Posted on May 12th, 2019


The Lankaweb  published the first part of this series on February 8, 2019.  In its last para we identified ” Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe  by far the most shrewd  and intelligent politician of Sri Lanka.” 


Since the formation of the Government, Ranil Wickremasinghe or his UNP colleagues held the role of Law and Order.  Ranil himself held it for couple of months and then relegated to his erstwhile friend Sagala Ratnayake and then to Ranjith Madduma Bandara.

During this period Ranil dismantled the intelligence network, downgraded its manpower, experienced Officers were transferred to other Divisions in addition to arresting  and jailing them.  Most of them are still behind bars, with no sign of legal action being instituted. 

Ranil did all this ground work to satisfy LTTE diaspora, the West, the Indian political mafia and Muslim minorities.  At the time the Ministry was removed from him, the Ministry was virtually defunct.


Maithreepala took over the Ministry on 1 November 2018. Just couple of days before taking over the Ministry, the President appointed Mr Mahinda Rajapakse as Prime Minister.


The loss of powerful Ministry of Law and Order and the appointment of Mahinda Rajapakse, did not go down well in the books of Master Mind Ranil Wickremasinghe.  He became the Prime Minister again, yet without the Ministry of Law and Order.


On 21 April 2019, the Churches were attacked, whilst President Sirisena was holidaying and shopping for his son’s wedding.  Ranil escaped to Nuwaraeliya for a holiday, instead of going to his famous downsouth destinations off Baddegama. 


I.                    Since the attack on Churches and killing hundreds of innocent worshippers, Ranil used the opportunity to blame the President  as he was the Minister. 

II.                  Advocating that President is incapable of holding the role of Ministry of Law and Order, Ranil, his kiths and kins are now gearing up for a political promotion for convicted criminal Sarath Fonseka.

III.                Without Tamils and Muslims support, Ranil is a political pedestrian.  Therefore, he will use his skills of political manoeuvre to retain the position of Prime Minister and destroy Maithreepala politically. 

The Bond Scam, the failure to bring back Arjun Mahendran, the alleged coup to assassinate the President Maithreepala and the former Defence Secretary, the 21 April attack on Churches by Muslim Terrorists  may not be mere coincidences.


  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Good analysis of a criminal mind.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I agree with all. But I don’t agree for the saying “the failure to bring back Arjun Mahendran”.

    There is no failure here. Run-nil knows AM is just a conduit for the scam. So bringing him will expose Run-nil. AM has been made the escape goat.

    It is like shooting the messenger. The Sri Lankan opposition and 99% of the population are blaming AM for the Bond Scam… How stupid a nation can be??

  3. aloy Says:

    There are signs that we are drifting towards another Batalanda. I hope the security chiefs will give an ear to what the people say. The Wellampitiya OIC’s case is a good example. If the security chiefs are insensitive and try to protect the politicos by tough talking on the TV instead of keeping their houses in order, then I believe the situation can get worse.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Why is Ranil not a good leader :
    The top govt posts Ranil has held and messed up proves that he does not have a very high I.Q.
    And that he has no talent for leadership.
    He lost all the elections for 40 years.
    He has won top govt jobs only when he went with someone else in front to pave the way for him, as he did in 2015, or gets elected because of family connections.
    He does not appear to have morals or ethics.
    He only seems to act on the script from Think Tanks abroad.
    You can see from his actions that he has no loyalty to the country or the people.
    He took great pains to trivialize what MR Govt had achieved – a lot of good work the MR govt had done was trivialized and some of it erased. He stopped the solar park in Hambantota, the Port city, and the Power Plants in Trinco.
    As Minister for Youth Affairs under the JR govt. Ranil did nothing constructive – in fact, the youth suffered under Ranil’s harsh Youth administration (Batalanda torture camps). As the Minister for Youth Affairs, if really spoke/had discussions with those youth protestors (JVP) he would have found out what they really wanted was EMPLOYMENT!
    These youth groups could have been trained to be young teachers, farmers, tailors, entrepreneurs, managers, writers, film stars, cooks, tourist guides, etc – the list is endless. Instead, they were allowed to stew in frustration and turn into violent gangs. What kind of leadership is that?
    In contrast, the MR Govt started a program to provide leadership training to University students. Ranil stopped it.
    Ranil’s whole plan seemed to be to crash the country and sell the country to foreigners.
    Recently, when he was deposed from office by My3, he went crying to the Diplomatic Corps like a small kid going to his mama when has got pulled up by the school principal.
    In the recent Easter bombing, when the churches were destroyed by terrorists, the answer he gave was pathetic. See: http://www.dailymirror.lk/fact_check/PM-wrong-on-local-law-to-arrest-terrorists/328-166551
    He does not have the capacity to even tell lies in an acceptable way!
    He does not take responsibilities seriously and shrugs/excuses off violence, death, and destruction.
    What sort of leadership does he provide? In my opinion none.

  5. Cerberus Says:

    Correction to above note: Please note that the first insurrection in the 1970s was during Mrs. B’s time and about 2000 were killed. The reason for that insurrection was the lack of jobs. Mrs. B did not sit down with the JVP to discuss the issues. The second time it was a protest against the 13-A (Indo-Lanka accord). This time the UNP with Ranil in charge, killed an estimated 60-40,000 Sinhala youth. Again there was no discussion. Ranil is supposed to have set up the Batalanda torture house and all the JVP lawyers and others were targeted where an estimated 15,000 were killed. The news items state that the then army went to villages and rounded up any youth who were loitering and got them to dig large pits and lined them up and shot them. The Batalanda Commission found Ranil guilty and recommended his civil rights be removed. Yet he is the PM today. It is said that the JVP leader Wijeweera was tortured and thrown into the incinerator while he was alive. It is a tragedy that the present JVP party is backing Ranil to the hilt due to the funding he is able to provide.

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