The Truth Behind the Brampton Tamil “Genocide”Day City Proclamation!!!!
Posted on May 26th, 2019

Issued by the Sri Lankan Brampton Peel Region Community

On May the 21st evening, about 1,0000 people gathered in front of the Brampton City Hall in Ontario, Canada to express their disappointment and frustration towards Mr. Patrick Brown, the city mayor through a massivedemonstration and a peaceful rally. The mayor has already passed a proclamation (April 24th, 2019) OF GENOCIDE OF TAMIL PEOPLE that never occurred in Sri Lanka.

genocide is defined as systematic measures for the extermination of a national cultural, religious or racial group”. The United Nations or any other country has not declared that Sri Lanka committed Genocide” in 2009. 

The attendees of the public rally believed and expressed their concerns through slogans and speeches that this proclamation creates an unnecessary tension between the Sinhalese and the Tamils in Canada. There are 14,225 Sri Lankans of all ethnic types currently living in Brampton. Mayor has seemingly forgotten that these numbers indicate votes.

The attendees from Brampton municipal area asked how the mayor could use Brampton taxpayer’s money to tackle a foreign political issue. They all strongly felt that this council had no authority to declare a war as a genocide in another commonwealth country.

They also pointed out that the Liberation of Tamil Tigers (LTTE) which has been designated by the FBI as the most heinous of all terrorist groups, systematically killed both Tamil and Sinhala intellectuals and leaders in Sri Lanka. According to Mayor’s communications, he had received support from four members of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) which represent the LTTE (a Banned terrorist organization) in Canada now.

According to the attendees, this proclamation is a political trick towards getting Tamil Canadian votes, and at the same time, an act over which a city council or mayor has no legal authority.

They specifically asked the mayor: Do you wish to encourage one ethnic community in Canada to break up the existing peace and harmony supported by the act of Multiculturalism?

They demanded that this proclamation be withdrawn. A responsible political leader like Patrick Brown should never ever use their tax dollars for their political advantage and purposes. 

Issued by the Sri Lankan Brampton Peel Region Community

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