrations or the cooking programmes by the famous British TV chefs. They must be under the impression that higher the fire bigger crowd attracted to view the show. Sometimes they run all over the TV studio just like headless chicken, again to impress the viewers. One must have a respect to the kitchen or to the place that is used as a kitchen. To me kitchen is a chemistry laboratory and no one is allowed to run in the chemistry laboratories.  I found none of them applied science and chemistry in energy saving. They leave the cooking vessels wide open for the TV cameras to have a better view but not applying any scientific ideas in energy saving and stopping any cooking aroma while cooking. The viewers think that cooking is a real tedious thing and they lose the taste of home cooking and get tempted or get attracted to eat nothing but junk foods such as takeaways. I cannot understand why these kinds of cooking are allowed in British TV shows.

Scientific energy saving cooking with Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka

If anyone wished to see scientific energy saving cooking then they must view my live cooking demonstration done with Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka. Earlier I have demonstrated this kind of cooking even with ITN TV, interviewed at TNL and Derana TV but the one with Sirasa TV had a longer time devoted for this kind of cooking. Not only I showed how to save energy and I showed how to cut down this cooking aroma getting deposited while cooking. In fact I got an official approval by The Sustainable Energy Authority in Sri Lanka. I am sure no words can convince any person it showed be followed with a practical demonstration. I am so glad at least some Sri Lankan people had the opportunity to see my kind of demonstration. So far I haven’t had the chance to appear in any one of the British TV shows to demonstrate my scientific energy saving cooking for the benefit of the British people.

Would the people in England benefit?

Why people waste energy when some of it can be saved? Who gets gas and electricity for nothing unlike solar power? Also when high temperature is used in cooking other toxic, carcinogenic compounds are given out. On the long run those toxic compounds could affect the respiratory and cardiac system. That is another good reason why I say to use energy efficiently. I hope the British TV would consider to give me an opportunity to demonstrate my unique ideas that are based on scientific basis. If I was disproved then there is that challenged money to give away. Why not the British energy saving experts or even the British TV chefs come forward either to approve or disprove my scientific energy saving ideas? According to science every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Your comments are welcomed [email protected]

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