Netflix block busters Narcos,El chapo,Pablo, Escobar,Kacak and Sri Lankan Mafia –analogue
Posted on February 17th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Have  you seen above films.?

During various situations where internal crisis or changes in attitude of law enforcement agencies were  threatening their existence, all Mafia Capos drive big four wheelers with drivers and security to Bosse’s mansions to hold meetings

They were discussing how to kill judges or journalists and how confront their opponents.

During last few days we have watched TV in disgust on how local ministers and MP,s being driven to mansions where booze was for flowing freely driving Toyota Sahara Land cruisers ,Land Rover Discoveries ,and Jeeps ,Most expensive BMW and Mercedes Benze etc .

Their expensive four RSA’s wheelers and limousines of eye Catching colours teasing the audience with Roy the VIP showing his bright teeth smiling and uttering very offensive words with glittering eyes with vengeance

If you watch Indian TV you can still see the rulers driving old Ambassadors or local made four wheelers or cars with modesty

Sri Lankans should now at least think wisely when the next election comes .

Contesting politicians should couch that they will not import any duty free vehicles .They shuld promise that all 225 law makers will save money together to give fertilizer Subsidy and reduce rice and coconut prices .

They should drive onlt one car with security and no back ups

No matter whether they are from  Betel Leaf ,Elephant,Hand ,,Flower bud or the Bell the culture should  change the culture .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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