Even the President’s Wesak pardon list of 762 prisoners did not include Galabodaatte Gnaanasara Thero who is also certainly qualified to be released under the list of Crimes excluded in the gazette notice.
Posted on May 20th, 2019

 Sudath Gunasekara

Even the President’s Wesak pardon list of 762 prisoners did not include Galabodaatte Gnaanasara Thero who is also certainly qualified under the list of Crimes excluded in the gazette notice.

Ven Galabodaatte Gnanasara Thero was jailed for the following reasons on August 9th 2018 for 19 years later committed to 6 years

1For shouting at the presiding judge and lawyers as the accused military men were refused bail.

2 For threatening the wife of the missing journalist Sandhya Eknaligoda (who was allegedly reported in the press living with another Arabian woman in an Arab country)

3 Asking for a Sinhala-Buddhist rule in this country

4 For demanding the release of an Accused Intelligence Officer who had been remanded before.

Court sentenced him to four years Rigorous Imprisonment each for the first two counts, and six years and five years respectively for the other two Counts, totaling 19 years Rigorous Imprisonment.

These soldiers have only carried out their duty by the State to save their Motherland, being the first duty of any soldier. Thereby they successfully saved the Motherland from the LTTE terrorists who carried out a brutal and savage war for 30 years for a separate State called EELAM. Today we all owe our lives and the protection of the country to them. Gnanasara Thera in my opinion has only aired out his pain on behalf of the whole nation and had done his duty as a true Buddhaputra in accordance with the hallowed tradition of a Monk in this country. Had the court looked at this incident from that angle I am sure the court decision would have been much milder. Could such a noble action and just shouting at a woman whose husband has betrayed the nation be so serious to convict even a layman for 1 year RI is a moot question that needs to be seriously looked in to at least now by the Law enforcing authorities. I have no doubt that all those parties who were a party to this unfortunate situation will repent their whole life for their decision.

On the other hand it is high time that in all cases other than criminal, the fraternity of Sangha must be vested with the power to hear and decide without dragging them in robes to open court houses and thereby humiliating the Sangha

 Isn’t it a disgrace and a shame too that the fraternity of monks of this country has not taken up this issue strongly with the President.

Is it the fear for losing the Muslim votes or International pressure or both that prevented the President declaring clemency on this patriotic Buddhist monk? Or should he obtain permission from Assad Sali and Hisbulla, his trusted Governors to grant pardon to this Thera even on the Wesak Full moon day, under the prevailing political culture in this country

Justice to be justice must not only be done but it must also appear to be justice done in the public eye.

Court issued orders to the Superintendent of the Prison of Welikada, to take charge of the Accused Respondent forthwith, and after his recovery, proceed to the implementation of the sentence imposed on him.

Now leaving aside the court order as a judicial decision on which we are not expected to comment, the whole nation ask the question from the President as to why he couldn’t give this monk a special pardon or at least include his name in this unusually long list of 762 who may have been jailed for good reasons. Certainly people of this country would never have found fault with him as that would never have been  so bad in the public eye  as the appointment of Hisbulla and Asad Sali as Governors and keeping them in  their positions against wide public objections on account of  their well- known treacherous activities against the State.

First I wonder whether this country has already ceased to be a Sinhala Buddhist country, as Mangala declared the other day. Is it being ruled by a Sinhala Buddhist President and a Sinhala Buddhist Prime Minister, as it had been done for millennia since 307 BC, I have my serious doubts.

Second, whether it is ruled according to the wishes and aspirations of the Sinhala Buddhists who form 75 % of the total population in spite of nearly 500 years of Western colonial depredations and destructions.

Third, whether it is run by a set of puppet rulers manipulated by extremist minority Tamils and Muslims at home and the ex-colonial powers in the West.

Fourth whether it is ruled by a set of Thuppias who are agents of the Western colonial invaders who ruined this country from 1505 to 1948 and still ruling this country indirectly through the henchmen they have left behind when the y left.

Fifth, whether we could be called an Independent sovereign State at all as it is still run by western oriented politicians who dispense justice under the vestiges of Roman Dutch Law and English Laws which is completely alien to us and our indigenous legal system and culture while at the same time ironically minority Tamils and Muslims are given special privileges under Thesavalamei and Muslim Law.

Sixth whether the Government is only a big joke manned by a stupid set of puppet rulers representing the old colonial masters

As for me Rev Galaboda atte Gnanasara falls in to the category of great  monks Theraputthabhaya, Wariyapola Sumangala, Kadahapola, Mohotiwatte Gunananda and Soma Thera, who had died for the Motherland and Sasana  and who decorates the annals of history in this country.

In addition to this blunder I may also highlight here some of the irreligious actions this Government has taken in recent times Imprisoning more than 65 Buddhist monks on flimsy issues.

Charging Buddhist monks even for keeping an elephant calf in the Temple Disregarding the advice given by the Mahanayaka Theras of the Three Nikayas and other religious dignitaries like His eminence Malcolm Ranjith Fernando Publicly and openly declaring that this is not a Sinhala Buddhist country as said by its Finance Minister and not refuting it even  by the President or the Prime Minister. Minister of Justice openly criticizing the Monks at the Ranaviru Commemorating day clearly demonstrate this anti-Buddhist attitude of the Present Government.

If this is the way how the present government has given the foremost place to Buddhism as enshrined in the Constitution, then I don’t have any faith or trust in this government at all to protect the Buddha Sasana any more I believe the whole nation will agree with me on this issue and teach all these politicians a good lesson at the next general  election by dumping them in to the dustbin of history.

3 Responses to “Even the President’s Wesak pardon list of 762 prisoners did not include Galabodaatte Gnaanasara Thero who is also certainly qualified to be released under the list of Crimes excluded in the gazette notice.”

  1. Christie Says:

    I am no fan of Nanasara for what he did with regime change.

    But he should not be in jail for so long for contempt of court.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    I totally agree with Christie.

  3. Randeniyage Says:

    He did not do ANYTHING on regime change, He was pointing out JIHAD activities and threatening the Muslims.
    Lot of other monks who helped regime change are
    1. Maduluwave Sobhitha Thero
    2. Omalpe Sobhitha Thero
    3. Rathana Thero
    4. Dambara Amila (title left out deliberately)
    BBS was started with the help of Gotabhaya and if you are right Gothabya is also part of regime change if Ganansara(title left out deliberately) is a part of.
    He should be released and the judge who sentenced him and the police who persecuted him shall be send to jail.

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