Sinhala Buddhist masses should demand the President to take immediate, meaningful and effective steps on the following National issues -Part 111
Posted on May 14th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


Sinhala Buddhist masses should demand the President to take immediate,  meaningful and effective steps on the following National issues in addition to the 20 issues already published in Lanka web on 30 the April 2017 On the following topic to save this country

My readers are requested to read this with Part 1 &11 already published in Lankaweb under President Sirisena Should take immediate action  to save the country

  1. From becoming a part of Indian State of Tamilnadu before long
  2. and the Sinhala Buddhist Nation from getting extinct from the surface of this earth.

1 He should declare Buddhism as the State religion of the Republic of Sri Lanka as it had been so from 307 BC to March 2nd 1815, on the eve of 20i7 UN International Vesak day celebration just concluded in  Mahanuwara today and amend the Constitution accordingly replacing Sec 9 and repealing proviso in Sec 14 (e)

2 And establish a Ministry of Buddhasasana directly under the President as the Head of the State.

3 Abolish the National list that has been a big joke invented to accommodate political stooges and fellows rejected by the people at the poll just for political expediency

4 Stop appointing defeated candidates either to the Parliament or any position in public service such as directors and Chairmen of state corporations or to Foreign Service appointments

5 Remove political rights to all public servants other than the right to vote

6 Ban Buddhist Bhikkus or any other religious clerics taking part in active politics like entering Parliament, PCC and div Councils

7 Stop appointing outsiders to Foreign Service as Diplomats and their staff.  Only carrier Public Servants should be appointed to such places

8 Restore law and order in the country to arrest fast spiraling rate of crimes

9 Restore capital punishment to all serious and grave crimes and drug trafficking etc with immediate effect

10 Ban all foreign Governments and agencies or individuals providing funds and any other form of assistance directly to any region, a particular ethnic group or any institution. All such transactions should go through the Government only

11 Relieve public Service from political interference and install a fully independent professional public Service and let all selections be done on competitive examinations and thereafter all appointments, transfers promotions etc should be made on meritocracy and exigencies of public service

12 Re introduce a Senate of about 35 to get the services of men and women who have rendered a distinguished service to the country in different fields to get their service as a mechanism of check and balance against haphazard legislation in Parliament

13 Set up a National Planning Council directly under the President to be in charge of overall planning for all sectors.

14 Immediately Set up the Kandyan areas Development  Authority proposed by the KPC Report of 1951 and Abolish the Present Ministry of Estate Village  Development created for the development of mono Tamil Villages in the hill country to be in charge of settlement development in the upcountry as Mixed Village settlement clusters for landless Kandyan peasants and those estate Tamils who get citizenship in terms as stipulated  in the Nehru/Kotalawala Agreement of 1954

15 Ban sending domestics servants to Middle east or any country specially women and instead work out an educational scheme to send middle and upper grade technical people preferably men and nurses  to arrest cultural degeneration and social disintegration and improve suitable employment opportunities for women at Home.

16 Close down all International Schools or bring them under the Ministry of Educational system and make it compulsory for them to adhere to the national education policy of the Government where Sri Lankan history, Buddhism and Sinhala should be made compulsory

17 Provide maximum protection and inputs for paddy cultivation and promote traditional agricultural practices

18 Take strict legal action like confiscation of property and even death penalty against all those who are found guilty of robbing public property

19 Remove Proportional representation and district MPP System and return to former electoral system so that every electorate will have a MP to whom the people could take their grievances. (Unlike the present District MP system where most don’t have a rep. Ex; In Kandy 11 out of 14 electorates don’t have MPP from 2004 up to date) Only Nawalapitiya, Gampola and Harisattuwa have elected MPP. So where is representative democracy? The same procedure to be adopted in the present Pradeshiya Sabha system as well by reverting to one member per VC ward.

20 Stop allocating voted expenditure to politicians to arrest misuse of public funds for political gain and channel all public expenditure through proper channel like Ministries, departments, and sub departments as it was done before and make public officials accountable for expenditure

I would invite anyone who likes to know more about my proposals to making this country a peaceful, prosperous and righteous land to read, my Siyapanata  (100) that will be published along with this in Sinhala .

One Response to “Sinhala Buddhist masses should demand the President to take immediate, meaningful and effective steps on the following National issues -Part 111”

  1. Christie Says:

    President is just the Coolie of the Indian Empire. You could appeal to Ranil the Kankani or Chandrikaa tha Governor.

    Modi the Indian Emperor has spoken at Norwood.

    ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිත් මහත්ම ගාන්දි නැමැත්තා 1927 ඇවිල්ල උතුර හා කන්ද උඩරට ඇවිදලා සිහින මවාගෙන ගියා. මෝඩි අදිරදයා දෙවරක් ඇවිත් සැබෑවූ සිහින අමතා ගියා.
    ඉන්දියානු අදිරද මෝඩි ඇවිල්ල ඉන්දියානු වැසියන් අමතලා ගියා. අපි සින්හල මුස්ලිම් හා කිතුනුවන් සමග කෙලගන්නවා.අපි අපිත් කෙලගන්නවා. ඒ අතරේ ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයො සින්හල සන්හාරය කරගෙන යනව.
    Gandhi came in 1927 and dreamt about it. Modi saw the realized dreams. Jai Hind. Nonviolent Genocide of Sinhalese.
    Majority Sinhalese be they are Buddhists, Christians or Muslims should unite and stand up to the Indian Empire.

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