Main excerpts from the historic address of the National President of the BSP and Mahanayika of the social transformation movement in India
Posted on November 19th, 2017

Ms. Mayawati (BSP National President, MP (Rajya Sabha & former Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh)

(1) BJP since the time of its old form ‘Bharatiya Jan Sangh’ has been a party working with a mindset antagonistic to particularly depressed SC/STs, backwards, Muslims and the poor, workers anf farmers etc., of the Sarvasamaj (all sections of the society}.

People with this kind despicable casteist mindset, which always dominated the politics of the country, persistently caused a severe harm to the equalitarian and humanitarian movement of most revered (parampujya) Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. And despite his being the architect of the marvel Constitution of India, they never allowed him to get elected to the Lok Sabha and kept on getting him defeated in elections.

(2) They also mounted an all-out opposition all over the country to the grant of reservation in education and government jobs to the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) under the recomendation of Mandal Commission, and even now they are not filling up the government quota of reservation in servics etc., and have almost rndered this constitutional provision inactive and ineffective, depriving the SC/STs and OBCs.

(3) At the same time, under their government in centre and various states, casteist discrimination of every kind and inhuman atrocities and excesses of every kind are also continuing without any break against the people of these deprived classes.

(4) It is very necessary to be alert against casteist and political conspiracies of the BJP government and its parallel organisation, the RSS., and against any tactics of theirs like cajolery, inducement, coesion and diviive politics ets,. otherwise these people would again make the SC/STs and other backwards helpless and enslaved : historic address of Ms, mayawati Ji in Lucknow on the occasin of the birth anniversary of Baba saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on 14 April 2017

Main excerpts from the historic address of the National Preident of the BSP and Mahanayika (great leader) of the social transformation movement in India, Hon. Behen Kumari Mayawati Ji on the auspicious occasion of 126th birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian Constitution, Bharat Ratna, Bodhiosatva most revered Baba saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar on April 14, 2017 in a massive public meeting held at the grand Dr. Ambedkar Memorial, built in Lucknow by the BSP government, in the backdrop of a bad result secured by the party in terms of seats in Uttar Pradesh, despite its having obtained a good percentage of votes.In other words, higher than that of even then ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) at 22.02percentand in number about two crore (1,92,81,352 to be exact), because of the tampering done with the Electronic Voting Mchines (EVMs) by the BJP, as also in view of rabidly casteist mindset and policies of the BJP antagonistic to particularly the SC/STs, backwards an religious minorities and the poor, workers and farmers etc., of Sarvasamaj i.e., all sections of the society.

Followers of Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and well-wishers who have come from various parts of Uttar Pradesh, as you people are aware today is the Jayanti of the messaiah of particularly SC/STs, the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and other neglected classes of the country, most revered (Paramlujya) Baba Saheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, and on this occasion, you people have reached the Dr. Ambedkar Smarak Sthal in Lucknow to offer him floral tributesfor which I express my gratitude to you from the core of my heart.

However, about observanceof his jayanti, you people are aware that ever since the BSP has been constituted in 1984 its government has been formed four times in Uttar Pradesh and since then in pusuit of votes of his followers not only in Uttar Pradesh, but all over the country, all the opposing parties and their governments have started hi jayanti and organising government and non-government programmes of various types on this occasion. But after doing so, all these opposing parties by following their casteist mindset exploit his followers at every level throughout the year and this process is still continuing.

Not only this, rather as long as Baba Saheb Dr, Ambedkar was alive their forefathers created obstecles of various kinds on his way so that Baba Saheb was not able to make the people of these SC/STs/OBCs and other neglected classes self-relient. Keeping the current political situation in view, I consider it necessary to place some special instances before you,

However, in this regard, you people are aware that during the British rule, the people of the SC/STs/OBCs/ who earlier under varna system of Hinduism known by the names Shudras (OBCs) and extream Shudras ((SC/STs), these people were doubly enslaved. On one side to the British and on the other to caste and creed and the consideration of high and low born under the varna systemof Hinduism because of which people in a large number from these shudras and extreme  shudras, in other words from those currently called the SC/STs/OBCs, left Hindu religion and embraced other religions, i.e., they in large number converted and became Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, parsis and Buddhists etc., and among those believing in these religions 90 percent areconverted people, and the BSP has, regarded them as part of the “Bahujans”. And the conition of those who did not get converted remained very bad under the Hindu religion. They did not have right to education, business and ownership of land over which Baba Saheb used to be highly concerned.

In such a bad condition, Baba Saheb Dr, Bhimrao Ambedkar uring British rule prepared himself by getting educated with the help of princely states opposd to varna system an waged a battle for their rights.

On insistence of Baba Saheb, the British constituted an enquiry committee for identification of shudras and extrem shudras in the country of which Baba Saheb himself was a member. This enquiry committeecompiled a list of extreme shudras which is known as SC/STs, while shudra were instigated not to get included i that list. They becme fake high caste people and were left out of that list. After further enquiry in their respect, another list was prepared for them on the basis of which they latergot reservation and other legal rights under the Indian Constitution,

But Baba Saheb in the interest of those shudras, in other words, of OBC (fake high-caste) classes, made provision underthe Article 340 of the Indian Constitution so that they can later on get the benefit of reservation and they can also progress in the future.

And then on independence of the country, governments of casteist parties were formed in Cebtre and the states and under the same Article 340 of theIndian Constitution first the Kaka Kalelkar commission and later Mandal commission was constituted. But the government did not implement their recommendations. In the year 1989, a coalition government was formed under the leadership of Mr. V.P.singh of te janata Dal an then the BSP had three MPs of whom I was the member of the Lok Sabha from Bijnore (areerved seat at that time). Then the BSP supported this government on two special conditions of conferring Bharat Ratna to Baba Saheb Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar and giving reservation in education and jobs by implementing the Mandal Commission recommendation.

But the BJP did not like all this at all an it withdrew support from VP Singh government and the BJP agitated all over the country against the OBC reservation and adopted an agressive stance an thus betrayed the OBCs as a whole.And now in 2017, the BJP has again betrayed thye OBCs and at the bidding of the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) made “Yogi” rather than someone from the OBCsthe Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

However, in this regard, the BJP also betrayed the Brahmins  from the high caste society and ignored the local Kshatriyas in respect of making the Chief Minister. The Brahmin society was told that keeping in view the election a person from backward class was being made the state president  by removing Brahmin from the post, but after the election only a person from Brahmin society would be made th chief minister, but this was not done.

At the same time, the RSS and the BJP also carrie a lot of false propaganda against the BSP, which is still continuing. Here, i this regard, I wish to tell the SC/STs, bckwards and the people of high caste society by way of advise that the manner which the people of the Muslim society used to have full trust in my policy an work style during all the four terms of my governance in the state, exactly in the same way the people of these classes should have trust in me, in other words, they should not at all get misled by the false and mischevious propaganda of the BJP & Co. that it was because of more tickets given to Muslims in the election by the BSP that the people of these classes out of fear that formation of BSP government may lead to Uttar Pradesh becoming like Pakistan panicked and voted much less for the BSP.

But the people of these classes must not at all be misled by this conspiracy of the BJP nor should they allow their relation with Muslims aligned with the BSP to deteriorate. But still,in this regard, I certainly wish to say to this to the people of these classes that when when a BSP government was formed four times under my leadership in Uttar Pradesh and particularly in 2007 when the BSP formedits government on its own strength there were Muslim MLAs in a largenumber, but uring that period also I did not allow Uttar Pradesh to become like Pakistan.

As a mater of fact, they should learn a lesson in this regard from the Muslims aligned with the BSP and in this regardI wish to remind them in this context that in the beginning when my government was formed thrice with the cooperation of the BJP, then the Muslim MLAs of the BSP by placing their full trust in me had not at all opposed the formation of the government in alliance with the BJP and by honestly reposing their faith with mein all these three governments formed with the cooperation of the BJP.

Similarly the SC/STs,backwards andthe people of the high caste society aligned with the BSP. Here should have trust in me, and today I wish to assure them again that on formation of a BSP government in future too, I can never allow Uttar Pradesh to become like Pakistan.

Therefore, these people must not at all be misled by this false propaganda of the BJP because the BJP people are carrying out this false propaganda under a conspiracy to hide their dishonesty with regard to the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Keeping particularly this in view, the people of these classes must not at all jeoparadise the feeling of brotherhood with the Muslims.

Not only this, rather the BJP people by joining hands with gullible people from party are getting this false notion stressed by them that ‘Behenji” should herself after the organisational work in each assembly constituency for then alone the party can now be strengthened. All this is a very big conspiracy of theirs so that I am not able to giove my time outside Uttar Pradesh to other parts of the country, an a s a consequence my party remains confines to Uttar Pradesh. It is very necessary to caution you against this.

Noe I once again wish to tell you people that for whatever little that the SC/STs and the people of the other backward classes are getting today in theentire country, Baba Saheb had to wage a very tough struggle at every step. In this regard, you people are aware that when the British agreed to grant independence to India, they asked India to frame its own constitution.

At that time when casteist parties and Hindu organisations did not allow Baba Saheb to get elected to the Constituent Assembly from Mahashtra, then the SC/STs of Bengal with the cooperation of the Muslim League got him elected to the Constituent Assembly of India from the Khukana and Jaysore set tere as on this seat SC/STs had largerpopulation among the Hindus.

But under a conspiracy, the Khulna andJaysore seat of Bengal from which Baba Saheb was elected because of its being SC/STs majority area was forcibly included in Pakistan instead of keeping that with India. Although it was in violation of the condition stipulated, despite knowing all this, this area of Bengal was handed over to Pakistan. But Baba Saheb in the interest of his own people resigned from the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan.

After resigning, Baba Saheb went to England and spoke there about the injustice done to him. The British then asked India to get back that area or else to get Baba Saheb elected to the Constituent Assembly of India. Then he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of India in July 1947. Thus whatever legal rights the SC/STs/OBCs to have are a contribution of Baba Saheb alone.

At the same time, a little bit of security that the people of religious minorities enjoy in this country is solely contribution of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar. But it is also very necessary to understand how the casteist forces and parties behaved with Baba Saheb after the British left and the India Constitution came to force.

In this regard, you people are aware that after the British quit, Baba saheb became the first Law Minister of Independent India and when he said this while pioleting the “Hindu Code Bill” in Parliament as the Law Minister that if you wish to protect the Hindu system, Hindu culture and the Hindu society, then Hindu Shankarachariyas must not be adverse to removing whatever shortcomings that are in these. This bill aimed at improving only such areas as wrre not proper. There was nothing morein that bill. But soon after that bill, this was opposed in Parliament so strongly that Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar had to resign from his ministerial post in September 1951. But despite his having resigned, the then speaker of the house in contravention of the convention did not allow him to speak. Then he had to come out of the House and express his views in the media.

to be contd

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