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Posted on May 2nd, 2019

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  1. Ratanapala Says:


    Be careful when questioning Islamists. They are permitted by the Koran to lie unashamedly to deceive anyone who they consider to be their opponents or enemy. It is called Taquiyya. Be careful of artful deception and deceit – they are masters at the game and well versed in debating.

    I have been following the recent talk shows after the Easter Sunday Massacre how Muslims and Muslim Clerics respond. Evading the question, confusing the moderator, the interlocutor and taking the main line of questioning to an area where he is most comfortable are some of the tactics they use. If everything fails ‘tears’ – I myself was about to cry when I saw those tears!

    I was watching 24 April Aluth Parlimentuwa. When asked about the Madaras schools the Moulavi completely confused and bamboozled Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero who was not able to pursue the questioning to a successful completion.

    This is what Islam is all about. They will point out one part of the Koran which is outwardly peaceful in order to hide a vast majority of sayings which are absolutely hate-filled and anti-social.

    At one point the Prophet has said that the killing of one human being is equivalent to the killing of the whole of humanity. Elsewhere it says to kill the non-believer if he does not convert to Islam. The Koran must be understood in its totality and not in parts to declare whether it is a document that promotes peace in the world. World Governments are guilty of this overlook! Today thousands of young men are taking up arms following this call to kill the INFIDEL, while conveniently forgetting that killing one human being is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity!

    This is an undertaking for the world governments before they are all fooled into believing what is stated in this holy book. Young Muslim children are drilled in their ideology in Islamic Schools called Madrasas all over the world. What is taught to these children at an impressionable age and who are the teachers are not closely monitored by governmental authorities.

    Even if they are told that they are Muslims and that they are different from the others who are not Muslim is good enough to turn a child later into a young terrorist capable of killing Non-Muslims!

    Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali a former Muslim about Taqiyya.

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