Donald Trump condemns Hillary Clinton for military adventurism and regime change policies
Posted on September 8th, 2016

US News

” Mr. Trump’s attack on Tuesday on Ms. Clinton and her policy in West Asia as Secretary of State was equally an assault on George W. Bush, the last Republican President who triggered the turmoil in the region with his ‘regime change’ policies. Mr. Bush has not endorsed Mr. Trump.

Hillary Clinton favours what is called military adventurism. Rushing to invade countries, displacing millions of families, then inviting the refugees into our country. Creating power vacuum filled by terrorist groups, like ISIS (Islamic State). And believe me, there are plenty of people who are close to ISIS, who are coming to our country. This is the greatest Trojan horse of all time. I don’t want people to be reading about it in 200 or 400 years,” said Mr. Trump.

I believe in a foreign policy that is based on our national interest, that focus on American security, and regional stability instead of using our military to creating democracies in countries that have no democratic history and couldn’t care less about democracy. We are trying to force democracy down their throat, spending trillions of dollars and they don’t even want it,” Mr. Trump said.”

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