Welgama disputes President’s claim
Posted on May 13th, 2019

By Akitha Perera Courtesy The Island

UPFA MP Kumara Welgama, on Sunday, disputed President Maithripala Sirisena’s claim, at a Kalutara District Security Committee meeting, that the security situation was under control.

Welgama said that though the President had assured that normalcy had returned, his head of security had been informed by his superiors to ensure his safety. Thus, the statements the President made on the security situation were contradictory, Welgama said.

When Welgama made that statement, the President did not respond, according to sources.

The meeting was held at Kalutara District Secretariat with the participation of a large number of politicians and state officials. It was closed to media except the presidential media division.

The President told those present that the security situation was under control.

Welgama then criticized the President and the government, and at the end of his speech, those who were present applauded the MP.

Welgama added that he had been informed by his security, on April 21, the day of the Easter Bombings, of the impending attack, but he had not paid much attention to it. But as the Minister of Defence, the President should have informed the people, he said.

The president, ministers and other MPs should take the responsibility for the situation. All the politicians were aware of potential attacks and, therefore, neither they nor their family members had gone to church, Welgama said.

“We must go for elections only after solving the problem completely. All must extend their support for the security forces to bring the situation under control. The security forces can tackle the situation if there is no political interference.”

Several others including MP Jayantha Samaraweera also expressed their views. The President left, saying he had to attend the Cabinet meeting.

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