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Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

This article outspreads treatment of Federalism demand into the areas of (i) Tamil people’s attitude, (ii) their xenophobic behavior towards the SriLankan Nation’s natives, the Sinhala, (iii) the selfish egotism because of other individuals, (iv) selfishness because of oneself, (v) oppressive and discriminatory acts against their own Tamils because of their caste position, (vi) megalomaniac mindset which stimulates Tamil Politicians, and members of societies to make derogatory speeches and remarks with no fear of their own reputation downfall.

The first of its kind is the outcry quite frequently over the radios, media, and interviews to Canadian Tamil Radio, on the position of Sinhalese people occupying Tamil areas. The shortfall in the perception of these people is: who demarcated and stamped that some areas should be domiciled by Tamils only? In one of the writer’s article, it was proved that 49% of the Tamils live outside North & East. Every doctor, engineer, or commerce graduate, once qualified, wants to run to the South to work. If Tamil’s outcry is to be justified, then do we have an answer to Tamils working, and doing business in the South?

TNA has directed a threat against Sinhalese and Buddhist temples in the Northern Province. Ref: Quote: (Has been the threat of TNA against Sinhalese and Buddhist temples in the Northern Province after the government power was that the TNA MPs and their allies came to Mullaittivu Kokilai Sri Sam Bodhi Vihare and as a result Notable incumbent Tissapura Sri Wellness threatened repeatedly to vacate the English village Thero). Ref:

Democracy has elements of (i) Freedom of Religion, (ii) Freedom of movement, (iii) Human Rights, (iv) Freedom of the Press, and several other elements in the framework. Any person or group of people have the right to live anywhere they want, and practice any religion they love via shrines. It’s the Tamil politicians who claim these in the media, and in the UN. It was an outcry by the Tamils, Tamil Diaspora organisations, and the Tamil politicians, of human rights violation, with the UN and with several seagull expedition diplomats over the last several donkey years.

It is directing that our people have a shortfall in perception in the judgement of true justice or may be, some are, by birth, imbecile. Could it be the (phoney) superiority complex, megalomaniac standpoint that makes them to politicize such insane matters?

Tamils should understand that if they can build/renovate Murugan temple in Colombo 4, build an Anjaneyar temple in Colombo, then Sinhalese people who number over 20 million against 2 million Tamils in the island, have the right to build a temple anywhere in SriLanka.

Tamils have built Hindu temples all over the world. In Melbourne itself, they have constructed four temples, because it is the only solid business with high turnover for the imprudent belief.

Mr. Sambanthar, you are too old to make judgment. Just leave politics, go home and enjoy your retired life happily with your family. Take your old separatist minded political friends, because their utterances are beyond forbearance. Tamils know that you are a highly caste conscious racial person. Please don’t drive a wedge between the people in the island. There are hard TNA areca nuts in Kilinochi and Vavuniya who make derogatory speeches and remarks. One areca nut politician made a statement that Sinhalese are occupying top jobs in the North, and that it is nothing but aggression. This is the most foolhardy statement by this areca nut because hundreds of thousands of Tamils occupy top jobs in the South. The Governor of the Central Bank is a Tamil. The Chief Justice of SriLanka is a Tamil; Justice Kanagasabapathy J. SriPavan.

Indian Tamils

History reveals that the British brought nearly one million Indian Tamils for slave trade work in the tea and coffee plantation sector. The prospect of employment in Ceylon then attracted Tamils from India. The British intention was to expand the plantation while keeping the cost very low. The condition in which these Tamils were brought are as follows:

  1. The travails of the journey was fatal.
  2. Sea journey was unregulated, crowded, and the poor sailing vessels were far from pleasing.
  3. Sailing vessels were from Tamil Nadu to Mannar and Mannar to the hill country was a long walk through the tropical jungle, malarial beset with elephants and leopards.
  4. The labor was not protected from animals and sickness (Cholera, malaria etc.) or against local populace (CO 54/235; 1847) by those who ran the sailing vessels.
  5. It is stated that the planters treated these labor with disgraceful injustice and cruelty” (William 1988).
  6. Housing and medical facilities were far from adequate.
  7. Many planters did not pay their wages when the market slips into serious depression.(De Silva 1840-1955)

[Ref: Vol 6(6), pp 184-191, June 2014, DOI: 10.5897/IJSA12.061, Article Number: 88F84BA45633, Estate Tamils of SriLanka–a socio economic review by IIyas Ahmed H; International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology]

How do we interpret the sufferings of the brothers and sisters of the SriLankan Tamils? (i) Invasion by Indian Tamils with the help of the British? (ii)Aggression by the Indian Tamils? (iii) Colonisation of Indian Tamils in Sinhala country, (iv) Haven’t the Indian Tamils taken over the space of the Sinhala in the South.

  1. Well, it has to be concluded as Colonization” by the Indian Tamils.
  2. When Malabar, Tamils, Telugus and the slave crowd from India invaded the North and East in the 14th century that also has to be concluded as Colonization”.
  3. Have the N&E Tamil politicians ever addressed the sufferings of the plantation sector workers, apart from oppressing and discriminating the plantation sector children as young as 10-12, as house workers in the N&E?

The colonization in the 18th century was forcefully conducted by the British.

Mr. Sambanthar, Mavai Senathirajah, Sritharan & Co.

Have you got an answer for the above questions? If you have the guts, please come out in the media and give explanations. However, in answering, please remember one critical item: Vijaya came and settled, but married Kuveni” in 5BC. There is significant difference between the acts of the Jaffna man and the Sinhalas of Vijaya.

  1. Have you done any service to the plantation sector workers?
  2. Did you fight for the plantation worker’s justice and social conditions?
  3. Did you ever visit the plantation sector, and see yourself their living conditions?
  4. Do you have any human feeling for the social condition of the plantation workers?
  5. Did you ever fight or even object to the Human Rights Violation against the children of the plantation workers by the N&E Tamils?
  6. Do you have any feeling at all for these upcountry Tamils?

If you do not have the backbone to give explanations and justify your position, then it is fair enough to say that you, Mavai and some other radical, racial, secessionist politicians should leave parliament and rest at home or go back to India.


  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Kanthar Balanathan,
    racial, secessionist politicians should leave parliament and rest at home- Fully agreed.
    go back to India- here what your problem .
    India is not our mother Land Mother Lanka is our Mother land
    eg : I am sure you are reading news about How bad Tamil refuges treatment in TN

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