(Part 2) -The Criminal Junta Threatens the World with Annihilation Flexing its ‘Full- Spectrum Dominance’ Weather Bomb   
Posted on January 17th, 2017

By Gandara John

While the world was riveted to the newscasts of bombings and carnage perpetrated by Obama’s USIS terrorists, going almost unreported was the rash of major earthquakes, wobbling our Planet, which followed the New Zealand earthquake.

On 13 Nov 2016 a massive earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit New Zealand, virtually flattening regions of Christchurch.

John Key the New Zealand PM was aghast; ‘The Earthquake, he wailed, was a man-made catastrophe and not a natural disaster’. This was in sharp contrast to what people around the world had imagined.

Key’s candour cost him his job.

In the span of about five weeks that followed New Zealand’s man-made Earthquake, there have been over 25 Major Earthquakes, the last one, as at the time of writing, being in Fiji.

The New Zealand Earthquake came barely two days after Kerry’s clandestine visit to the ‘Raytheon Base’ in the South Pole; this base is the site where the ‘Weather Bomb’, the ultimate ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ of the Neoliberals, is being secretly developed against all International Convention, under the US military programme HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme).

Notorious for its criminality for more reasons than one Raytheon, which uses depleted uranium in its Patriot and other missiles, had been previously involved in an equally dubious Project, the Manhattan project of the 1940s; Vannevar Bush, a co- founder of Raytheon, was the architect of the criminal nuclear bomb which was calculatedly dropped on unsuspecting civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Americans stand accused of war crimes and the genocidal slaughter of the Japanese. In this incident alone over 300000 men, women and children had their lives snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

If the Nuclear bomb was the creation of the devil, the ‘Weather’ bomb is the heinous creation of the arch devil.

The macabre concept of a weather bomb that remained only as an abstraction in evil minds nearly 70 years ago is today a reality. The Neoliberals have spent much time and money to secretly develop the bomb that is designed to fast forward the US military goal of achieving ‘full spectrum dominance of the world’.

Raytheon acquired the technology to manufacture the apocalyptic bomb when it paid $2.3 billion in 1995 to buy up E systems Inc.

E System Inc, synonymous with the CIA, had previously bought up the patent rights to the ‘Weather’ bomb technology.

Declassified US documents reveal that experiments, classified ‘Top – Secret’, were conducted over 50 years ago off the coast of Auckland to perfect a ‘Tidal Wave’ bomb; that bomb project was code named ‘Project Seal’.

The ‘Weather’ Bomb, whilst retaining the original concept of using a ‘Tsunami’ type wave as a weapon of war, has gone beyond that descriptive term and broadened its destructive capability to include other elements of nature.

The bomb incorporated the military concept of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, defined in US Army Field Manual (FM) 3-0, (Operations).

In the year 2000, the Pentagon too ‘borrowed’ this same military concept (Full Spectrum Dominance) when making its vision statement for the United States; this vision statement ‘flag posted’ the year 2020 as being the year by when the US should achieve ‘Full Spectrum Dominance of the world’.

That vision statement for the US is spelt out in the policy document signed by the then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Henry Shelton; this policy objective for 2020 was reconfirmed in 2010.

‘Full spectrum dominance’ is an Army operational concept relating to battles conducted on land; it relates to a military unit’s ability of controlling all dimensions of that unit’s battle space.

Those dimensions of battle space, as per US Military doctrine, include terrestrial, extra terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, psychological, biotechnological, cyber technological, electromagnetic and information space.

The ‘History Channel’ documentary on HAARP describes, as highlighted by researcher Burke, the monstrosity of the electromagnetic weapon being developed: The weapon packs an invisible wallop, hundreds of times more powerful than the electrical current in a lightening bolt; it could be used to, blast enemy missiles out of the sky, blind soldiers on the battlefield, control crowds by burning the surface of their skin and (detonated over a large city) destroy all electronics in a wink”.

That documentary went on to describe the wide spectrum of cataclysm that Neoliberal research had been able to achieve with the use of the electromagnetic weapon.

Simplistically put the ‘Weather’ bomb works on the principle of firing accurately, pulsed energy beams into selected areas of the ionosphere in order to heat those (selected) areas; these heated areas of the ionosphere would then reflect and bounce back the heat, now magnified to the intense proportions required, to corresponding pre-selected locations on the Earth .

With this selected manipulation and heating of the Earth’s ionosphere, the Neoliberals are now in a position to create (and prolong) droughts, rains, floods, storms, hurricanes, snow, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like in geographical locations of their choice.

The spectrum of dominating the world, with this Frankenstein bomb, has widened to mind boggling proportions; the Weather bomb could effectively facilitate, starvation and extermination of populations, making readily available unwilling human guinea pigs, collapse of economies, pursuit of Nazi style eugenic pogroms, colonisation of States, plunder of resources of sovereign States, creation of Sovereign debt and the creation of a ‘slave’ class.

This ‘Weather’ weapon also gives the Neoliberals the wherewithal of negating their enemy’s military capability and this includes the ability of breaking radio lines of communication (in equipment installed on spaceships and rockets), provoking serious accidents in electricity networks and oil and gas pipeline structures, impacting negatively the mental health of people populating entire regions of the Earth.

As Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter put it, the Neoliberals have officially put their cards on the table; their declared policy is, the full spectrum dominance of the world.

The pithy caption of the book by William Engdahl, the German geo – political researcher captures the enormity of the situation, Full spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order,”

The rash of earthquakes bespoke of sinister Tsunami threats to India, Japan, China and Sri Lanka too amongst others.

Professor Chossudovsky alludes to with credible arguments, to ‘the droughts and floods experienced by many countries, with notable reference to Sri Lanka; these droughts and other extremes of weather Chossudovsky asserts, are being created by HAARP for geo political reasons’.

On 01 Dec 16, following the disruption to a vital data signal, the Russians lost their ‘Progress’ spaceship carrying nearly three tons of supplies  to the International Space Station; most of the debris of the spaceship burnt up in the Earth’s dense atmosphere.

Investigations on the disaster are continuing. In the meantime Vladimir Evdokimov top honcho of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos is being called to explain $3 million he cannot account for.

Britain too stands warned. Scientist Simon Day has informed the country to prepare itself for 3 metre high Tsunami waves, originating from the unstable Canary Island, that could travel several miles inland and wipe out entire British towns.

In Japan on 22 Nov 16, a 2011 Fukushima type disaster was averted when a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, triggered a Tsunami; plant engineers, unlike in 2011, were able to restore the cooling system of the reactors which had shut down.

The EU has expressed deep concern over the HAARP programme and it’s far reaching global impact; the EU passed a resolution calling for the halt of the programme until an independent international body could assess the legal, ecological and ethical implications of the programme.

The Neoliberals in the US thumbed their noses at the EU proposal and chose to ignore repeated requests to suspend the programme.

In their quest to achieve full spectrum dominance of the world, the Neoliberals developed the apocalyptic bomb.

In heating the ionosphere repeatedly, to fine tune the weather bomb, the HAARP programme is toasting the Earth, raising the temperature to dangerous levels; scientists have warned that unless these madmen are stopped immediately, a point of no return would soon be reached.

To retain the secrecy of the HAARP program and to retain the surprise element of their secret weapon, the Neoliberals invented the ‘CO2 Conspiracy Theory’.

The conspiracy theory of the Neoliberals, that global warming is due to the emission of man made CO2, was from the start, a part of the Pentagon psyops campaign.

The Neoliberals spread the lie that the increasing level of CO2 in the atmosphere was the cause of global warming. This hoax provided a red herring to distract attention from the real culprit, ‘Raytheon’s Apocalyptic Bomb’.

The recent rash of Earthquakes (and threats of Tsunamis) conveyed a message from the Neoliberals to the world; it was loud and clear.  Trump may have won political office in the US but we Neoliberals control foreign governments, US bureaucracy, military technology and the Agencies. Any country thinking otherwise and acting against us neoliberals will do so at its peril. Note, we are in control of the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. We have the power to obliterate you from the face of the Earth.”

This Neoliberal arrogance may have prompted the Neoliberal ambassador in this country to irresponsibly assert what he said in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s victory that there would be no change in his country’s foreign policy.

If Trump heard it, he would perhaps have immediately fired this pathetic ‘Apprentice’ in the diplomatic corp.

The ‘Apprentice’ of hybrid nationality must be fearful of Trump though, to have publicly backtracked on that statement, in very humiliating circumstances.

Trump called the neoliberal’s bluff on global warming when he declared that he would revert to Coal energy.

It is significant that 99.9% percent of gases in the earth’s atmosphere – Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon – are non greenhouse gases; only a 0.1% of gases are greenhouse gases.

The primary greenhouse gases in that 0.1% of greenhouse gases found in the Earth’s atmosphere are water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide and ozone.

CO2 makes up only 3.5% of the 0.1% greenhouse gases found in the atmosphere, 95 % being water vapour.

In that 3.5 percent of CO2 found amongst the 0.1 % of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, man’s input of CO2 is just 0.117%.

It follows therefore that Man’s total contribution of CO2 to the Earth’s atmosphere is just 0.000004095%!

Even if the Kyoto protocol were strictly observed by the entire world, man made CO2 would be reduced by just 0.035% and the temperature would be reduced by 1/20th of a degree and that too only by the year 2050.vide (http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/greenhouse_data.html)

Trump has put the giant oil companies on notice. But within the US too there is a gap between cup and lip.

The Plutocrats had turned the concept of Universal Adult Franchise in the US, on its head. No matter which party was elected, the Plutocrats won. The Neoliberals occupied the seats of power in Washington doing the scut work of the Plutocrats.

Trumps victory appears to have dented that process and made the concept of Universal Adult Franchise in the US, for the moment at least, more meaningful.

In the ongoing US civil war, the Neoliberals are keeping open all their options, available to them, of removing the Trump Threat; these include assassination, impeachment, Martial Law, Supreme Court et al.

It was interesting to note Sri Lanka’s hoaxwagon PM, whose engine too is fired from the Neoliberal rear, contradicting Trump and making claims that the US Empire would continue as before. The son of a prominent yesteryear Neoliberal lickspittle, Sri Lanka’s Hoaxwagon is in some ways like Mike Pence, just a heartbeat away from the Presidency. It somehow is sad that Sirisena does not seem to realise this, when he is in a position to redeem himself and apply the rule of law on Sri Lanka’s Batalanda queen who has murder indictments (yet to be filed) pending, charges of massive corruption and bribery yet to be investigated and a self confession of torching the Jaffna library yet to be acted on.

If Trump is serious about his promised changes and must survive the on-going US civil war he must revoke the effects of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

The Neoliberal criminals like Obama and the Clintons must be brought to book immediately for crimes against humanity and hauled before a Nuremburg type Tribunal. So must also the Neoliberal scumbags in the UN and in the NGOs, like Ban ki Moon, all accessories to HAARP’s doomsday weapon which is threatening the very existence of life on Earth.

The time is now to storm the ‘Bastille’ and pull down the walls of HAARP in the South Pole and ‘guillotine’ all the proponents of this programme around the world.

The Weather Bomb has been fired over Sri Lanka’s ionosphere and the drought will persist and worsen. People will die of hunger and thirst, the poor will be left destitute and forced to foray for food while Hoaxwagon Wickramasinghe and the ‘Tie Coat’ Master crook will offer Crotons and Jack leaves to the dying poor.

Hark, the words of Vidura Wickramanayake. Hurry!  The days of ’86 – ’87 and Batalanda are not far off. The opposition politicians must perforce unite, evolve a plan and work out that plan to pull the people out of their misery. In addition, we must join forces in dismantling the Weather Bomb in the South Pole

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Weather bomb is still NOT reality.

    Compared to NUKES weather bomb is NOTHING.

    Even BIOLOGICAL weapons are more POTENT than weather bomb.

    AGREE with man made CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX!

  2. Christie Says:

    I am sure this will fix the Mexicans first.

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