Posted on January 16th, 2018


The response from Sri Lanka ‘s top guardians of the good governance, the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker  to the report of the much talked about Bond Commission were dull witted and attempts to put up a smoke screen.

The President failed in his duty towards the public who were awaiting for the tabling of the bond commission report in the country’s legislative assembly when he opted not to do so. He owed the tabling of the report to the public who were blatantly robbed by a team of white collar thieves led by a foreigner and ably guided  by a well identified ‘unseen hand’. They wished that the story of the great bank robbery will be discussed and analysed by the people’s representatives taking the issue to the next phase of investigations. Their hopes were dashed by the President’s inaction.

The Prime Minister in his normal style was off the hooks. He purposely misdirected the debate by attempting to kick up a dust when he diluted the issue with extraneous facts and thus let down the public who were keen to find out how he would defend himself of his actions and inactions relating to the bond scam. He simply acted selfishly in an uncouth manner by wrecking the hopes of the public to hear his side of the story of the colossal, systematic swindling of Central Bank.

The Speaker who has the ultimate responsibility in the proper conduct of the proceeding in the Parliament too failed miserably In his duty to the public by not requesting a copy of the bond commission report to be tabled in the Parliament and allowing the House to run amok and choosing to work as a dead horse, He was a willing supervisor of scandalous behaviour of the MPs and he was merely a participant in a prior  edited political drams.

The issue of searching for the bond robbers, recovering the billions lost and punishing those responsible are critical to the public and when they find the  top guardians of governance fail miserably to uphold their just expectations, they are bound to react as hard as nails.


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