JVP chides PM for coming up with lame excuses for economic woes…… 
Posted on March 12th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I see these type of statements issued by both JVP and Opposition, Government also keep talking about loans taken by the state and inability to pay back 29 Billion Us Dollars by 2019

Who are we to believe?

Can the state organize a Interparty conference like  the Sangha Conference proposed by the President and discuss how to come out of this economic downfall” as stated by various parties .

As I wrote before we need to expedite mega project development in Colombo Port .Hambantota and Tricomalee  and of course Jaffna .

Sadly neither government nor opposition talks about Investment in the North

Everyone keep blaming Wiggy” the CM of NPC and no one wants to sit with him in a round table and discuss a faster development program

Jaffna and the shallow sea front is ideal for  Tourism and fish culture ,but not a single investment forum has been initiated by the state and NPC

CM of EPC has been an example of forward thinking with no intention of asking for self determination organized a well-attended investment forum

Hopefully he will get some investments

We wonder what JVP can offer and how they intend to resurrect >Nationalization< ,or quasi -socialistic investment friendly state like Vietnam or extreme state like North Korea or a Single Party state like in middles east ?

There are no more communist countries left other than repressive,isolated  North Korea as China is semi capitalistic state .

On whose support they want to ride on  ?


Shall we go back to N M Perera,s doctrine and live with Haal Pollu –restricted movement of rice !!!!!!

I would believe JVP and even vote for them if they can tell how to come out of this mess other than locking up the corrupt elements and locking up horns with the PM !


Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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