AN OPEN APPEAL TO ALL FELLOW CITIZENS Govt submits Supplementary Estimate Rs.329 M for Ministers’ cars
Posted on May 8th, 2017

Nagananda Kodituwakku

Friends, don’t ignore the total breakdown of rule of law in this country and don’t wait till things directly affecting your own family.

Come forward, please speak aloud against the gross abuse of people’s SOVEREIGN RIGHTS by the utterly corrupt people occupying the office in the LEGISLATURE and the EXECUTIVE.

Please join hand to EMPOWER the JUDICIARY to deal with this corrupt elements appropriately.

In the case filed in the Supreme Court (SC/Writs/07/2016) against the abuse of tax free car permits by corrupt MPs and Ministers, the CIABOC has already given an undertaking to the Supreme Court to inquire into this day light robbery of public funds. I have declined to accept this undertaking and have urged that any such inquiry shall be transparent, independent and credible which shall be conducted under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

The CIABOC has already lost its credibility as the CIABOC Commissioners had let down and betrayed the trust placed in it by the CONSTITUENTS by conspiring with the Executive President Rajajapkse to get rid of the CHIEF JUSTICE – the Court served 3 charge sheets against the CJ which were initiated by the CIABOC, but after the CJ’s removal the same CIABOC withdrew all three charges).

The case on abuse of tax-free car permits due on 09th of May 2017 in the Supreme Court, I invite you all to join me and demonstrate that you condemn the total breakdown of RULE OF LAW in the REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA.

Govt submits Supplementary Estimate Rs.329 M for Ministers’ cars –

3 Responses to “AN OPEN APPEAL TO ALL FELLOW CITIZENS Govt submits Supplementary Estimate Rs.329 M for Ministers’ cars”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Still believing in DEMO-CRAZY?

    33 DEAD people got just = 3,300,000 rupees
    33 MPs get cars worth of = 330,000,000 rupees


    Parliament has NEVER suffered ANY disaster natural or man made!! How unfair? Shitt ain’t fair!!

  3. ranjit Says:

    How can we stay sit and idle when 225 stupid, uneducated thieves rob public money in daylight without any shame or fear. How can they pass laws if they are not qualified and do not have brains except brains to steal. Most of them hasn’t passed even GCE o levels so just imagine how a country prosper. We the voter are the fools for sending these rascals to the parliament. We should not do that. We should know by this time who are the good educated son’s and daughters we can send to legislation to solve our problems as well as country’s problems. We need intelligent fearless, patriots to lead our country not traitors who play with our lives and the motherland. Think wisely next time and see that you select the correct person who will stand up for you not for himself. Before they come to power they beg from us for our vote but after they get the power we have to beg them for our rights and privileges like beggars. What a pity situation in this country. Time has come to change everything for the sake of our people and the country. Prepare at once dear Patriots

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