The Next President
Posted on January 17th, 2017

Chandrasena Pandithage

The current president has spent two useless years in presidency; there are another three years left. If we assume that no uncertainty occurs and the president stays on for next three years, still he is incapable of stopping the economic meltdown we are faced with. The current government has already proven to be totally incapable of this. Neoliberals have lost their global clout and this also contribute to the downward spiral.

After maintaining a continuous economic growth of around 6.5% during last government, we are seeing that our economy barely hangs on around 3% growth mark in 2016 contrary to the false promises made by the current regime leaders. They are so afraid of democratic process and continue to postpone elections knowing very well that when people speak, that will be the end of them.

However, through all these darkness, a clear silver line is emerging; never was this clear at any given instance of Sri Lankan history as to who the next president of the country is. While many still are skeptical about the role of Mahinda Rajapakse (MR), there is absolutely no arguments about the role of Gotabaya Rajapakse (GR). He was the main doer in previous government providing leadership to war as well as development activities.

With the economic meltdown in the horizon and the government requesting people to eat Croton leaves, with the power shortages looming and government having no solution, with no proper development plan in place, civil unrest will rise and popularity of this lot will continue to slide faster than the speed of light. This calls naturally for an alternative leader who is capable of turning this negative tide around.

Majority right now agree that the only leader that matches these qualities would be GR. He has a proven track record in both fighting separatism (which MR prevented after end of war) as well as development aspects. With each day these set of jokers leading us nowhere, GR emerges as the only true leader who will rescue us in the future. Within next five years, we will see GR’s rise to power as well as elimination of the joker gang JVP from Sri Lankan politics.

This government will be the last ever UNP government that will rule this land.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    However, “GR” will not become president just by the incompetence of this government. He will have to take a tough stand on 13A, war crimes, economic choices and “political solutions”. If he is ambiguous (to save both sides of the divide) he will lose both. Retiring other Rajapaksas from politics may also be needed to gain public confidence.

    No matter who contests against the UNP, he/she will lose 90% of minority votes to the UNP. Gaining a decisive majority of the Sinhala vote cannot be taken for granted. It is best for him to stay out of all politics and play down any chance of coming to politics until the time comes. Various anti-national elements knowing what Mahinda did will not allow GR to come to power.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes, indeed!

    Gotabhaya is the ONE MAN around who both the steadfast Patriots, and the Sinhala Buddhists who fell victim to the siren song of the Yamapalana propagandists spinning their Web of deceit, could RALLY AROUND!

    May this brave son of Lanka once again take up the challenge of rescuing Mother Lanka and give us the kind of STRONG CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT, devoid of all separatist trappings, that we Patriots yearn for.

    There is NO DOUBT in my mind that the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will bless and support Gotabaya to the hilt!

    Let it be so!

    And may it also herald the final demise of the PARAGATHI UNPatriotic party and TAMIL SEPARATISM, NEVER to raise their UGLY HEADS in Lanka again!

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