Federal Party must learn to deal with problems diplomatically
Posted on May 8th, 2017

V.Anandasangaree  Secretary General – TULF

Hon.R.Sampanthan. M.P
Leader of the Opposition

Dear Mr. Sampanthan ,

Federal Party must learn to deal with problems diplomatically

It is with deep concern that I am writing this letter requesting you to keep the Federal Party members of your Alliance, under your strict control. They can’t make statements as they like, to wound the feelings of not only a country but its people as well. I do not know whether you are aware of the immense damage caused to the friendship and goodwill of India, by the thoughtless acts and utterances, more by the Federal Party members of your alliance, than by the others who only share the blame by remaining silent, ignoring the conduct of such members. Perhaps they are helpless. Due to certain reasons, which I do not want to mention openly, there is conflict of interest between two countries in Sri Lanka that may explode one day to the detriment of both sides. It is our innocent people who will ultimately get badly affected. By our foolish utterances let us not provoke a situation for that to happen. It is regrettable to note that with so much of experience you have in politics and also as the head of the team, you have failed in your duty to promote goodwill and friendship with India, which is now fast declining.

First of all you must realize that as our immediate neighbor, whenever we are in distress it is India that always rushed in first with our urgent needs such as medical teams, food etc. For example during the last Tsunami even before clearing the areas in their own country, the Indian teams rushed in here with urgent requirements that reached all parts of the country, irrespective of any ethnic, religious or regional differences. A new tradition has been established that in the event of a national disaster, India comes first to help us. Please don’t forget that after the end of the war, a lot of families received aids not only to build houses but also in a small way, individuals received some aid that enabled them to earn a living.

Therefore I appeal to everybody in Sri Lanka not to make statements to hurt the feelings of the people who take a lot of risk and come all the way from various places to help our people.

I take this opportunity to remind you of the trouble the Indian government took in trying to solve our ethnic problem during the last 30 years. The involvements in the ethnic issue had cost the country the lives of  a Prime Minister Madam Indira Gandhi, a prospective Prime Minister Hon.Rajiv Gandhi,  several Jawans  and many such others, that cannot be valued in terms of money. It is only India that has the capacity to make the solution successful and till the final solution is reached, no one should interfere with it.

The visits of your team to South Africa to solicit its support to solve the ethnic problem has caused a lot of misunderstanding among the Indians and our own people. Obviously India is very much hurt about it. You will realize that in recent times, no Indian leader talked about our ethnic problem. If I remember correct our Prime Minister himself had commented about it. I am very strongly of the view that you and your team have made the biggest blunder in visiting South Africa and receiving delegation from South Africa to discuss our ethnic issue. Let me not be misunderstood as one opposed to South Africa. I hold it at high esteem. In fact I have even suggested to His Excellency the President, giving him a copy of the South African constitution, with a request to adopt the Bill of Rights of South Africa.

I also like to remind you without any comments, that your visit to China was unwanted at this stage, even if you visited in your capacity as leader of the opposition. You should know why I say this. I hold china also at very high esteem. But we should know what to do and when to do without ourselves confusing.

I do not want to raise the hornet’s nest and embarrass anybody. That is why I have not reasoned out any matter but I am sure you are aware as to what the people expect you to do.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely

Secretary General – TULF

4 Responses to “Federal Party must learn to deal with problems diplomatically”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    What the HELL are you BABBLING ABOUT Anandasangaree, when you say “the trouble the Indian government took to solve our ethnic problem during the last 30 years”?

    India CREATED the ethnic problem for its own benefit by training, funding, inciting, protecting Tamil insurgents in Sri Lanka, and THEN they WEEP CROCODILE TEARS and CLAIM A RESPONSIBILITY PROTECT the Tamil Terrorists, and when the MONSTERS they CREATED TURN AGAINST THEM, they advance to the rear to India, DUMPING THE WHOLE BLOODY MESS in Sri Lanka’s lap for Sri Lanka to solve at GREAT COST IN LIVES AND TREASURE!

    Let us not have any of this “SACRIFICE BY India” CRAP to protect Sri Lankan citizens, Tamil or Sinhala.

    They DELIBERATELY INCITED MURDER & MAYHEM in Sri Lanka to cut the Sinhala community down to size using the Tamil Community as their cats paw, but when their monsters turned against them, they ran back to India! Now India is propaganda zing a FALSE EXCUSE as the defenders of human rights when they were the Machiavellian murderers who created the whole mess in the first place.

    And you, Anandasangaree is PANDERING to India to MAINTAIN THE MYTH that India is the PROTECTOR of Sri Lankan Tamils when India does not CARE AT ALL about Sri Lankans, Tamils or Sinhalese as long as they can play us off against one another and COLONIZATION Sri Lanka to maintain their HEGEMONY in South Asia!

    Ansndasangaree: You are a Bloody mealy mouthed LIAR and an ACCOMPLISHED DEMAGOGUE!

  2. Dilrook Says:

    I fully agree with Ananda.

    Don’t be fooled by this Tamil politician and his son. They always stood for the division of country via federalism, ethnic bargaining and Tamil-only politics.

    There was/is no ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. All what happened was India used Tamils to do their menial work in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, etc. Give sufficient weapons to any group, you will have war. Really aggrieved people don’t take up weapons. Any Tamil desirous of living in a federal country must move to South India. Why Indianize Sri Lanka for Tamils when there is the massive landmass just next door?

  3. ranjit Says:

    I too agree with Ananda fully. Anandasagaree and all those Tamil leaders were backing LTTE and sympathize with them and played a double game with Sinhalese govts just to stay alive during war time.They are cowards and traitors to Motherland still. I can see the same environment like during war now in the whole country same like before 2009. I feel afraid because of the weak govt we have today and for the statements coming from these Tamil and Muslim leaders in the North and East. Feel like another dark cloud passing over the horizon. This feeling comes because of the weak govt we have today under Sira and run nil. No guarantee for our future if these two rules this country further. Change is needed very badly and hurriedly. Time has come for Sinhalaya to stand up unitedly and strongly to face our enemies within and from outside.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Wiggy will be TOO BUSY trying to gain access to his PC meetings to help any UNEMPLOYED Graduates in his constituency!

    This RACIST DEMAGOGUE can ALWAYS blame the Sinhala people for that as well!

    TOO BAD we Sinhala people GAVE Wiggy the BEST jobs in our country …. ALL THE WAY to the Supreme Court!

    Wiggy blocked by protesting unemployed graduates

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – 01:00

    Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran was prevented from attending the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) session by a group of protesting unemployed graduates yesterday. Wigneswaran, along with several other Councillors, had to return without attending the sessions as the unemployed graduates had blocked both entrance gates to the NPC. The graduates have been protesting in front of the NPC for the last two months demanding jobs.

    Wigneswaran’s plea that he be allowed to enter had been refused by the angry graduates, sources from Jaffna said.

    The Chief Minister had said that he will intervene to solve the graduate’s issues shortly but the graduates had been adamant claiming that for two long months their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

    The 92nd NPC council session was scheduled to be held today.

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