India offers scholarships to children of Sri Lankan estate workers
Posted on May 28th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara

Dear All Patriots,

Please see the following notice by the Indian High Commission calling for applications from children of estate workers

India offers scholarships to children of Sri Lankan estate workers

May 27 (HCI) Applications are invited from the children of Estate Workers, who are residents of Estates, for award of scholarships by the Ceylon Estate Workers’ Education Trust (CEWET).  These scholarships are available for GCE A/L, Undergraduate courses and for students undergoing Vocational/Technical courses. Students, who have passed GCE O/L (with minimum 6 credit passes) or A/L exam, and are below 25 years of age, can apply for this Scholarship.

I quote here  a section from a an open letter I addressed to Prime Minister Modi when he came to Sri Lanka to attend the International  Vesak festival this year where in also I brought up this issue.

2 Stop all direct assistance to Tamil areas in future and all such assistance should be sent to the Government of this country as assistance to all Sri Lankans on a bilateral basis.  Don’t treat Tamils as a separate target group

3 Your Governments present practice of offering scholarships only to Estate Tamils also should be discontinued as it would tantamount to India’s selective treatment to Tamils who are Sri Lankan citizens. Indian assistance must come to Sri Lankans and not to any particular community or area as it will make Sinhalese suspect the Indian agenda behind such assistance. (I am compelled to tell you this as I have seen some paper advertisement in the past by you Embassy in Colombo calling for applications for Indian Scholarships only from Estate Tamils)

These unfortunate practices have lasted long enough. This is how the Indian Government has driven a wedge between native Sinhalese and immigrant Indian Tamils. As such India is more responsible for ethnic clashes and ethnic separatism here even than Britain. Aren’t both parties are contributing to create ethnic compartments and communal unrest and building Chinese walls to keep the communities separately eve their own benefit.

Also tell them to drop Indian identity if they want to be Sri Lankans and develop a Sri Lankan identity, learn the language of the natives and integrate with the natives. Then they will be equal with native Sinhalese. That is the best answer to the current problem.

Actually it is the Government of this country that should make these requests from you. But I am compelled to make these request from you as a responsible Citizen on behalf of the Sinhala Community who are sick of Indian interference in our domestic affairs and secondly, as there is no patriotic  Government with a backbone in this country to do so and stand for its own people. Such action may bring short term political gain to you. But they are detrimental to both countries in the long run. You must not act like a third grade Tamilnadu politician when it comes to matters like this. You must act and behave like an exemplary Statesman representing the land of the Buddha, whom we worship day and night.

Please don’t treat them any more as Indians. They citizens of this country. If you are interested in helping Sri Lanka please offer them to the Government of Sri Lanka without specifying any community. So that the Government can call for applications from qualifies candidate, process them and submit them to you.

I see this action by the Indian High Commission as an unwanted strategy and conspiracy to build up a Pro-Indian Tamil generation within Sri Lanka. While I strongly protest the Indian High Commission’s action I request the Government   of Sri Lanka also to lodge its protests against the Indian High Commissioner’s action and ensure that in future these all foreign scholarships will come only through the Sri Lanka Government. Because it is the Government of the country that should take decisions on is citizens and not a foreign

6 Responses to “India offers scholarships to children of Sri Lankan estate workers”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Fine article by Sudath. Contents in this article must be thoroughly studied and should be discussed by current Yamapalanaya government, Scholars and of course patriots who oppose this Indian interference in this land. We saw same kind of interference during LTTE time by then high commissioner Dixit. Nowadays we see too much interference by Indian parasites and our spineless traitors who govern this country just stay dumb and act like dumb and dumber. Majority of our countrymen dislike Indians and their activities. We condemned all aggression and pressure by them. Thirty years they tried in a different way to get hold of our country thru bullet but thanks to our war heroes we managed to overcome that problem but now again they are trying to poke their fingers in our affairs without any shame. We cannot allow that to happen at all. We should stand unitedly to oppose any kind of interference by Moda Modi and his government. This is a sovereign state and it should be like that way not under any bully. Our spineless leaders must have guts and backbone to say “mind your own business” like our former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Go get lost Indians take care of your own poor and help them rather than interfering in other people’s affairs.

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    Sudath Gunasekara
    What We have done to these Estate mother lankan people since 1948 apart from We took their citizenship?

    What sort of moral right to stop Indian help for these poor mother Lankan who earned for our Education/Health other other free service We other citiznen got it ????

    Sudath Gunasekara We both comunity paid highers price our own karma(m) what we done since 1948 ,

    enough is enough no more kolaveri ????

    live & let’s live in United Sinhela Lanka for ever !!!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Yamapalana yamapallan destroying Sri Lanka for good. Traitor low lives have forgotten it was india who formed
    and nurtured catholic tigers of tamil drealam. Catholic run UNPatriotic party happily sacrificed 100,000+,
    mostly Sinhalese. Now the traitor low lives putting foundations with Sri Lanka-destroying, Sinhalese-race
    destroying, Buddhism destroying two faced indians. Sinhala modayas never learned the lesson indians never to
    be trusted after the 30+ years war.

    It was the traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party under traitor thambi mudiayanselage alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only)
    jr@ gave citizenships to 650,000 estate tamils who were prepared to go to tn under Sirima-Shasthri Pact. See these traitor UNPatriotic low lives do anything for some votes. That was 650,000+ votes. xxxx don’t give a damn. They
    just want to be in power and plunder, plunder and mayhem. They never do any thing for Sri Lanka, Sinhalese
    race or Buddhism. They have the catholic controlled media in Sri Lanka to heap praises on them, so keep
    plundering and plundering. But
    being the Sinhala modayas they never learn. Now promoting estate tamils and cause a rift in order further
    destabilise Sri Lanka. But traitor YAMA PALLAN don’t give a toss and readying for sacrificing another lot of
    Sinhalese lives.

  4. Nimal Says:

    This is sad news for Sri Lanka’s economy and our estates are maintained by the Indian workers. These workers are coming out of doing menial labour in the estates. Some have gone into business in places like in Kandy where the majority of the shops are owned by them and we can’t blame them for they bettering themselves while we Sinhalese are still hallucinating about culture and history while the Ambuda clad politician crooks are taking us for mugs, trying to live a double life in the western countries. They have stupid cheer leaders. Simply haven’t got to read the articles.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Endia is done with NORTHERN and EASTERN Tamils.

    Now project phase-2 with Endian Tamils.

  6. Sarath W Says:

    It is obvious Modi has a hidden agenda here. India’s official stance is, it wants equal rights to Tamil people in Sri Lanka, not for Indian Tamils only. I am sure most part of this scholarship programme is to instil hatred for Sinhalese, train them to use military weapons with the aim of taking over the country. Building that Hunaman bridge, taking over the oil tank farm and a highway from that bridge to Trinco is part of this master plan. Using the Jaffna Tamils back fired when fat Prabha killed that thug Ghandi. Modi knows these estate Tamils will be more loyal to him than to Sri Lanka. Does any one thinks Modi is really concerned about these estate Tamils when billions of Indians live well below the poverty line in that ‘shit hole’ called India?

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