Saudi Embassy rejects allegations in Sri Lankan newspaper as ‘baseless lie’
Posted on May 6th, 2019

JEDDAH — The Kingdom’s embassy in Colombo dismissed a report published in a Sri Lankan newspaper insinuating Saudi responsibility for last month’s terrorist attacks in the country.

“The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Sri Lanka closely followed the news item published in the local newspaper ‘Weekend Express’ on May 3, 2019, under the heading ‘Leaked document reveals Saudi responsibility for the attacks’, quoting the Lebanese news site Al-Ahed,” the embassy said in a press statement released in Colombo.

“The embassy expresses its displeasure and condemnation of the publication of false allegations against the Kingdom in a state-owned newspaper in Sri Lanka, which led other local media organs to reproduce the news item,” the statement read.

The embassy categorically denied any Saudi involvement in the incident and emphasized that the published news item was a baseless lie.

The embassy urged the Sri Lankan media institutions to ascertain the reliability of their sources before publishing any news about Saudi Arabia.

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