Posted on March 8th, 2016


Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

For readers to understand the line of action by the Tamils, it would be appropriate to identify certain actions by the Tamil politicians since independence in 1948.

SJV Chelvanayagam (SJVC) started his blindfold demand of federalism with intent of secession at a later stage, which has saturated the minds of few people to date. His action could be interpreted as a step towards becoming popular against GG Ponnambalam who was a SriLankan nationalist. After a couple of elections SJVC was able to bamboozle the Tamils in certain areas only. Until today even CV Vigneswaran & Co are looking after these areas only, in terms of NPC support.

SJVC did not dig deep into investigate the prerequisites for the establishment of federal structure. SJVC just followed the thoughts of Chankilian:  the self-declared king of Jaffna who ruled Jaffna from 1617 -1619 only. Quote: Cankili II (Tamil: சங்கிலி குமாரன்) (died 1623) was the self-proclaimed last king of the Jaffna kingdom and was a usurper who came to throne with a palace massacre of the royal princess and the regent Arasakesariin 1617. Ref:

Jaffna, prior to foreign invasion, was not a region that was self-sufficient. They were depending fully in the South of Tamil Nadu, particularly Pandinadu. (Food, arms, spices etc.) Only few of the population were able to sustain. Most people, particularly, those who were outside the core elite group did not have even water for consumption. They were not allowed to bathe in sea, kulama, or wells, wear clothes & slippers.

Since Jaffna had a king, SJVC’s thoughts emerged that he can be the king of a separate state of fictitious Eelam. Let anyone prove that there was a state called Eelam in the island with documentary evidence. Well, someone could prove that there was a state called Elam in current Iran, and the people were designated as Elamites”.

Being a Lawyer, SJVC did not have that perception to deduce the basis to form a federal structure in a country. To him the cheapest popular criteria is Tamil and Tamil race”. SJVC himself was not a Tamil. All Tellipalai and Maviddapuram people are hard core Andrites from Andra, which has links to Sinhala people and not Tamils.


LTTE stunt of a state called Eelam was a blindfold initiation. A raucous guy who had eight standard education could not have had that knowledge to analyze and conclude that a state called Eelam can sustain independently. Here the writer can direct that all those who were behind this initiation were driven by a powerful force. It could not have been an independent decision by the FP and LTTE to have made this move of violence against the state and arms struggle.

All actions by the groups direct to a point that a foreign government has been influential to destabilize SriLanka, for various reasons. (i) Could SL become a competitor to Singapore, (ii) Competitor to India, (iii) Competitor to Pakistan, (iv) best location for the foreign government’s defense strategy, (iv) if SL becomes a powerful economic & technical suite allies of China, how will the power distribution of the west and Indian ocean be, (v) OR long term strategic vision of the west to take over Trincomalee and vanquish SriLanka when Diego Garcia lease expires.

An in-depth analysis of the spectrum of notations of reasons for the treason by the Sinhalese and the Tamils converge to the SriLankan being fools not to have understood who, and why they were being driven for acts of treason.

Tamils in the name of a separate state, Sinhalese not far from being unpatriotic educated and uneducated peasants who lack in wisdom, intelligence and perception. Who were the JVP? They were hiding under the banner Communism, in real, they were not communists. The reason is that most of the JVP cadre ran to the UK and UK gave them refuge.

LTTE, head office was operating from London since the 70s. Anton Balasingham was a Senior lecturer at the City University and was an operative and a political guide to the LTTE. Anton Balasingham was the person who put forward the theory that LTTE is the only common front who could converge to deliver Eelam victory. An organization called Eelam Research Organization” was operating in the UK in the 60s/70s. The team consisted of lawyers and PhDs in the UK. LTTE cadre went for training into Ireland.

Can UK deny these facts? Why did UK tolerate and give accommodation to terrorist fronts. Wherever UK and USA fought a war and delivered what they wanted, finally UK & USA were driven out and the people to whom UK/USA gave support became their foremost enemy. Examples are Afghanistan, Iraq, east Europe, Vietnam etc.

If the west moves into drive for federalism or even a separate state called Tamil Eelam for the N&E Tamils, then it is inevitable that UK and USA will finally learn a terrible and adverse lesson from the Tamil terrorists and people. From past media information and knowledge of LTTE offensive moves, if LTTE starts to place bombs in the UK and USA, it will not be like the Islam acts, but will have terrible economic impacts. If USA moves into Trincomalee, it won’t be like Diego Garcia, but, it could be possible that LTTE remanence cadre and people will regroup and destroy US installations in Trincomalee. What guarantee do UK/USA have that LTTE or the Tamils will not take such action?


Federalism is only suitable for countries with large population and income generation, not Srilanka. Decentralization of administration/governance should only be measured on economic grounds. In the 21st century, countries and people talk of globalization. It is because of the globalization, that people are able to drive cars, if not they have to travel by bullock carts driven by bulls/horse. However, this does not mean that neo-colonialism should be advocated. If a country needs to be governed with federal states, then careful in-depth analysis should be done for economic viability, and NOT on racial basis. Race does not mean anything in the 21st century. This goes both to the Sinhalese and Tamils in SriLanka. People should give thoughts as to why one Australian dollar is worth Rs 102.00 and one loaf of bread is Rs 60.00. Can we change the currency in SL to dollar?

Today Tamil Diaspora boys are getting married to European, British, Eastern and Indian girls. Boys in the N&E of SriLanka are packing their suitcases to go abroad either legally of illegally. No one is interested or patriotic in SriLanka. What will be the effect of these actions in twenty years’ time? What about the Tamils? Will there be a race called Tamils in 20 years.

What about the politicians? It is reported that most politicians, both Sinhala and Tamils are suffering from fat produce sickness. Our Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, was in parliament drunk full to his nose, and gave a speech like a movie star. Is he setting up an example to the youngsters of nobleness?

It is evident that today’s SL politicians are cowards, and our independence has been sucked out through our backboneless governing politicians, as it seems that they do not have the perception to think and govern a republic, but listen and say yes” to petty seagulls, who travel to SL. Tamil politicians are exploiting this opportunity to suck into the west and shake their head sixty degrees up and down.

All what they want is racial power.


  1. SA Kumar Says:

    All what We-Tamil want is racial power.-Fully agreed .

    We-Tamils & We are Tamils !!!

    You Modayas & We-Sakkiliyas learned any thing at least since 1948 ??? Lost 40,000 Mavirar & 30,000 Maveera excluded Civilian 200,000 !!!

  2. helaya Says:

    Thanks for this eye opening article. Please send this to Ponil and Appa Sira. They need huge doze of education. Thanks again for dedication for harmonious life in Sri Lanka

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    What about the Tamils? Will there be a race called Tamils in 20 years.- Than why you worry give TE for only 20 years.

    still you (Tamil) thing Sinhalese are modaya even at Muli vaikkal they have show us our Thesiya Thalaivar VP’S under wear (Kovanam) .

    Thanbi Balanatha….. walk up

  4. nilwala Says:

    Only a few among the Tamil people realize how blest they are to have been born in this island where they receive Free Education and Health and become respected professionals. Their political leaders have led their People up the garden path of Overly High Ambition and Expectations, Egotism and Greed…and the People in believing them have lost their way. Even after a 30yr war that they lost, the incapability to accept the reality of that LOSS is kept alive by Tamil Political leaders who keep fanning the flames of racism and arrogance.
    Will they be happy leading their lives under Tamil Nadu?……for that is the eventuality that will follow if they would only THINK CLEARLY OF THE CURRENT YAHAPALANA TRAJECTORY FOR THE FUTURE OF LANKAN TAMILS!!

  5. vyasan Says:

    I fully agree with the writer of this column, that without any foreign involvement, encouragement and assistance, it would have been impossible for any type of an armed organization to exist for more than a couple of years! let alone the LTTE. We all know that India started assisting, training and arming the Tamil groups initially for its own strategic reasons against that of the US at that time, and the LTTE started to act against the interests of India from the time Anton Balasingham was identified as the LTTE’s political adviser acting from England. The LTTE started to eliminate leaders and groups that were considered pro-India afterwards, i.e. Amirthalingam, TELO and others. Even the claim of being real Tamils is a matter of questioning as to who are the real Tamils, just like that of the rulers of Tamil Nadu after 1946. Only three chief minister were Tamils, two of them were Kamaraj and Annadurai, and the other one was Rajaji even though the Dravidian politicians reject him as being a Bramin and thus an Aryan descendant. Karunanithy, a Telugu, MGR a Malayali, Jeyalalitha, again there is dispute about her ethnicity, whether Tamil or Kannada, and those who are vying for the leadership now are either Telugu or Kannada or Malayalis i.e. Vijayakanth, Telugu, Vaiko, again Telegu, Seeman alias Simon, a christian with dubious ethnicity, and Dr. Ramdoss, again of dubious ethnicity. But those are the people who cry much about Tamils, being of Tamil culture and protecting the Tamil identity all over the world and try to be champion of Tamil cause. I am not saying that being of another ethnicity or of another culture is inferior to anyone else, but using the Tamil label to achieve their own political goal through lies and causing destruction of precious lives and livelihood is unacceptable. Every one is human and every language, culture and religion is special for those concerned. But above all, being human, and live with humanity is the most important thing in life! As far as I am concerned, I am a human being first, a Sri Lankan next though I live in another country at present, and lastly a Tamil.

  6. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Vyasan,

    You say: I am a human being first, a Sri Lankan next though I live in another country at present, and lastly a Tamil.

    Beautiful sentiments, Vyasan, really beautiful and exemplary.

    Our common nature comes first, our country second, and our race sentiments must take the last place.

    Thank you,

    Mario Perera

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