The concept of reconciliation has reached paranoid proportions
Posted on October 18th, 2018


The Island editorial on Learn from History (13 Oct) touched on an important issue concerning the use of children and teachers in the North to canvass the release of LTTE suspects now in custody.

As mentioned in the editorial the irony of the effort on the part of the organizers of the movement was to force the Jaffna parents and the students to  forget the reign of terror unleashed on them by the LTTE in little over 8 years ago. Here is a report from the UNICEF in 2004 on the fate of children in the North.

A UNICEF spokesman in Sri Lanka, James Elder, said child combatants bear deep psychological scars. Even those spared from combat lost precious years that cannot be replaced. “Child soldiers in Sri Lanka live in a theatre of violence and suffering,” he said.

“Many in this current conflict may be thrown into the front line at a time of fierce fighting where they can be killed or maimed. Instead of hope, fear defines their childhood. Their recruitment is intolerable. The Tigers have a long tradition of recruiting child soldiers. UNICEF has recorded more than 6000 cases of children recruited between 2003 and the end of last year”

By the year 2009 the number of children snatched by the LTTE and used as child soldiers reached 15 000. While the parents whose children were taken by force by the LTTE were traumatized and lived in the faint hope that the children will return someday, the children were brain washed by the LTTE ideologues to convert them to be blood thirsty terrorists and to be killed or maimed as they were used as cannon fodder by the LTTE.

However bad and violent the past have been to the North’s child soldiers of the LTTE in the twilight of reminiscence, the present day LTTE fronts ironically are forcing the current generation to ‘fight’ for the ”freedom of the repressors of their elder brothers and sisters! The wheel has come a full circle and the children are being dragged to put their heads to the Tiger’s mouth.

The lack of balance in assessing the concept of ‘reconciliation’ has reached paranoid proportions in the hands of crafty pro-LTTE politicians who are neither fair by the children of the North nor by the people in the North.


3 Responses to “The concept of reconciliation has reached paranoid proportions”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Reconciliation was doomed from the start. Sri Lanka is the only country that recognizes INTERPOL wanted terrorists as VVIPs/party vice presidents/MPs/ministers, imprisons the war winning army commander, compensates terrorists, sons raise their hands to reward the killers of their fathers, winners of the war live like losers and losers of the war live like winners. All thanks to reconciliation.

  2. Charles Says:

    Tamils-the political Tamils do not want reconciliation . If they want it, it is only as a stepping stone to what they really want which is the Tamil Eelam with North and East combined. Sumanthiran is hell bent along with his NGO financed friiend Lal Wijenayake to set up a federal Constitution.

    It is the West that wanted Sri Lanka to implement reconciliation. As Sri Lanka wanted time to develop and establish peace and unity amount Communities , I think the Previous government examined the posibility of a reconciliation with the LLRC. Unfortunately the previous government did not have enough time to complete what it started with the elimination of terrorism. That ws the mistake of calling for elections before time. But it serves nothing to reiterate that all the time. But the worst has however happened and it is necessary to stop the Yahapalanaya steam rolling all that was achieved along with the elimination of terrorism. Therefore this stupid reconciliation should be stopped and and a new government should re-start from what had beeen dropped on 8th January,2015.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    Mahinda’s (or his stupid adviser’s) reconciliation model was South Africa.
    South Africa’s reconciliation is a disaster. I have met very good SA whites whose parents have been hacked to death for no apparent reason after this failed reconciliation ! White farmers are being killed and being harassed daily. At the same time black children are being raped by rich whites as black politicians indulge in corruption and luxury.

    Same thing is happening in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese are being punished. Poor Tamils too are being exploited in the name of a future EELAAM because most Tamils still prefer this dream than enjoying the good life with Sinhala people.

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