‘Two of my Closest Family Members were Involved in the Murderous Tamil Riots of 1983’ Sobbed an Inconsolable Lakshman Wickramasinghe – Bishop of Kurunegala — The RW Files (Part 2)
Posted on July 7th, 2016

By Gandara John

The Tamil and Sinhalese Feudalists, taking their cue from Esmond Wickramasinghe’s ‘Sinhala only’ slogan as their ultimate platform, manipulated the 1956 and 1958 racial riots, the assassination of SWRD in 1959, the staging of the botched up military Coup that attempted to topple the anti colonial government of Sirima Bandaranaike in 1962, the Declaration of War against  the State of Sri Lanka in 1976 at Vaddukoddai (this declaration of war  came close on the heels of the break up of the left oriented UF (United Front) Government, a break up that was precipitated by the ‘WWCFO’ foisted JVP insurrection, – White Western Country Funded Organisations also known as NGOs – that  erupted just eleven months into the UF government; the break up of the UF was a sine qua non for JRJ to make his entry in 1977).

And finally, Esmond Wickramasinghe’s diabolic slogan resulted in the Northern and Southern Feudalists, together orchestrating the racial riots of 1983 which proved to be the precursor to India invading Sri Lanka in 1987 and to India forcing Sri Lanka at gun point to write into the Constitution the 13th amendment, yet to be ratified by the people at a referendum.

In the face of massive opposition JRJ was able to pass this amendment only through the Parliamentary stage, and that too after resorting to criminal and unconstitutional behaviour; he ‘gheraoed’ his parliamentarians before the vote and coerced undated letters of resignation from them.

The distraction created by EW’s racial slogan remains today the beachhead on which the White Western Countries have thrived, exploited and expanded their offensive to dismantle the sovereign State of Sri Lanka and to facilitate the process of re – colonisation of the island by the White Western Countries – assisted by the regional Feudal wallahs –  now firmly under the control of the Multi National Corporations.

The White Western Community could not but be pleased with EW’s work; their Lucifer had served them well.

In gratitude and to forge a wilier nexus for the future, the White Western Community offered a carrot to EW; they held out a promise to appoint Lakshman Wickramasinghe, the brother of their point man in Sri Lanka, as a Bishop of their church in the Island.

EW was successful in persuading his laid – back brother, then domiciled in England as his nephew recalls, to ditch his fiancé and return to Sri Lanka to fit into the plan of the Neo Feudalists.

When the point man of the White West reached the autumn of his life, the time had come for him to pass the baton on to his son. RW, in many respects, was his father’s son. There was generally no dispute that both were diabolical and devious to the core. RW knew on which side his bread was buttered. The global White ‘Big Boys’ were his choice and they buttered him on his preferred side.

JRJ the arch neo -feudalist took RW, his de facto Foreign Minister’s son, under his wings.

Cutting his political teeth as a fledgling Minister in the JRJ cabal, RW attracted the Big Boy of the underworld, Gonawela Sunil; Sunil was his constant companion at that time. The ‘pretty – faced’ contract killer was a convicted rapist given a Presidential pardon by JRJ who thereafter appointed him an ‘All Island Justice of Peace’.

Snide remarks were making the rounds in the corridors of the Ministry at that time; a printable favourite was that Gonawela Sunil was the Minister of Education and RW his devoted deputy.

Monies for transfers and school admissions, which were collected from hapless teachers and parents, were picked up by Gonawela Sunil.

When in 1983 JRJ, the arch Neo Feudalist in the South, unleashed the horrendous dogs of racial hatred and violence in Colombo, Gonawela Sunil had, by that time, already been given a Presidential pardon; there were convincing reports that Gonawela Sunil had been given unhindered access into the Welikada prison to lead rioting prisoners in the massacre of 53 Tamil prisoners whose lives were in the custodial care of the Government; the murdered prisoners included Kutimany.

The massacre was reportedly macabre; prisoners, whilst yet alive, had their tongues cut out, eyes gouged, heads decapitated and their blood feasted on.

When JRJ finally decided to call out the security forces, four days later, to rein in the terror and the bloodletting, Gonawela Sunil’s home area in Kelaniya was a no go Zone; no, not for the killer or RW but for the security forces.

RW was a Member of Parliament nursing the Kelaniya electorate at that time.

In an interview with the Daily News on 12 Aug 83 and adduced to in https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/july-1983-ranil-wickremasinghe-followed-cyril-mathew/ RW had reportedly by innuendo justified the violence unleashed on the Tamils; he had alluded that it was ‘legitimate’ Sinhalese anger, long pent up, that had been the cause for the violence and that the violence had successfully redressed the Sinhalese grievances stemming from unwarranted rewards, not given his cousin Upali Wijewardena and other Sinhalese businessmen, but doled out to Tamil businessmen.

That article went on to say that Lakshman Wickramasinghe, EW’s brother and RW’s uncle, died prematurely in October 1983, a broken man.

Sobbing uncontrollably, while visiting refugees in the aftermath of the riots, Lakshman Wickramasinghe had confided that his family had been involved in the violence unleashed on the Tamil community, particularly two members of his family.

It is no surprise that the White Western Community has not raised even a whimper or encouraged Sri Lanka to probe the 1983 riots and the prison massacre.

Yankee Dick, coordinating with the Feudalists in the North, allowed free rein to the lumpen elements on both sides of the divide to do the dirty work of the Sinhalese and Tamil Feudalists; he collaborated with the Feudalists in the White Western Countries and the region to run the most successful recruiting campaign ever for the LTTE, a desultory organisation at that time.

Cogent reports point an accusing finger at JRJ, for collaborating with the White Western countries and India, in implementing the Neo Feudal plan of using the 1983 ethnic riots to create in those foreign countries, hordes of agent provocateurs – foreign extremists of Tamil origin – .

These extremists, as citizens of the White Western Countries, would operate in fear and on the dictates and guidance of those foreign governments. These agent provocateurs remain effective tools of foreign policy of the Global Feudalists.

In the strange semantics of the White Western World these Western extremists, (of Tamil origin), are described as the ‘Diaspora’,

RW may have been an odd or queer ball but he certainly was not a spare wheel, as he now likes to describe himself, in his pathetic attempt to distance himself from the JRJ Government. Perhaps he was a spare wheel broken loose, careering on a deadly trail wreaking mayhem and terror in its wake.

7 Responses to “‘Two of my Closest Family Members were Involved in the Murderous Tamil Riots of 1983’ Sobbed an Inconsolable Lakshman Wickramasinghe – Bishop of Kurunegala — The RW Files (Part 2)”

  1. cwije Says:

    This bishop guy said at the funeral of SJVChelvanayagam, that SJVC was the Tamil Moses!

    The Christian Colombo black-whites converted Buddhist- Christian conflict into Sinhala-Tamil language problem. As the writer points out Esmond W played a big role in this. EW who used his sinhala Buddhist dowry for anti- Sinhala Buddhist plan was a traitor of Sinhale.

  2. Christie Says:

    1983 riots were the reaction to murdering of unarmed officials by Indian terrorists. It was a natural reaction and there was no organized attacks or an organization behind the attacks.

    Indian colonial parasites burned their shops and houses from inside.

    The 1983 incident was well planned by India to coincide with the World Council of Churches gathering held in Canada.

    News of riots in Ceylon were fed to this gathering and the media by India and the Indian imperialists elsewhere.

    I was in Colombo at that time.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    13A was not the direct or indirect result of July 1983 incidents.

    On the contrary. India always had in mind (after Sri Lanka became a republic in 1972) to impose its hegemonic demands. First it tried using diplomatic means and failed. Then it tried with the LTTE. When the LTTE was cornered, India feared its pawns will be annihilated and invaded in 1987 at the height of the Cold War.

    That family’s involvement in violence including mass murder in 1983, 1987, 1988 and 1989 is very well known. Unless the Joint Opposition gets its act together, he will most likely become the next president. What happens then is unthinkable horror.

  4. NAK Says:

    1983 July riots was definitely organized and patronized by the UNP government probably on the instruction of the CIA.
    According to this article they even justified it.

    Many government ministers out there directing the operations and some even had house hold lists compiled by the GS’s.
    83 riots fulfilled all that Prabhakaran lacked at the time,world sympathy,personnel and money.

    The attacks were done in such an organized manner that always goons from out side the area were deployed to avoid being identified.

  5. SA Kumar Says:


    All ok Why JRJ only imposed curfew seven days later even opposition leader Hon Amirthalingam was begging on his nee .

    Well done SrilMathithu & Co .

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Catholic-run UNPatriotic party is for the destruction of Buddhism first, then the Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka. Traitor
    thambi mudiyanselage alugosu (to Sinhalese only) jr to his nephew, die hard catholic, token Buddhist alugosu (to
    Sinhalese only) pol pot wickramaSinhalakiller have been handing out violence to the Sinhalese without a care
    in the world knowing catholic west and the minorities will worship them. Tragedy is a lot of Sinhala modayas can’t
    see this simple truth.

    Traitor thambi mudiyanse is an Einstein to a lot of Sinhala modayas. Even with person with one brain cell can
    understand he was an out and out traitor who put foundations to break up Sri Lanka by introducing 13 under
    crafty indians. And then thambi mudiyanse let 1000s of tamils to flee the country who claimed asylum all over
    the world (developed countries only please) have been trying to destroy Sri Lanka at every opportunity. The
    thambii mudiyanse did to Sri Lanka is irreparable. But a lot of Sinhala modayas still worship this out and out
    traitor. Traitor thambi was brutal in killing Buddhist jvpers. He burnt them in tyres, heads severed etc. etc. but
    was reluctant to kill the real terrorists, catholic tigers of tamil drealam. Sinhala modayas can’t understand
    this simple truth.

    Now his nephew, biggest traitor ever in Sri Lanka’s history is in charge. He is a real PM (pathala man that is).
    Anybody crosses his path asking for trouble. A lot of trouble. That is why the rubber stamp vairapala
    sorrysena has become a real puppet. He is wetting his pants in front of murderous pol pot. Violence is nothing
    new to die hard catholic. He knows he is untouchable. So he is going about his plan of destroying Buddhism,
    Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka without a care in the world with the full blessing of the catholic west and
    tamils, mussies and catholics. Meanwhile Sinhala modayas believe every lie he utters from his backside
    and live in a dreamland.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    A brief Opinion on the 1983 Trumped up Riots :

    The trumped up Riots of 1983 started when 13 soldiers of the SL Army were killed in the North by the LTTE. The soliders bodies were usually sent to their respective home towns/villages, but this time the bodies were brought to Kanatte Cemetary in Colombo. There was a delay in the funeral proceedings due to bodies being brought very late to the cemetary, and the restive crowd gathered there started the rioting.

    INDIA most probably had a hand in the 1983 Riots.
    J.N. Dixit was the ‘Viceroy’ INDIAN HC of Lanka at that time, and nothing happened in Lanka without his approval …?
    Yes, the GoSL was made to do certain things at that time – no curfew was imposed till a few days after the Riots. Cyril Mathew, the Minister of Industries certainly played a role in the Riots. About two weeks after the Riots, the Papal Nuncio also left Lanka, was told to leave Lanka, we learnt later.
    After the Riots, nearly a million Tamils went westward as Refugees, the only way to go and be accepted and live in the west. Canada is supposed to have received hundreds of thousands of such Tamil Refugees, and the rest went to Britain & Europe. They form the Tamil Diaspora. The Tamil Diaspora people are the persons who contributed money toward the LTTE (trained in Tamil Nadu, INDIA), arms purchases etc. to create murder & mayhem in Lanka and thus destabilise Lanka.
    Many innocent Tamil civilians got killed and homes burnt and even robbed. Sinhala people and Tamils also led goon squads to do these dastardly acts. About 300 pllus Tamil people were killed. A few Sinhala people also died. There were films made of these Riots and sent abroad to 3 of the Tamil Ambassadors in London, Paris & Bonn. These films were used extensively to create foreign govt & public opinon there against Sri Lanka.

    The Riots of 1983 were certainly a trumped up and planned event. It was Cold War time, and that probably accounts for the events.

    The Time magazine ran the story of the Riots, just the outline of it, with no opinons. The Time mag had a picture of JRJ on its front cover with a tear dropping from one eye. That tear was a picture of Sri Lanka – showing that JRJ was forced to do much against his better judgement. We propose that JRJ was a victim of the times, a victim of the Cold War politics.

    But, what is Ranil up to – seems to be selling the country ? Where is the Cold War ? Russia is a part of NATO, and China no threat.

    RW/CBK caught up in Cold War modes – why ?

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