Well done Philippine President: Human Rights Imperialists HANDS OFF ASIA!
Posted on September 8th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

 Act like a slave, get treated like a slave. This is the message Philippine President conveys to Asia in inspiring the need to rise in defiance of imperial pivot to Asia returning to plunder and destroy and devastate Asia as was been done in the past and is currently taking place throughout Africa, Middle East, East Europe and Latin America. As we see from the examples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Sudan, Libya and now Syria, nations need defiant leaders or else they too will fall like all those nations today in turmoil. It is only when a nation and its leaders are defiant that the aggressors take a step back and will think twice about stampeding themselves into our territory. Asian nations all have rich histories. They were all plundered and millions have been murdered by Western imperial objectives in the past. No UN entity will ever call for justice for these crimes. We cannot allow our nations to be once more devoured, fleeced and have millions more of our people killed. This is the 21st century if people of Asia cannot rise up against the common enemies we will prove ourselves to be undeserving of the sovereignty that we now enjoy for which our ancestors fought and died for.

How many of Asia’s leaders will dare talk like President of Philippines?

 In an interview when Reuters journalist questioned about human rights violations in Philippines, President Duertes gave a response that has shook the world.


I am the President of a sovereign state”

Philippines is not a vassal state”

 we have longed ceased to be a colony”

Nobody cannot interfere…this is an independent country”

I do not have any masters except the Phippino people”

You must be respectful – do not just throw away questions and statements”

Who is he (Obama) to confront me…as a matter of fact he has to answer one too many questions for the mistakes in this country”

We inherited this problem from the United States because they invaded this country and made us their subjugated people”

who massacred the 600,000 people in Philipines”….”we have all the details of the sordid period”.

Look at the human rights of America…they way they treat the migrants…”

what about all the people killed in the past, is it just a past tense and we don’t answer in the present tense”. stop fooling yourselves”

I do not kneel down before anybody else except the Philippinos”

The campaign against drugs will continue”.

The best that Obama could do was cancel the meeting.

I want to make sure if I am having a meeting its productive” (why arrange the meeting if it was unproductive in the first place?)

Duertes response to Obama was ‘not to take it personally’. The Philippine leader has even called the US ambassador in Manila a ‘gay son of a whore’ and even called for the exit from UN accusing UN of issuing ‘shitting’ statements about his anti-drug policies. He has even told the Catholic Church ‘don’t fuck with me’

We may have found plenty of leaders with pluck to speak with a spine like the Philippino President in the past, but it is glaringly clear that we do not have such leaders now. You can bet that no Asian leader in the present has or will stand up for their people or their nation as the Philippine President has done with the exception of Russia’s President Putin.

The world expected much from Modi, instead he is showing himself to be more servile than Catholic Sonia with many analysts showcasing India as being used by US against China. Japan is being used in the same manner. In other parts of Asia too leaders are being forced to subjugate to the whims of the West or else face sanctions, economic pressures, NGO induced ground turmoils, and western funded regime change. No one has come forward to rally the masses because these white bullying nations are ruled by only a handful of people, they are even turning their own nations into police states. See how American themselves are suffering in their own nation as US has been turned into a virtual police state – Americans are even afraid to speak against the government decisions!

While mainstream media will do their best to ridicule the Philippine President and lackey locals will feel embarrassed to associate themselves with his comments, Jon Rappoport’s article ‘Who is Obama’s boss’ is excellent reading and concludes it’s the Trilateral Commission founded by David Rockefeller that advances economy-destroying trade treaties (TPP) that will pass power to global corporations as part of its new international economic order which is steering the UN to end sovereign nations. Out of the 87 members of the Trilateral Commission 11 have posts in Obama’s govt.

It is clear that these globalists are using politicians and through them manipulating international legislation to legalize power into the hands of a handful of corporates. In such a scenario the independent states of the world are doomed if we do not have defiant leaders like the Philippine President. Lets all remember that other defiant leaders like Venezuela’s Chavez, Libya’s Gaddafi, Serbia’s Milosevic have all been virtually ‘removed’ because of their defiance and their ability to rouse the public against globalist agendas. This cannot scare leaders who are elected leaders not to be servants of the West and say yes to everything they demand.

The leaders of Asia who have come to power on the people’s mandate must remember that they have not been voted to power by the people to hand over the nation’s sovereignty to external forces. They are only custodians of power and have no right to be dishing out parts of a country as if it is their personal property. They are beholden to the people to protect and preserve the territory, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

The contrary is taking place. The globalists that control the media, the politicians and even the UN have managed to place puppets in key decision making positions and through them are bringing in bizarre legislation that virtually abdicates sovereign powers to virtual companies. The recently passed Office of Missing Persons bill in Sri Lanka is so ridiculous that it is to be manned by foreigners, it can get aid by foreigners and it cannot be even questioned by the public nor can those accused cross examine those who are accusing them. We are seeing the world being turned into a serfdom where a handful of people are conspiring to bring global power into their hands through puppets they have placed in power.

It is in this context that we must praise the Philipine leader for coming out to call a spade a spade. To hear a leader of the third world country tell the US that it cannot afford to talk of human rights having killed millions of people and continuing to kill should be music to anyone’s ears primarily because if anyone is pointing fingers at President Duertes why are the same lot not doing the same against UN & NATO crimes being committed with impunity.

Why is no one questioning the puppets in the form of UN Secretary General and UNHRC Head.

The former UNSG Kofi Annan was received by ‘boos’ and ‘hooos’ by the Myanmar people. The UNSG Ban Ki Moon has gone out of line by comparing Sri Lanka to Rwanda and Srebrenica without being able to even produce 100 dead names in 7 years.

The UNHRC head has displayed his puppet role in his comments against Trump,  Farage and Wilders calling them ‘demogogues’ and comparing them to ISIS yet silent that the West created ISIS with help of West-friendly Islamic states. Connect the dots and see.


Report of the Special Study Group The Doolittle Committee Report to US President Eisenhower in 1954 concluded If the US is to survive,…………….. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated means than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.(Report of the Special Study Group – Doolittle Committee – on the Covert Activities of the Central Intelligence Agency, 30 September 1954

We can give some examples


  • In 1953 CIA and British intelligence overthrew Iranian President Mossadegh because he nationalized Iran’s oil. US replaced an elected leader with the Shah who returned oil to West.
  • In 1954 US overthrew Guatemala’s elected leader Jacobo Arbenz
  • In 1950s US wanted to prevent the election of Ho Chi Minh and carried out a bloody war resulting in 4million deaths destroying countries of Laos and Cambodia as well.
  • 1961 Congo’s elected leader Patrice Lumumba was killed
  • 1964 Brazils leader Joao Goulart was deposed with help of its military
  • 1965 Washington backed an armed coup in Indonesia killing 1m peasants and installing Suharto who invaded East Timor with US support and wiped out 30% of the Timorese population.
  • 1965 CIA assassinated dictator and American puppet Rafael Trujillo because he had gone out of line, placed Juan Bosch as President and ousted him 5 months later too and placed another puppet Balaguer through a fraudulent election with the help of 40,000 American soldiers (underlining that even puppets are eventually discarded – a thing that Asian puppet leaders should worry about)
  • 1973 US funded opposition in Venezuela as soon as Salvador Allende became President and with the help of the military overthrew Allende and placed Augusto Pinochet.
  • 1990-2004 US puppets Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier caused much hardships for the people of Haiti and Aristide came to power in 1990, 3 years later a coup organized by US left Aristide in exile.

William Blum gives a list of governments the US has overthrown.


In more recent news – Ukraine’s former security chief, Aleksandr Yakimenko, has reported that the coup-plotters who overthrew the elected government in Ukraine, “basically lived in the (U.S.) Embassy. Ukraine is said to be America’s 80th stint at overthrowing governments since 1953.

Therefore Philippine leader has every right to question America’s right to question human rights in other countries. His country is another US victim. US has been periodically deposing Philippine leaders and installing their men to head the country and these successes were even congratulated by the US government. Historian Stanley Karnow’s book In the Philippines, the CIA Has Found a Second Home” and says An American candidate for Philippine Presidency” which clearly indicates how local puppets are becoming willing guinea pigs for empire building and Philippine President Duertes is quite right to point fingers. You can bet that the heat will be turned on in Philippines and he would be targeted for removal sooner than later. We hope not but this is how the Western imperialists react when their crimes are brought into the open and questioned.

Volume after volume can be written on imperial expansionist projects being ironed out using the UN, foreign funded NGOs and their local lackey representatives and other puppets propped to national roles and paid to deliver the goods ignoring the fate that will befall their country and their people. More often than not these lackeys are induced with perks and privileges, promised a home abroad and to be looked after for forsaking their nation and with no conscience or feeling for anyone but themselves they are ever willing to sign on any dotted line that these imperialists put forward. Which is why we must applaud President Duertes for standing up as he has done even to the shock of the nation who has too longed become used to be being servants of the West and accepting all of the dump that the West dishes out to them.

We need more leaders who have spine and not leaders who will bend over backwards whenever foreign leaders with blood on their hands descend and preach to us about human rights.

As for Sri Lanka, Obama has admitted Libya was a ‘mistake’ and that there was no plan for Libya after they brought regime change. With the present chaos in Sri Lanka after regime change in 2015 we have to wonder whether there is no plan for Sri Lanka too or be more worried with Sri Lanka being turned into UN-monitored state as indications point with puppet leaders abdicating sovereign powers with every Bill being hurriedly passed.

It is a little too late for apologies.

Shenali D Waduge




9 Responses to “Well done Philippine President: Human Rights Imperialists HANDS OFF ASIA!”

  1. AnuD Says:

    If there is a war against China, if china has any war sensitive places such as communication and fuel in Sri lanka, those places will be attacked. They can land and be in Sri lanka, all MOUs are signed long ago.

    Sri lanka also can not play very much. Everybody have to be patient and very tactful. Because our own will be agents.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    When will we get a leader who can speak like this, specially to INDIA who planted LTTE terrorist to kill us ? We should reject all politicians who have no guts to talk against India, USA, Briton et al.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    only RP chased away the Brits… but for not long.

    MR did not give in to the pressure from the West to stop the war.. who knows.. it could be the backing of India to do that to get rid of Velu. India used him and then later taken its natural stand and got to the side of the West to hit back at MR.

    Gonseka can talk like this but no substance… He doesn’t know what he is talking about

    Only Gota can do something llike this… but he need the support of the people. If he is elected as the President of the country, he will definitely do it. He will dissolve the PC’s as well. He is a fearless worrier with a smart brain and work ethics.

    But does the president has those powers anymore?? I don’t think so…

    Other than Gota, I don’t see anyone who could do it..

    Sarath weekrasekara will do it for Mother Lanka. He will do anything to protect Mother Lanka…But coming to the top position is hard for him. Long way to go…But Gota is already in the top of the hearts of patriots of SL…

    Hope he will make the move!!!

  4. plumblossom Says:

    In Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Tamils were not only provided fully language, religious and cultural rights as per the UN charter let alone citizenship, but going beyond the UN charter provided them political rights too (which is at the discretion of the country’s government only as per the UN charter, which means a government does not necessarily have to provide any political rights to a minority, especially not an immigrant minority). The Sri Lankan Tamils have provincial councils with all reasonable powers.

    What did these Sri Lankan Tamils, the TNA separatist terrorists and the LTTE do in return? Ethnic cleanse the entire North of Sinhala and Muslim people, deny the indigenous Sinhala people even the right to live in the North or even in the East and commenced a conventional war where even Sinhala villagers in their villagers were massacred.

    What in return did the US, UK, EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India the US imperialists do? Supported the brutal terrorist group the LTTE and they are now busy trying the create Eelam or a separate state. This is a good lesson for Sri Lanka. We have gone out of our way to be just and fair by the Sri Lankan Tamils and look at what we have got in return, our country will soon even be partitioned as per the US imperialists demands. The only way out is to refuse to carry out the US resolution and tell the US imperialists to leave Sri Lanka alone and to get out of Sri Lanka for good once and for all and to leave us alone.

  5. Kumari Says:

    Thanks for publishing this article. I love this man. I’m sure CIA must be planning to execute him now. At least he has given his message out and thanks to electronic media the American press cannot misinterpret the message.

    Shameless and stupid, two faced Indians are doing the bidding for Americans.

    It is only Gota who can save us now.

    By the way what has happened to Pacha Ranawake. Has he got the flesh eating disease?

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    At last we have an Asian who can ‘plain speak’ and call ‘a spade a spade’. As for Modi what can you expect from a former ‘tea boy’. He shivers before his white masters. As for Sri Lanka Gota is the only hope.

    Just like President Duertes, a Sri Lankan President must be in a position to speak up for Sri Lanka. To expect this from Aappaya who was wetting his sarong before Cameron ( that is why he was raising with his arms). Mahinda Rajapakse too finally fell into India’s machinations by Armed Forces reductions and in his failure to consolidate the war gains. No other country in history has given up their war gains like Sri Lanka!

    Immediately after the war he should have abrogated the accursed 13th Amendment showing its wide ranging impracticalities as well as security concerns for a country that has just emerged from a 30 year terrorist war largely funded and directed by India and her handlers in the Christian West. Unfortunately that was not to be.

    Gota is our only hope. Sri Lanka should canvass support internationally for our position vis a vis the Eelamist Project to dismember and ruin Sri Lanka.

  7. Christie Says:

    Philippines President has raised issues about Human Rights. He stood up for his country and people. Obama use by date is closer.
    So there is no use in talking about the West. Forget about the West.

    Our problem is Indian Empire, Indian Colonial Parasites and Indian vermin. Where ever they are they will attack us as we saw in Malaysia recently.

    Ban Ki Moon is another Indian puppet because his son in law is and Indian. An Indian will only marry an outsider only there is a lot to gain. Ban Ki Moon reads more than what is in his Script. He has to talk about genocide of Tamils when there are more than 80 million of them world wide.

    He is I am sure is on Indian payroll and he will retire with a lot of money from the Indian Empire.

    He does not see or hear the Indian butchering of innocent cilillians in Kashmir.

  8. vyasan Says:

    I wish all the leaders of Asia have got the guts to stand firmly and “call a spade a spade”, our former president had that sort of guts, and now…?

    Look at Modi of India, he has almost surrendered to the dictates of the U.S., the country that refused to admit him into the U.S. when he was chief minister of Gujarat. Pakistan, we don’t have to speak about them, full of corrupt political leaders. and China is the only hope in Asia besides Russia.

  9. Nimal Says:

    Right thinking people especially in the none white world and communities must celebrate Obama becoming the most powerful politician in the world,the US president.
    We had high hopes of the new president of the Philippines but he had proved many times to be an ignorant lose cannon with his big mouth. Soon the people will be disillusioned with him.My Philippine friend who was married to friend(burgher)n from Australia who was here for the perahara once praised him but disillusioned with him.
    Soon he will follow the other third world leaders by doing deals with the Chinese and earning commissions which he can’t do with the yanks,though much of the incomes to that country is from US,remitted by several expatriates living in US.
    This is the tragedy for the third world.
    Obama did not have a clear run as a president with the hostile two houses constantly opposing him.His first term was the continuation of the horrible Bush era where that Clinton woman did all the bad to get rid of Qaddafi and decimate Libya.It was a one man show for Obama with limited clout.
    In spite of being a lame duck he did very little damage to places like Syrya and elsewhere where the momentum created by the previous regime still rolled on.After his departure world be a worse place and I pity the Palestinians who may have more occupations unless Russia step in.
    Therefore we must celebrate that he achieved the highest position in the world as a minority and will retire to a honest pension.

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