We are a lying nation
Posted on January 7th, 2017

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

Srilankans are quite used to lies specially from the politicians. We keep hearing their lies year in year out, and we jolly well know they are liars, but still go on believing them, supporting them and voting for them. Of recent times  Srilankans  have become very much aware of the lies and have come to recognize them for what they are.

The politicians lie every time they want the votes, and then promptly forget them when they come into power. Not keeping the promises is just another form of lying. A person no less than a Buddhist monk lies that he never ever kindled hatred against the Muslims, nor ever spoke against the Muslims nor did any harm to the Muslims nor damaged a single one of  their mosques, not only the Muslims even the Buddhists recognized it for what they are. His friend Dilantha added fuel and surprised the nation by lying without blinking an eyelid and sang the same tune.

But Actually the heart of the people  broke when the so called Dream President, who rode the wave of popularity to come to power, not by charisma, nor by his political history – hardly anyone knew him – but by his sincere” speeches to clean up the nation of corruption, hatred and all evil and to punish all those who robbed the nation. People thought, at last, we have a true leader here, very sincere, very passionate about what he was dreaming of –a real selfless, simple and trustworthy leader. Never had the hopes of the citizens raised so much specially after the experience with successive previous leaders.

But what a huge lie it turned out to be! A small cabinet it was to be, but it kept growing and growing, shamelessly adding another one at the drop of a hat without an excuse, without batting an eye. What he scoffed at regarding his rival, he went on doing exactly the same with impunity.  All the corrupt politicians were to be punished, that’s what his election promise was,  but all were accommodated into his cabinet; none, none what so ever has been punished  up to today, two years into the so called Yahapalanaya. Politicians will be treated as servants of people, he waxed eloquent,  but the parliamentarians keep getting new perks, car permits and unwarranted salary rises, the President pretends  deaf and dumb.

Hate speech brought down the previous regime, we will not allow hate speech ever again”, thundered the presidential candidate, and today, the very person whom the whole nation rose up against as the Master of hate speech, keeps talking, instigating even the youngsters to emulate him, but nary a word against him, leave alone punishment, in spite of hundreds of police complaints; rather, the President he himself even takes his advice  on his decisions! Surprise, surprise! All will be treated equal, solemnly promised the President of the people, but today we see the step motherly treatment to the displaced  Muslims with scant respect for truth.

There is a rule of nature – as long as a Leader does good, the Providence will keep giving them higher power and keep him safe and sound. But when lying, cheating, breaking promises and being power drunk, the fall comes in most unexpected ways, and what a fall it will be! We saw this very clearly in our own history repeatedly, but then everyone when  in power,  hope that it will not happen to them.

If only President Maithripala Sirisena has kept his promises, what a heaven this blessed island would have been! What dreams, what expectations, what hopes we all had!

But then as Alexander Pope said,  Hope springs eternal in human breast, Man is always to be blessed, but never is!”

How sad!


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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,

23A, Auburn side, Dehiwela

9 Responses to “We are a lying nation”

  1. Christie Says:

    Dear Dr Mareena;

    All these lies are manufactured by India and Indian colonial parasites. These so called leaders are only puppets of the Indian Empire.

    As soon as a puppet changes its actions the Indian Empire put in place a new puppet.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    ELECT a backstabber, and expect him to keep his promises?

    Isn’t backstabbing itself the treacherous breaking of ones word?

    So, why should we expect him to behave differently when he has acquired power he never had before?


  3. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I should correct your wording Mareena

    Actually the heart of the people broke when the puppet President, who rode the wave of support instigated by Western and Indian parasites to come to power, not by charisma, nor by his political history – hardly anyone knew him – but by his “cunning” speeches and his hatred and all evil intentions against the majority as if he is going to clean up the nation .

  4. S.Gonsal Says:

    ඔබේ රට ඔය සෞදි දේශෙයි හරි භයංකාරයි
    මගේ රට සිරි ලංකදීපෙයි මම හරිම ආසයි

    Mareena Mareena
    Mareena Mareena

    අන් දරේලා කිරුලු පලඳා වඳියි රජ කුමරූ
    චන් දරේලා පගා අරගෙන කවයි වස​ නපුරූ

    Mareena Mareena
    Mareena Mareena

    දේසපාලුවො බොරුව කීවත් අපි එයින් නොසැලී
    ඇත්ත ජයගෙන හෙට දිනන තෙක් කියන් මැසිවිලි ගී

    Mareena Mareena
    Mareena Mareena

  5. Nihal Perera Says:


    Our leaders and their cunning behaviour reflect the characteristics of our own culture.

    Unfortunately, Sri Lankans are a lying bunch. It’s so ingrained in our culture that majority of Sri Lankans don’t seem to have a problem of lying to each other all the time. Our leaders are notorious for lying to the nation. Our doctors lie to their patients, business owners lie to their customers, parents lie to each other, and to their children. Children learn from the parents and the adults, and it becomes a perpetual cycle that goes on and on. This is a decease all our citizens seem affected by, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or social status. Every time I visit Sri Lanka, I am amazed at how professional many of our people have become at lying..!

    As a nation, we have not been very honest with each other, especially when it comes to politics, finances, health, religion, or any other social issues. Even the religious leaders (especially those head priests of the Asgiriya-Malwattha), have been lying to their followers frequently in the past, and continue to do so.

    Perhaps, this is a decease common to South-Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., where leaders and citizens lie to each other all the time. On the other hand, countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China, seem much more honest and respectful of each other.

    The unfortunate part is, as long as this perpetual culture of lying, deceiving and dishonesty of our leaders and their supporters continue, our country and its people will never reach the social, economic, and financial advancements that other nations like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and China, have achieved.

  6. S.Gonsal Says:

    අපේ ආදරෙ අහු උනෝතින් සෞදි පාලකයින්
    අපට වෙනදේ ඔයා දන්නව නේද මට වැඩියෙන්

    මගේ පස්සට කස පහර දී බොරුව රජවෙද්දී
    ඔබේ ලස්සන හිස ගසා දා රජා සැන සෙද්දී
    මගේ ලක්බිමෙ බොරුකලත් මුං මෙවැනි දේ නැත්තේ
    ඔබට බැරිනම් මම යනව යලි අපේ ගම පැත්තේ

    මගෙ වීස අවසාන වෙලා
    මට ඔබහැර යන්න වෙලා

    Mareena Mareena
    Mareena Mareena

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Gon Kalawedda (Gon Gonsal),

    Than Mareena passe andagena yanawa neda?

    Mokoda, wena Deshadrohikam hoyagannata bariwunada?

    Ko thamusegey devatava Katussa (Lorenzo)?

    Kovil Management PhD-eka hirawelada?

    Kalaweddas will always be Kalaweddas!

  8. Piyadigama Says:

    So who lied Mareena?

    UNP general secretary Kabir Hashim, Rauf Hakim, Rishard Bathurdeen (all Muslims).
    UNP leader Ranil, John Amaratunga, Ravi K (all Christians)
    Vijayakala, Sampanthan (all Hindus)

    We all know these liars came to power from these communities’ votes. Am I wrong? So who are the liars?

  9. Cerberus Says:

    Ranil and the Yahapalana bandwagon after doing virtually nothing for two years has finally done something which was made to be a huge project. It turns out to be a smoke and mirrors type of sleight of hand operation. The BOI made it appear that they were doing a major Volkswagen factory and what they ended up doing was to get a local businessman some land from a prime coconut estate in the Kurunegala electorate, on which he is to set up a vehicle assembly plant. This is like the one done earlier by Fernandopulle to import used cars as parts and assemble and sell them locally to prevent taxes going to GoSL. The businessman supposedly benefited by getting prime land free or at little cost and then assembling cars and selling with no taxes to GoSL. The is probably worth more than what he invested.

    Everything this Yahapalanaya has done is a racket. Starting with the Ranil/Arjuna Bond Scam which is still not resolved, to this current fiasco. They seem unable to work straight. With people who seem to be hell-bent on filling their pockets only with no loyalty to either Buddhist teachings, the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka what can you expect?

    My3 is a puppet going round opening buildings started by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and doing the bidding of the local puppet master RW. Can someone please tell me what RW achieved in a lifetime of politics in Sri Lanka? He and the then UNP only helped to kill innocent Sinhala youth during the 1988 riots when the JVP wanted the 13A removed. Instead of talking to them he set up the Batalanda torture chamber where he is supposed to have presided over torture and killing.

    RW has been a blot on the Sri Lanka political landscape for decades now. All the great UNPers such as Lalith, Gamini, Premadasa were killed by LTTE while this guy is still around. RW had made a statement that the Hambantota port was making a loss and only after the UNP came in that they will start making a profit. This is utter bull s..t since it was making a lot of money earlier by bunkering of Chinese and other ships going to Africa and the Middle East. After the UNP came they stopped everything associated with the Chinese and turned to the West licking their backsides in a pathetic display of abject desperation to get money and more political power. Nothing manifested other than platitudes and pats on the back and handshakes with ungloved hands and some small funds from the US.

    After wasting two years now they have turned back to the Chinese and are trying to restart the projects that President Mahinda Rajapaksa initiated. MR was doing it the correct way without selling the country to foreigners. As Wimal has said the “Wikunanasinghe” has started selling all the profit making GoSL institutions, prime tea estates, coconut estates, and even our people. He is is a man with no ideas or vision and can only act according to the script from his handlers. What a fiasco Sri Lanka is undergoing. We have the disloyal Tamils trying to create Dravidasthan for the Untouchable Tamils in Tamil Nadu to pour into Lanka, and we have the Western back licking Colombians who are more Westernized than the Westerners themselves. The West is corrupt and the societies are crashing. In the USA there is so much gun violence that the only advice the new President-Elect could give Americans to counter gun violence is for everyone to carry a gun like in the old wild west. Is this the model Sri Lanka is trying to emulate?​In the USA heroin addiction is now reaching epidemic proportions. ​

    After the unjust bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan by the Western countries​,​ in their frustration the Muslim radicals have formed and are hell-bent on revenge for all the millions killed in the Middle east. I think this is going to end in World War III which will kill everyone if global climate anomalies do not kill them first. As educated human beings do we have to live like this spouting only lies for short term benefits all the time. Personally, I would prefer to beg on the street instead of lying to the people and ones own self.

    We have to ask ourselves where we are headed if all these falsehoods are not going to end. Even Economics must be based on truth and reality, as people must too. The Buddha said that ‘Right Livelihood’ (the Noble Eightfold Path), brings happiness.

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