Greatest finding that took place in the 1800’s on the Mother earth which is more vital and happy to Buddhists and mankind in general!
Posted on January 16th, 2018

It was a day like today, 18th Jan. 1897 in India, 120 years ago a place called PIPRAWA a city 100 miles South of Lumbini.

A British planter and armature Archeologist by the name William Peppe took the extra length to excavate ruins that was believed to have been the cremation site of Buddha besides a Stupa that was under sand and found deep underground the casket containing Buddha’s relics in well preserved and carved containers. The relics were carefully deposited by Emperor Asoka for the future and for an on behalf of Buddhists.

If not for William Peppe, we would have never been known about Buddha’s relics and the associated history that proved Buddha’s existence. On the other hand it would have been a co-incidence and a miracle itself.

Our credit should go to British despite their colonial rule that had various other impacts on us, but for finding and preserving the buried history both in India and Ceylon.

The Buddhism was destroyed after the demise of Buddha first by Hindus who started to vandalize, ruin and destroy all monuments in a frenzy lead by jealous Hindu priests that was then as continued and concluded by Muslims who even burnt and destroyed to the ground all Buddhist structures and monuments including rock edifices and written cannons that were proofs and legends of Buddhist,  would have been a by gone history with no trace if not the British enthusiasts and archeologists who unearthed and found fact of the history and helped establish the Buddhist history and monuments what we witness and deserve now to venerate with respect and pride. Never to forget the Muslims are the biggest and arch enemy of Buddhism during which rule of the Mogul empire about 800 years they did massive damage to Buddhism and Buddhist history in India as well as was erased in Afghanistan, Malaya, Indonesia etc.

You are afforded to watch the full episode from how it was found in the attached Video courtesy to YouTube and National Geographic. Our heartfelt thanks to National Geographic’s for narrating the episode as it were happened 120 years ago giving the spectator on hand experience.

Let us wish William Peppe and all other British’s alike of that time,  May they attain Nibbana for this great meritorious deed done on behalf of entire mankind.

6 Responses to “Greatest finding that took place in the 1800’s on the Mother earth which is more vital and happy to Buddhists and mankind in general!”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Our credit should go to British despite their colonial rule that had various other impacts on us, but for finding and preserving the buried history both in India and Ceylon
    Not sure what Mahinda is suggesting here.
    How about Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia etc.. ?
    Is he saying without Pepe’s findings we have lost Pali Cannon too ? Do we have to remind him that Buddhism is not about relics of Buddha only ?

  2. Nimal Says:

    I am angry with this British Pepe guy for disturbing the grave of our great leader that had led to a mad cult of worshiping the relics.What is needed in this hour is his great teachings I would like to live by but not his relics. What an absurd world livening in where people are willing to believe that the Christ is crying and all the relics that are exploited for gain. Truly shameful and at the age of 14 we run out the Chinese who brought another relic to Kandy. What a joke and we should adhere to his teachings which I see very little in our people, very little in our leaders. May the great person rest in peace without being exploited by rouges.

  3. Senerath Says:

    Buddha is not a person. He is not the body or relics. There is no disturbing of Buddha if they dig out the grave ( if it was really found that his relics were there.) There is no ‘rest in peace’ for Buddha. He achieved a peace no other achieved when he attained Nibbaana.
    People pay grtitude to Budda after realising how amazing is the teaching. Some so called ‘Buddhist’ people are even paying gratitude to politicians and having great faith in them and peaching to others to assume they whatever they do in the future is good for the country. So, what is wrong worshipping relics to remind overselves of great Dhamma ?

  4. Dilrook Says:


    I agree with Mahinda. Some Buddhist relics including some in Bodh Gaya were deliberately neglected and buried by Hindus until they were unearthed by the British with great care. If not for the British, there wouldn’t have been restored again. Even in Sri Lanka, British rulers took extreme care (with the times) to unearth and preserve our rich Buddhist history.

    In wide contrast since around the 1970s under minority-fearing our own politicians, a number of ancient Buddhist shrines have been destroyed. Reconciliation is another nonsensical thing that is determined to wipe out anything Sri Lankan.

    On the cultural and artifacts aspect of things (I agree with you), this is very important to humans. Buddhism is not just the teaching. It also includes what is valuable to Buddhists. In a company, the brand name may be more valuable than the products in makes. Just because it is not relevent to the consumption of those products doesn’t mean it is not important.

  5. Senerath Says:

    @ Dilrook,
    I used the word “… only”. I don’t buy the idea Hindus in India would totally neglect and leave the relics 20 feet under after they leave, if British didn’t start digging.
    Do you approve his stealing of the jewels and valuables and bringing home ? The narrator says ” a fraction of ” but it is a lot of it worth billions.
    To Sri Lanka , they have done a lot harm than good. They have stolen a lot of treasures.

  6. Nimal Says:

    We must care about his teachings. He was a person, no doubt.

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