Frequently Asked Questions about Avant Garde Issue
Posted on November 20th, 2015

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  1. Who are the owners of weapons and accessories stored onboard MV Mahanuwara, Galle?
    About 150 international Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs) mostly registered in UK2. Do they have proper documents and registration?
    Yes, they do. Firstly End User Certificate and registration in the country of registration of the company and then flag state registration with the Government of Sri Lanka

    3. For What purpose these weapons are being used?
    They are used by the PMSC’s to protect commercial vessel transiting across the high risk area

    4. Are floating armouries legal?
    Yes, they are. They have been receiving recognition from international organizations and Governments during recent past because floating armouries are a recent concept introduced to the maritime security industry.

    5. Did AGMS have a monopoly in maritime security activity in Sri Lanka?
    No, there are many Sri Lankan and international companies engaged in, such services.

    6. Did AGMS pay agreed payments or taxes to the government on behalf of floating armouries?
    Yes, we did. We have paid 35% of the total income to the stake holders that are available for review at request.

    7. Who provide security for weapons on board MV Mahanuwara?
    Sri Lanka Navy.

    8. If MV Mahanuwara has been authorized to stay only in international water, why did it come to Galle port?
    There is no hard and fast rule for FA to stay in international water. However, MV Mahanuwara visited Galle port for many reasons, lastly when it necessary for us to replace with another vessel because it was ageing and certificates are expiring.

    9. Are there any other FAs operating, if so where?
    Yes, there are about 15 deployed in the Gulf of Oman and Red Sea.

    10. What are the laws and regulations that regulate maritime security industry?
    • Laws of the country of domicile of the company
    • UNCLOS 100
    • IMO guide lines and regulations
    • Laws of the sea, etc..

    11. What circumstances created opportunities for Sri Lankan companies to enter in to maritime security industry?
    • Geographical Location of Sri Lanka
    • UN charter for law of the sea
    • Obligation being a member of UN


  1. What mechanism in place to ensure security, monitoring and tracking of weapons in stores and transit?
    AGMS has created a department especially for this purpose under Major General L. Fenando, a former chief of staff Sri Lanka Army.13. What international recognition AGMS has received?
    Then chief of the Indian Navy, Admiral DK Joshi and executive director of SAMI, Mr. Peter Cook have categorically in two separate occasions, stated that AGMS operated floating armourie’s can act as template for the other armories worldwide.

    14. What benefits has Sri Lanka received from the activities of AGMS?
    • Providing employments for about 5000 military veterans
    • Earning over 16 billion rupees worth of foreign revenue
    • Spending approximately 280 million rupees on helping needy and sick

    15. Did AGMS maintain an armory at BMICH premises?
    No it didn’t. RALL, the state owned Security Company had an armory for its weapons at BMICH premises.

    16. It was reported that even harbor police at Galle wasn’t aware of the presence of the FA at Galle port?
    No. Harbour police was well aware, in fact a complain had been made in Nov 2012 by AGMS with regard to an incident at the FA and harbour police had made an inquiry on that.

    17. It was reported that there was a discrepancy with regard to the number of weapons on board MV Avant Garde which was arrested recently, Is it true?
    No. the two investigating agencies found the weapons on board are exactly as per the relevant MOD and RALL documents and there is no discrepancy whatsoever in this regards.

3 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions about Avant Garde Issue”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    So Sira beat all the corrupt ministers who were eyeing this business to award it to their catches. But the ultimate loosers are the foreign exchange for the government and the war veterans who were paid very handsomely.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    My impression is – Former Defence Secretary and War Hero Gotabhaya formalised this business with the best interests of Sri Lanka at heart. It seems to me there were many others who were intent on barging into this business for making money willy nilly with no consideration for the security needs of Sri Lanka. Gotabhaya constituted the whole operation of Sea Marshals and handling of arms in a completely legal and transparent way.

    As has been the way of the Yahapalanaya traitors, they started throwing accusations of fraud at Avant Garde establishment in a similar way to other accusations they have levelling against the former administration.

    Now with the pronouncements from Thilak Marapona and Wijedasa Rajapakse it is evident that our impressions are correct. Avant Garde enterprise is legally constituted and there are no issues regarding its operations that can be seen as unlawful by the Attorney Generals office. It is time the Yahapalana traitors admit to the truth and not kill a Goose that lays Golden Eggs for motherland.

    There must be a law in Sri Lanka against slander – false accusations. As it is any Dick, Tom and Harry can conjure any story and make false accusations against anyone without being responsible for the veracity of their accusations. The harm that slander can do to a society is seen clearly in the way Yahapalana Traitors managed to lie and slander into power!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    What ails Yahap on the Avant Garde business ?
    Must be the deals Avante Garde had with Nigeria re training and other information ?
    Now Nigeria is probably going to deal with Yahap (per news item), while the Greedies look hopefully on !

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