LTTE and their own agenda
Posted on January 6th, 2017

Kanthar Balanathan

Please read the contents of this essay, which gives a sequential list of how SL wasted public funds in the name of peace talks. All of them failed. Government of SL should have taken appropriate steps to either get through an appropriate constitution or shut up and tell the Tamils to put up with the existing constitution. The pejorative part of the political separatist party, Federal Party is to instigate some a Valvettiturai goons; Thangathurai and Kuttimani to take up arms and shoot the army cadre and rob banks. This was done through a Federal Party supporter named Gnanamoorthy. The two goons are smugglers and the question is; how much do they know about a country, microeconomics / macroeconomics, constitution, industrial growth etc. The two are either sixth standard / eighth standard fighters who did smuggling. To be a smuggler, someone has to be a fighter and a runner, because they go to India and are exposed to threats of fight and murder. Then came Prabakaran who is the son of Vellupillai who is the brother of Gnanamoorthy. Prabakaran is only an eighth standard educated guy. The question is what knowledge does Prabakaran has in politics and economy etc. The only act he knew in the 70s is to kill people. Somehow he managed to widen his empire by bluffing the Diaspora that he is a fighter and can deliver Tamil Eelam. What Prabakaran did not know is that the Tamil Diaspora is using him as a scapegoat for their purpose, which really is the west was using the Diaspora to use Prabakaran. This is where the writer considers Prabakaran as a fool. If you study the number of hours, travel and time wasted on peace talks; it’s horrific. The public funds wasted is the people’s money. I.e. SriLankan people’s money. While people were starving of hunger the government was having peace talks with terrorists overseas. Just let us think of the places visited for the talks.

Did Prabakaran agree to any of these programme OR plan? NO!

Why? Because Prabakaran depended on Diaspora for funds. The Diaspora was dictating to Prabakaran, to agree or disagree on what they want.

The important question here is who are the people who agreed to dance with FP, LTTE and the Lot? SWRD, SB, DS, RP, CB, RW and the whole lot of politicians in SL. Why was that? Because they were told by the west to do so.

During talks somehow LTTE and the rest of the terrorist groups organised to train their cadre in Palestine, Ireland, Cuba, India, etc. Did not SL know about this?

Fundamentally V Prabakaran was a fool who did not know the fundamentals of politics and economics, however, he was manipulated by the FP and the Diaspora.

In September 1986, the Nonaligned Movement (NAM) was convened in Zimbabwe, and the Chairman of NAM was Hon Late Rajiv Ghandi, who was handing over the leadership to Robert Mugabe. This is the time something happened. Rajiv Ghandi (RG) decided to drive all terrorist groups out of India, which will then make them agree to a peaceful settlement. RG came over the Zimbabwe TV, and made a statement. RG on return did clear the terrorists out of India. The Choolaimedau shoot out was a driver which created chaos among the Tamil Nadu people and may be, that was used to chase all groups out of India. After that RG moved with a solution. However, Prabakaran did not agree. Prabakaran was told by the Diaspora not to accept. Prabakaran depended on the Diaspora for funds. May be RG knew that number of talks previously held was a wastage of time and money. India and RG would have driven LTTE to ground, however, it is the SriLankan government which did not want LTTE to be wiped out. Premadasa gave arms to LTTE to fight the Indian forces. The whole thing makes us to believe that the SriLankan government was weak in her politics and depended on the wests dictation only.

Rajiv Ghandi was not in favour of Tamil Eelam, but a simple solution within unitary SL, however, the west wanted TE. Did the west not want Rajiv implementing his own agenda?

Why was RG assassinated? Is it because RG implemented his own agenda and not the West’s agenda? Million dollar question????

Finally we have to blame the SriLankan government for being so weak in her policies and acts.

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  1. Christie Says:

    හින්දු අන්තවාදීන් (ඉන්දියානු අදිරදවාදීන්) ගෙරිමස් කන පර කතෝලික ගහැනියක ගත් රජිව් උන්ගේ මරුවා ලවා මරා දමන ලදී.

    One rupee answer is simple.

    A man who eat beef and have sex with a foreign Catholic woman is not a fit an proper person to head the Hindu Indian Empire. He was blown off by the one of the terrorist arms of the Indian Empire

  2. Dilrook Says:

    @Kanthar, India has always been and will always be Sri Lanka’s perennial enemy. RG wanted LTTE to survive and deliberately didn’t authorise large military operations against the LTTE. It was a sham operation. Although the act of providing weapons to the LTTE is wrong, it was done for a worthy cause. IPKF left behind a group called TNA (Tamil National Army). It had to be exterminated. Government sought LTTE assistance to do it and the LTTE did well. All weapons given to the LTTE were weapons obtained from the TNA. This was how India created the LTTE in 1970s.

    RG couldn’t impose Tamil Eelam as that would have left him with nothing given the massive disapproval of it. He instead created a platform (13A) that is the launchpad for Tamil Eelam and Greater Eelam.

    In 1987 the West was unwilling to intervene in Sri Lanka after repeated defeats in 1970s and early 1980s. Despite massive western support including nuclear weapons, India could not be stopped in Bangladesh and Pakistan because it was backed by the Soviet Union. However all Sri Lanka’s military suppliers then were pro-US countries. The pro-Indian camp refused to help us.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with Dilrook.

    India, which initiated Tamil Terrorism and created the LTTE, and imposed itself by force of arms threatening a full scale invasion of Sri Lanka, had to be countered but could not be confronted directly.

    It was a STROKE OF GENIUS to devise the strategy of getting India’s own creation, Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka, to EJECT India from Sri Lanka, teaching them the lesson that even the local super power cannot prevail in Sri Lanka (contrary to India’s success in East Pakistan/Bangladesh where the majority population was opposed to Pakistan). In effect, holding a very weak hand, Premadasa HOISTED India on its own petard, by making the presence if the IPKF in Sri Lanka too intolerable and costly for Sri Lanka.

    We Sinhalese held a very weak hand, and Premadasa played it beautifully.

    We did not ask India to train and inflict Tamil terrorists on us, we did not ask them to intervene to save the Tamil terrorists when they were on the verge of being wiped out, we did not ask India to invade our country, we did not ask them to create a Tamil National Army, we dI’d not ask thme to impose a 13th Amend mentioned to permanently emed their 5th column in our country and weaken its governance sEttington in motion a cintoned separtition sturggle … but they did it anyway.

    Therefore, India was an enemy that engineered ALL of our separatist threats, and we do not owe India anything, except continued suspicion and wariness that should be the response of every innocent victim towards an agreed or.

    So, we did what we could do EJECT THEM from out country. We asked them to disarm the Tamil insurgents, and made sure they would not be able to do so by arming them ourselves, until they could take it no more, declared the problem solved and backed out of Sri Lanka, vowing never to make the same mistake again. That was just the lesson we wanted to teach India, and it was well taught.

    NOW, we have to COMPLETE THE JOB of putting our house in order and securing it against foreign meddling.

    We have to RESTORE a PATRIOTIC Govt to Sri Lanka, REPEALING the Indian imposed 13th Amendment, DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils and restoring a centralization government WITHOUT ANY SUB-NATIONAL LOCAL GOVERNMENTS of any kind. Every representation offered to minorities must only be at the National Level, perhaps with the additional creation of a Senate with 2 Senators per District to give a measure of additional representation to the minorities.

    The National Government should be strengthened further with a powerful EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY, a Vice President who presides over the Senate, and ABOLISHING the post of Prime Minister completely, retaining the position of Speaker of the Parliament and reducing the Prime Minister to the role of the Majority leader, parallel to the Minority leader of Parliament.

    With a Cabinet reporting to the EXECUTIVE President, a DISTRICT SYSTEM of regional administration staffed by APPOINTED employees of the National Government including APPOINTED DISTRICT GOVERNORS, the Parliament responsible for initiating Laws and funding Bills which must be approved by the Senate, and an independent Supreme Court to interpret the Constitionality of Laws, there would be sufficient balance bof power between the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE and JUDICIAL branches of government, but mandatory at the National level. There being no Sub-National entities with local government power in our small country that does not need further political divisions, the threat of SECESSION would be completed ERASED and NO FOREIGN COUNTRY would be able to EXPLOIT local regional divisions and power bases.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I meant to say…

    “by making the presence of the IPKF in Sri Lanka too intolerable and costly for INDIA”

  5. vyasan Says:

    I have to mention what I have observed in Sri Lankan politics for the past 45 years or so. During the early sixties, Mrs. Bandaranayake, though was a friend of the Nehru dynasty, was close to China because of the leftist parties aligned with SLFP at that time. India, of course, was concerned about that. Later in the late seventies, JR was more comfortable with the West, especially the U.S. ignoring India and China even though those countries are located in the same region. India was obviously irritated about this fact. It was after the birth of Bangala Desh, and Indra Ghandi was a bit over confident of herself of creating turmoils in South Asia in favour of the interest of India. Thus she helped create the Tamil militant groups through RAW, using first the dare devils, the smuggling community of Valvettithurai, by arming, training and nurturing them to fight against the SL government hoping that SL would eventually depend on India for everything including eradicating the Tamil militancy as India did before to the Sinhalese militancy i.e. the JVP. But, alas, the West moved smartly, by manipulating the LTTE, through the self-appointed theoretician Balasingam. (remember Balasingam was employed by the British council before he moved to the U.K.) Every one knows that the rupees, (whether Indian or Sri Lankan) cannot compete with the British pounds and US dollars, and thus the power hungry Prabaharan was easily sold for the powerful currency, as any movements depend on money power and through which to get the arms power. Remember the LTTE afterwards started to eliminate any one, moderate politicians or militant groups, who were associated with or assisted by India. Therefore, India (Indra) might have helped to create the Tamil militancy, but those groups or men in favour of (or considered to be) India or Indian interests were soon wiped out by the LTTE. (Amirthalingam, TELO and EPRLF). ( One more thing to learn from the Indian interference in Sri Lanka, was that Indra helped create the Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka, and her son became the victim of the same militancy! while she earlier was killed by the Akhali Dal, another militancy she helped create in Punjab for her own political interests there!) Thus from the mid-1980’s the show was carried out by the LTTE manipulated by the West for their own interests. I believe the ultimate goal of the West was, by creating a separate nation within the small island nation of Sri Lanka, to dismantle the union of India into small nations (at least it could be 10 according to their calculations) and weaken (one of the) South Asian power economically and politically. If Sri Lanka had been divided into two smaller nations on ethnic basis, that would have surely been an inspiration for the many ethnic, language groups in India, at least on the(so called) ethnic basis of Dravidian and Aryan to seek separation from the Union. Another factor was the arms manufacturers and their agents who are based in the West and manipulate the politicians through their money power.

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