Mr President should declare the US Ambassador persona non grata immediately before things get even worse.
Posted on March 10th, 2019

Sudath Gunasekara


The whole nation wants the President to declare the US Ambassador persona non grata immediately as she is clearly and blatantly interfering with our domestic politics in which she has no business as a Diplomat. Only last week she visited Hambantota port with a CIA Agent and now it is followed by another visit to Palali in the North.  What the hell the Government is doing while these foreign Diplopmuts are nakedly fiddling with the domestic affairs of the country like this. Of cause no one can expects RW to do it as he may have even planned these visits

Therefore the whole country wants the President to intervene and do this.

Firstly, to arrest the ongoing mad war against Sri Lanka’s independence and freedom by the Western and Indian Diplomuts who blatantly violate Diplomatic norms by nakedly interfering with the domestic matters of this country in this manner with impunity.

Secondly, to teach a lesson to all foreign Diplomats as to how they should behave towards the countries not belonging to them. There should be an end to this Diplomatic nonsense.

Thirdly, such action will prevent these diplomatic missions in Colombo who are working overtime to change the political destinies of Sri Lanka

Fourthly, to stop their coming to dictate terms to you on anything in future in matters like appointment of Ministers, assigning subjects to Ministers in carrying out your legitimate duties under the Constitution of the country.

I am sure his Secretary and advisors on foreign affairs can surely find enough precedents from other countries as examples and advice the President on this matter.

I just quote two such instances from our own country.

The late President J.R. Jayewardene who earned the sobriquet of Yankee Dickey did not hesitate to declare persona non grata Kenneth Munro Scott, the Political Officer of the US embassy in Colombo in 1982. He had made critical remarks on Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.” Similarly, in 1991, the then British High Commissioner David Gladstone was declared persona non grata by President Ranasinghe Premadasa for interfering in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs.”

Mr President the ball is in your court. As such you ball them out before they do that to you in dire desperation as the situation is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Please remember what they did to Sadam Hussein in Iraque and Kernal Gadhaphi in Lybia. These Western enemies and the Indian Raw have no limits of crime and murders when it comes to issues that affect their interests. They even surpass all the Machiavellian and Kautilyan tactics of State craft to fulfill their neo-colonial sadistic goals.

6 Responses to “Mr President should declare the US Ambassador persona non grata immediately before things get even worse.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Strange pro-Western UNP presidents had the courage to do it but so called patriotic presidents (CBK, MR and MS) cannot do it! CBK and MR have family members who are US or UK citizens. So they didn’t/don’t want to mess with them.

    No one is patriotic by surname or past conduct. Every action must be separately assessed for patriotism.

    Robert Blake interfered with our internal affairs more than anyone else. We demanded from Mahinda in these pages to declare him persona non grata.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Unfortunately all patriotic demands will stop once MR regains full power .
    Until that make any demand as you wish. Why not declare war with USA ?

  3. Nimal Says:

    Why blame this government when MR allowed PM Cameron to visit Jaffna, so they are all at it therefore one mustn’t take sides of the political divide of the country.

  4. Charles Says:

    These idiots came to Sri Lanka and colonised our country and told us what to do , what to believe and how to think. But now we are independent they cannot now come to Geneva and decide things for us. We know who our enemies are and we know who our friends are. It is not USA and the West that saved us from 30 years of suffering under terrorism. It is our great war heros like Major Shamindra Silva who risked their lives to save as and bring peace and security to the country. How can USA and UN Commissioner in Geneva decide how we treat our war heroes. Sri Lanka delegation should walk out of Geneva UNHR Council. France is already criticising the Commissioner and France may also leave the UNHRCouncil.

  5. Christie Says:

    Indian High Commissioner goes around handing out houses to Indian Parasites and all of us are blind.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    “Unfortunately all patriotic demands will stop once MR regains full power.”

    Sadly this is true.

    The best place to hide is behind the searchlight. No one can see you unless you have your own torch.

    Some wise questions by Venerable Mahinda Thero (circa 265BC) come handy.

    1. Are there patriots in the Mahinda camp? Yes.
    2. Are there patriots in the anti-Mahinda camp? Yes.
    3. Are all in the Mahinda camp patriots? No.
    4. Are all in the anti-Mahinda camp not patriots? No.

    Sadly some can only think upto number 1 above. They cannot have the faculty to think beyond number 1. Is it any wonder Sri Lanka is as it is today?

    Buddhist philosophy can give a wide perspective most other faiths wish their adherents won’t observe.

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