Posted on September 20th, 2016

The Global Sri Lanka Forum

The Global Sri Lanka Forum held its inaugural general meeting in Bologna, Italy on the 10the September successfully with the participation of representatives from several countries; United Arab Emirates, Australia, France, Switzerland, Israel, Monaco, Sri Lanka and with more than 50 participants from different regions in Italy. The organizational structure was established with five Co- Presidents and number of Co-Vice Presidents representing different countries. The Secretariat was set up with three Co-Secretaries and two Co -Treasurers, a Media Co-ordinator too were elected. In addition, a Co-ordinator for Sri Lanka and a Project Co-ordinator with number of Committee Members were also appointed.

The elected presidentss are Mr. Wasantha Keerthirathna (Italy), Harsha Perera (Australia), Sunil Chandrakumara (United Arab Emirates), Eric Mawita (Switzerland), and Janath Wimala (Israel).

The appointed Secretaries are Yasas Dhamadasa, Shantha Vitharana, Nihal Mendis

Treasuries are Tilak Disanayake, Sampath Upul

The media Co-ordinator is Ranjith Soysa and Nuwan Ballantuduwa appointed as Co-ordinator for Sri Lanka while Ajantha Premarathna was appointed as Project Co-ordinator.

The future plan of operation and allied matters were discussed in detail on this day with lively exchange of views from 8 hours long marathon conference.

The following important BOLOGNA RESOLUTION” was unanimously adopted at the conclusion of the meeting;

  1. GSLF requests all the expatriate patriotic Sri Lankans to join hands with GSLF and to work unitedly to protect the sovereignty and the unitary SRI LANKA, at present facing the threats from the foreign interventionists and racist extremists.
  2. GSLF resolves to take all measures required to uphold the objectives of the great victory achieved by the Sri Lankan people and her defense forces by defeating the LTTE Tamil terrorists and do all that is necessary to protect and help the members of the defense forces from the illegal and arbitrary measures that are being planned by domestic and international forces with the hidden agendas.
  3. GSLF requests all the patriotic political leaders and the political parties in Sri Lanka to consider carefully the unenviable challenges facing Sri Lanka both domestically and internationally and to forego the personal benefits and to work towards the national reawakening.
  4. GSLF will take all measures to protect and uphold the 2600 years of cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and work towards the advancement of Sri Lankan people

    The day’s activity included two comprehensive presentations made by Dr Wasantha Bandara and Rear Admiral (retd) Dr Sarath Weerasekera on the subject of RAW Organization and Future of Sri Lanka”, and, The New Constitution and National Security” respectively. These presentations were repeated at a public meeting held in Milan on 11th September 2016.


  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks and best wishes for the people involved and actions.

    We should unite and tell the world about the Indian imperialism and stand up to them.

  2. Sarath W Says:

    Thank you all the patriotic, courageous and loyal Sri Lankans for forming the Global Sri Lanka Forum at a time the country is in danger of loosing it’s unitary status. As an expat living in Australia, Lanka Web is the only on line forum I can depend on to get the news of what really goes on in Sri Lanka. I hope GSLF will help expats living all over the world express their solidarity with the patriotic Sri Lankans to stand up to this puppet government.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Excellent move. Best wishes.

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Great move. This is what we have been waiting for. We appreciate the courage and dedication of these active members and all patriotic Sons and Daughters of Mother Lanka will back you with every possible way.

    Please keep all the patriots in the loop to share the actions you have taken to protect Mother Lanka and we are here to contribute to that cause by any means.

  5. Asanga Says:

    Thank you for this excellent action!! Please let us expats know how to participate through our individual country of residence.

    I am not sure if it’s premature to ask for a presence on the web through social media or blog, but this might be essential in the long run.

    As is common with an organisation where a large amount of people gather, it might be very important to remember and note that conflicts of ideas are bound to happen.

    It is essential that the main committee members expect this (especially among themselves) and take all steps necessary to resolve all conflicts to avoid dissension and to work towards the common goal of benefit for our motherland.

  6. Asanga Says:

    …I should have checked before I wrote…..they are already on Facebook!

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