Lifted a boat in Trinco first time on Sunday using state of the art floating dock
Posted on March 11th, 2019

Dr sarath obeysekera Walkers Trinco Shipyard

SLPA Trinco and Navy ISPS were not happy for doing this in Codbay  despite permisson  from Chairman fishery harbour corporation
SLPA Harbour Master has theatened to arreast me
I went on Sunday ready to be arrested and yet i felt good when i finished
With no hand cuffs
Trick was to invite press to cover the event

I would have been in National News if Harbour Master arrested me
His ludicrous claim was that Fishery Harbour is owned by corporation but  Water is his !!!
Navy ,police,Harbour Security came to watch and retreated

If Politicians want development these type of people should be sent to Monkey Island
I was acting within the law and braved with my boys
Sri Lanka can never go forward like this when State Officers behave like they own teh whole ocean
I as a citizen has the right to be in the sea just like i have right to stand on the ground
Salute to two ex navy boys working for our shipyard stood by me

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