Official statement released by Dr Mareena Thaha Reffai,  Coordinator of Darun Nusra, House of benevolence 
Posted on January 13th, 2018

Dr.Reffai  Almuslimaath Sri Lankan Association of Muslim Women & Girls

We of the administration at the orphanage Darun Nusra would like to address recent events regarding the children of Darun Nusra and the unfortunate events that they have been embroiled in.
There have been a lot of varying versions of these events circulated through social media and many statements made by me and my colleagues but we would like to make a final and formal one to set the record straight.
Despite the fact that the court case is ongoing and the verdict is yet to be released upon the accused, me and my colleagues in the administration would like to officially state that our first priority is the wellbeing of the children who are  in our care.
Firstly, we would like to affirm that we completely want to help the authorities in any way we can in their endeavors to ensure the safety and protection as well as justice for  the children at Darun Nusra and at no time had we refused to do so, and that we are determined against any perpetrator who, if has caused them any harm, and would like to cooperate with those who, like us, have the children in their best interest.
It gives me and my colleagues deep pain to think of any misfortune that these children may have ever had to encounter, and we are certainly on the side of justice, recompense and the movement to ensure them a bright future.
The events that have occurred are also unfortunately mixed up in internal politics of the organisation  which has confused a lot of the information that has been released to the public.
However at the moment, the children, who are currently in good health and have resumed their lives and their schooling, are our primary concern; we would like them to be able to live good, healthy lives, recovering through counseling, untainted by public scandal, continuing to excel in their studies and work as they have for so long now.
For this to happen it is important that we, the admin at Darun Nusra, and you, the public, maintain a common ground of interest: the growth and happiness of the children.
We also want to reiterate here that except one child, none of them are true orphans, all of them have some relative, a mother, father or both,  but they are at Darun nusra  because of some difficulty they face being brought up in their own homes. They regularly go home for holidays and all of them are brought back to the darun nusra by their guardians though there is no compulsion for them  to come back.
We welcome you to visit them yourselves, or contribute and donate to their wellbeing, and to respect their right to a life that is free of public scrutiny. Meanwhile, me and my colleagues pray that they continue to shine, that they move on successfully from their tribulations, that most certainly justice is served in court to those who have caused them any harm, Inshallah.



3 Responses to “Official statement released by Dr Mareena Thaha Reffai,  Coordinator of Darun Nusra, House of benevolence ”

  1. charithsls Says:

    This Reffai woman always write here admonishing everyone be politicians government officials or courts for the simplest matter. She talks on such a high pedestal that all Sri Lanka, the roads, institutions or systems at fault. And what has happened to her now? She & the children orphanage under her care being investigated for sexual exploitation of young girls under care! All know the children & women are worst exploited by their kind from female genital mutilation from birth onwards & hope justice is meted out soon.

  2. Senerath Says:

    We should still give her benifit of the doubt.
    I rememember very well she never raised a word to save Rizzana Nafeek. It proves she has no HEART and become an evidence against her, Inshallah.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    How many mussie babies there? 100s, 1000s, 10,000s? As if we don’t have enough, now orphanage. Ever heard
    the word condom?

    These mussies breeding too much and causing trouble all over the world. Still not slowing down. Breed, breed and
    then trouble. Of course trouble in this overcrowded planet. New breed need food, jobs, houses, hospitals, roads
    etc. etc. etc. Then trouble? Charels Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Mussie countries don’t want to know of
    course. Syria, yemen, libya, iraq, pakesthan, afganisthan. Myanmar, somalia etc.
    etc. Then where do they all head to? Non-mussie countries of course! What do they do there? Start the menace
    again. Mother Lanka has been very very unfortunate to have the menace here as well. No point going to courts.
    Bada udin or some mussie deshapaluwa come and get them released. It is called shan hidiyawa by traitor YAMA
    PAALANAYA Sinhala modayas!

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