Why one law for Sinhalese and another for Tamils by this Government?
Posted on May 21st, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara  Mahanuwra 20.5. 2017.

The Government allowed the TNA (living proxy of LTTE) headed by Sambandan Leader of Oppositio , Vigneswarana the CM, NPC and MK Sivajilingam ( Brother  in Law  of Prabhakaran) to commemorate alleged genocide against  LTTE Tigers a terrorist  outfit, who waged a war against the Legitimately elected Government of the Sri Lankan  State  for 30 years to establish a separate state within this country called EELAM. They are reported to have held these commemorations at Mullevaikal, Kilinochchci, Velvatiture and many other places. All were allowed often with even police protection.

Ironically on the other hand in Colombo the public rally organized by the Joint Committee  of National Organizations to be held at the Independence Square to commemorate the war heroes who fought and died in the war against the LTTE terrorists to liberate this country for posterity, to be presided over by the EX-President Mahinda Rajapaksa is reports to have been banned by the same Government while it has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the  anti -Government rallies in the North. This act of treason on the part of the yahapalanaya Government of the TRIO My3, Ranil and Chandrika is just like condemning Dutugemunu and commemorating Elara.

Does it means this Government wants the LTTE to resurrect and it supports the Tamil aspiration of separation and the formation of the EELAM in the North and East, to satisfy India and the Western colonial powers that supported it in 2015 regime change and further to wipe out the Sinhala Nation and Buddhism from this land bury the them forever?

This clearly shows the ant- Sinhala and anti- Buddhist policy of this Government. The whole nation must rise against this discrimination by this Government against the Sinhala nation and the war heroes who died in war to liberate the country from the LTTE terrorists. If we don’t arrest this extremely dangerous trend the day Ranil will sell Trincommallee harbor and the 100 oil Tanks along with the 85 acres,  sign the ECTA, allow the construction of Hanuman bridge and the Mannar –Trinco super Highway the same way he conspired to bring Modi to Dikoya hood-winking the President and got him to say  what Ranil wanted and thereby killing two birds a) getting his voter base firmly established in the plantation sector and b) Modi’s aim of keeping first, the Tamilnadu politicians happy and second his long term aspiration of establishing Malayanadu, right at the center of Sri Lanka  finally leading to making this country the newest State of the Modian Indian empire.

Are the Sinhala Buddhists in this country going to keep silent until Ranil and his horde of anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist Colombo seven gang make their dream a reality?

Meanwhile I am asking the ordinary Tamils in the North and East  to openly question  Sambandan, Vigneswaran and Sivajilingam  as to why they did not commemorate tens of thousands of  those Tamils, including child solders forcibly recruited  and men and women  brutally murdered by the LTTE in the name of liberation  for Tamils and pushed the country’s economy by hundreds of years behind  just to satisfy their vanity and blood thirst, instead of lighting lamps to commemorate the brutal killer Prabhakaran and his criminal outfit who not only brought misery and doom to this Island Nation but also  to the Tamil community at large.

Also why don’t they get organized with other communities in the area and chase out these self- seeking mad communal politicians like Sambandan, Vignesvaran and Sivajilingam at the next elections if they truly love this country and want to have a bright future for their posterity at least, as proud citizens of this country?

4 Responses to “ Why one law for Sinhalese and another for Tamils by this Government?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    And another law for Muslims!


    “Sri Lankan Muslim Child marriage victim, Thameem Fatheema Sharmila has died last night after being tied to a chair, poured oil and set on fire by her abusive husband last Friday.

    Activist had been calling the husband to be arrested so he can face justice in courts.”

    JIHAD has arrived in SL. UPROOT this dirt now or become another Syria, Libya, etc.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    All major political parties (UNP, SLFP, JO, JVP) are desperate to win minority votes. There is potential for a new political party. UNP has most minority votes in its kitty. SLFP, JO and the JVP are desperately trying to win some minority votes. I don’t think they will succeed. In the process they will lose more Sinhala votes as Mahinda did from 2010 to 2015.

    Some fault democracy for it which is wrong. Democracy is still an enabler of people’s choices. Just because all parties support minorities at the expense of the majority and India doesn’t mean they have no choice. There is always room for a new party.

    For the sake of democracy, people have to look for an alternative to all political clans.

  3. ranjit Says:

    I am with Dilrook on his comment “for the sake of democracy people have to look for an alternative to all poltical clans” yes we need to have an honest political party which cater to Sinhala buddhist population and who will fearlessly fight for the rights of the Sinhalese as we have only this country to call home. Minorities are dancing too much. Instead of living harmoniously with the majority they try to scare them and achieve their foolish dreams. We as a nation of tolerance cannot allow that to happen at any cost. We need to stop these Ungreatful anti sinhala buddhists activities with an iron fist before they explodes. We need to support Maha Sanga as they were our saviours from the beginning.

    Although we like our president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s policies and his leadership qualities we cannot trust some of his team members and at the same time if he is going to use the same old system of governing taking heads from here and there and giving ministry posts and filling other top jobs then we cannot follow him anymore because the same set up is corrupt and were traitors once. I hope he will not take back any of the Muslims who left him for the sake of their votes? They are corrupt Ungreatful individuals who are dangerous to our Motherland. They shouldn’t be given any post in any government. To have a pure sinhala government we need to get united under one true leader. Mahinda and Gota are the best prospects for this job at the moment because the current rulers have failed in every section of the society.

    Drugs, murders, prostitution, money laundering rampart in the country like in the war times. No one bothered to take care of the country’s poor. Murderers are walking free and drugs openly sell but no one was caught except poor dealers here and there. Why not catch the big fish? How comes politicians get richer day by day? Why not catch drug king pins who are mostly Muslims? Punish Muslims and Tamils who bring these poison to our country to kill sinhala population. It’s the truth. If Mahinda or Gota dreaming to come to power they should have a proper vision and a strong rule of law in the country to take our country forward. Shouldn’t be allowed to rob the country’s wealth by politicians. We need a strong decent government with qualified and honest politicians. If we cannot get then I prefer Maha Sanga to lead or a government run by armed forces until we get everything right in my homeland. Let’s pray for a better future to all of us to live in peace and harmony.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    It appears that Tamil leaders of Lanka are fighting an INDIA made Tamil Nadu SEPARATISM & CASTE WAR in Lanka. Tamils get a far better deal in Lanka and are pushing for items that cannot be given as the Security issues of Lanka would then be in jeopardy – it is bad enough as matters stand.

    Question : Are Tamil leaders PATRIOTIC ? i.e. those in INDIA to INDIA, and those in Lanka to Sri Lanka ?
    To whom are they truly loyal ?

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