Posted on May 30th, 2019

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane   

Muslim Hostility Since Ancient Times                                                            

Those professing Islam have been the biggest enemies of Buddhists and Buddhism throughout history. Buddhists have suffered extreme forms of violence, untold persecution and discrimination from Muslims since the 12th century, with the ruthless Muslim incursions of ancient Buddhist nations in the Central Asian and Himalayan regions. Prior to the arrival of Muslim invaders, all countries/regions associated with the ancient Silk Road, were inhabited by flourishing Buddhist communities. They included Afghanistan, Kashmir, Indus valley, present day Pakistan and Bangladesh. Muslim invasions were marked by widespread killing, torture and persecution of Buddhists and rampant destruction of Buddhist places of worship and learning, monasteries, historic monuments and Buddhist settlements and widespread confiscation of Buddhist properties. There are ample historic records which describe vividly the atrocities committed by Muslims against millions of Buddhists in several countries. Islam destroyed Buddhism not only in India but wherever it went. Before the onslaught of Islam, Buddhism was the religion of almost the whole of Asia – ancient countries/regions such as Bactria, Parthia, Afghanistan, Gandhar, Chinese Turkestan, along with Tibet and Inner Mongolia were Buddhist nations that formed almost the whole of the Asian continent. Buddhism was the dominant religion of the people of this vast area of the Asian continent. Islam destroyed and eliminated Buddhism from almost all these countries. In the late 12 century, Indonesia and Malaysia were Buddhist countries. With Muslim invasions most Buddhists in these countries were either killed or forced to convert to Islam. Most Buddhist shrines and settlements were destroyed.

For five centuries, from the 13th to 17th centuries, most parts of India were under Muslim rule. During this time, over 50 million Buddhists and Hindus were massacred by Islamists in greater India, which in the past included Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It is a well known fact that Buddhism disappeared from India under the sword of Islam. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the great Indian Buddhist leader said that there is absolutely no doubt that the fall of Buddhism in India was due to the invasions of the Musalmans or the adherents of Islam. Ruthless Muslim invaders slaughtered thousands of Buddhists including monks in places such as Bihar, India. They destroyed the ancient illustrious Buddhist Universities of Nalanda, Vikramsila, Jagaddala, Odantipur among others. (For further details read my paper in Lankaweb – titled NALANDA: illustrious International Buddhist University 5th century CE to 12 century CE.)   At the end of 12th century, Muslim invaders demolished Nalanda university, burnt down its priceless library, and mercilessly massacred its scholars including Buddhist monks. Countless ancient Buddhist monuments were defaced or destroyed, virtually erasing the Buddhist faith from India. Forced conversion  of Buddhists and Hindu people to Islam was the order of the day. They razed to the ground many thousands of Buddhist monasteries with which the country was studded. The monks fled away in thousands to Nepal, Tibet and other places outside India. Muslim invaders killed thousands of Buddhists outright. How the Buddhist monkhood perished by the sword of the Muslim invaders has been recorded by Muslim historians themselves. Seen in this light the wanton and heartless destruction of the colossal Bamiyan Buddha statues by the Taliban as recent as in February 2001 does not seem out of place. Smashing the head of Brahma in Thao Maha Brahma or Phra Phrom Erawan Shrine in Bangkok was done by Muslim youth. It reflects the atavistic iconoclastic behaviour of Islam.

Although we proudly claim that Buddhism has survived for some 2300 years in Sri Lanka and founded on Buddhist teachings of non-violence, tolerance and  compassion, the Sinhala Buddhist community was able to withstand various threats and challenges and was able to protect Buddhism, we should not overlook the fact that Buddhism was wiped out from many countries and regions in the Asian continent in the not too distant past.  The exclusively Buddhist populations of places such as Afghanistan, present day Pakistan, a good part of the Indian sub-continent, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Maldives Islands were either murdered or converted to Islam. Ruthless Muslim invasions changed the Buddhist religious landscape of these places. Buddhist places of worship and reputed places of learning were demolished during Muslim invasions.

                                                                                                                                            More recently in 2001, in the name of Islam, the Taliban destroyed the world renowned monumental Bamiyan Buddha statues built in the 6th century, citing that these were ‘idols’ which are forbidden under Sharia law in Islam. In contemporary times we witness a disastrous hardening of Islam into rigid fundamentalism, in which Muslims are resorting to violent terrorist means to aggressively proclaim their beliefs and zealously proselytizing non-Muslims. A fundamentalist and intolerant stance, taken by any religion, is offensive to followers of other faiths and to those of no faith at all. Disrespect, disregard and sheer indifference towards people of other religions, is a common character trait of Muslims, wherever in the world they live.  These negative attitudes have made them resort to crude forms of violence against people and property of other faiths, especially Buddhists. This is well evident today not only in places like Bangladesh, Southern Thailand and Myanmar, but also in our own motherland, the most recent being the bomb blasts in Catholic Churches and in prominent hotels in Colombo, killing and injuring many hundreds of innocent people.        

Deceit and Violence in Sri Lanka

Allah based Islam religion argues that they are required according to the word of Allah to propagate their religion by resorting to various means, one being the so-called Holy War” to convert or kill all unbelievers. Intimidation and terrorism are common methods used even in modern times. Threatening and discriminating against unbelievers is a common practice. Muslims believe the Koran is the word of Allah. They believe this because it says so in the Koran. It also says that a good Muslim must make continual war on all unbelievers until the entire world is Islamic. Radical Islamic ideology is being spread all over the Muslim world through schools popularly known as madrasas, also through the media and through mosques. They also resort to organized forms of disinformation and spread lies about other rival beliefs and ways of living. These are psychological blackmail techniques used by them to serve their selfish ends. They demonize other religions by using big lies.

Muslims are trying hard, using cunning and deceitful means to introduce their crude extremist Saudi Arabian cultural norms to our country, thereby undermining our traditional Sinhala Buddhist cultural norms. Their disgusting halal terrorist methods of animal slaughter, their unsightly and repulsive ‘gonibilla’ outfits, their nauseating loadspeaker shouting at odd times of the day disturbing entire neighborhoods, and using internet and other means to insult and discredit our Sangha community are some well known Muslim (Arabian) cultural garbage they are introducing to our land. They disregard the fact that they live in a predominantly Buddhist country and what they are doing is incompatible with the way of life and the social value system of this country.

It is clearly evident in recent years that there have been organized attempts on the part of extremist Muslims, the Wahhabis, to discredit and dishonour the Buddha Sasana and the Sangha Community of Sri Lanka. Their actions show their indifference and sheer disrespect and disregard for Buddhist cultural norms and values of this country. They appear to detest our Buddhist national culture and heritage. In fact they have resorted to the destruction of Buddhist monuments and archeological remains in the island, especially in the East. The Buddhist cultural heritage of this country is being undermined by Muslim devious ways. In recent years, the extremist Muslims who have recently adopted the fundamentalist Wahhabi form of Islam imported from Saudi Arabia along with enormous amounts of Saudi funds, have been instrumental in causing serious problems in Sri Lanka having direct negative implications for the mainstream Buddhist community. In general, the Muslims are concerned only of themselves, their religion and their community. This is a reason why they cannot assimilate with mainstream communities in countries where they live or have immigrated to.

It was not long ago that Islamic fundamentalists and armed Muslim extremists were inciting violence against legitimate Buddhist activities in the East in the Pottuvil region. Muslims were encroaching upon and forcibly taking land that rightfully belongs to Buddhist temples on the southeast coast and elsewhere. Muslim illegal encroachment of the Wilpattu national conservation for exclusive Muslim enclaves is well known. Muslims have also demolished some significant Buddhist archeological sites and instrumental in destroying Buddha statues in several places in the East and recently in Mawanella. The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and several Islamic groups of Sri Lanka had the audacity to oppose the construction of Buddha’s statues on the island’s southeast coastal areas which contain Buddhist historic monuments and important archeological remains as part of the nation’s cultural wealth.

Muslim Proliferation by Reproducing Abundantly

As a means of propagating their believers, a well evident practice in all Muslim societies almost throughout the world is Fecundism or proliferation by reproducing abundantly. Their so-called true believers are encouraged and assisted to breed faster than non-believers. This is an ecologically disastrous population growth situation which can lead to far reaching, highly detrimental consequences affecting overall development of any country. In a deceitfully organized manner Muslim medical professionals have resorted to illegal sterilization of many Sinhala women in view of controlling the growth of Sinhala population. It is reported to be a common practice in popular Muslim business establishments to offer special benefits and privileges to female Sinhala employees who convert to Islam.

The Buddhist Approach of Non-Aggression 

Fanaticism and brutality and unethical and confrontational approaches adopted by Islam    and other theistic religious establishments, often in the past and Islam most evidently in present times, to promote their religious beliefs provide a stark contrast to the approach in Buddhism. The Buddha Dhamma is described as ‘ehipassiko’, inviting one to come and see for himself. There is no concept of coercion or proselytization in Buddhism. The Buddha taught the importance of patience, tolerance, and non-aggression, providing a splendid ideal of tolerance for Buddhists to follow. There is not a single occasion in the Buddhist scriptures of the Buddha being less than compassionate, not only to those who accepted his teachings but also to the followers of all faiths, not only to the good but also to the wicked, not only to humans but also to animals and to all living beings. In striking contrast to the spread of other world religions, which are replete with unethical and forcible conversions and sectarian strife, the history of Buddhism is remarkable for the complete absence of bloodshed in the name of the teacher.

Spirit of Tolerance and Accommodation of Others                                                                                  

History of our country reveals vividly that this spirit of tolerance and accommodation of others irrespective of their religious or other differences has been a common distinguishing characteristic of Sinhala Buddhists of this country from very early times. Judging from the fanaticism and confrontational attitudes and actions especially of  extremist Muslims in recent decades, it appears that this spirit of tolerance and accommodation on the part of Buddhists is not appreciated by them. It is being exploited as a weakness to pursue their self interests of promoting their religions and ways of life at the expense of Buddhism, Buddhist culture and Buddhist way of life

No Claim of Divine Authority in Buddhism

Buddhism does not accept an omnipotent God, a Creator, nor any revealed scripture. Because faith in God or a savior is not an issue for Buddhists, there is no reason for Buddhists to judge others, to condemn them for their beliefs, or to feel compelled to convert them. Buddhism is a religion which has never attempted to propagate itself and exterminate its enemies by war and tyranny. Buddhism recognizes that one of the most destructive delusions is excessive attachment to any view, which will thus appear virtuous and right for all people. The harm that can be done by fundamentalist attachment to ideologies and abstractions is far greater than that caused by attachment to wealth or material objects. 

Buddhism does not claim to be the one and only valid spiritual path. It is not based on, or claim divine authority. Gautama Buddha never claimed to be divine or sent by God. Buddhism does not attempt to suppress reason by dogma. Unlike most other religions, Buddhism isn’t so much about things to believe, as things to do. It is a technology of mind improvement. Therefore Buddhists often refer to themselves as practitioners rather than believers. The Buddha told his students to trust their own experience of the effectiveness of the teachings, and not believe things just because he said so. The Buddha’s teachings are to be judged by their effectiveness in promoting peace and spiritual realizations, rather than unverifiable claims to their origin.

Strengthen and Revitalize the Sinhala Buddhist Nation

The present generation of Sinhala nationals has a moral obligation to protect, preserve and promote the greatest of their inheritance, their unique nation, for the survival of their Buddhist cultural heritage and for the benefit of future generations. Concerned Sinhala nationals will under no circumstances allow the sovereignty, the distinct territorial integrity and the all-pervasive Sinhala Buddhist cultural character of the island be subject to any form of disarray or disintegration. They will not permit any force, internal or external, ethnic or religious, to subjugate or undermine the integrity of the Sinhala Buddhist culture of this island nation. Sinhala history is replete with valor and courage in battles against overly superior forces. The struggle against extremism and the looming division of this Sinhala island nation of ours demands our full national strength. Let all Sinhala nationalists rise to the occasion, forgetting for a moment their ‘other’ differences, and swear allegiance to the unity of this country by giving unswerving support to those commendable organizations that have emerged in recent times to save the nation from undesirable elements. The renewed loyalty that is fast emerging among the Sinhala nationals, particularly among the contemporary youth, is most encouraging.

Under the circumstances, a good part of our traditional Buddhist leadership – the Mahasangha has come to the forefront, providing leadership to the growing nationwide movement to counter this undesirable anti-national trend spearheaded by extremist elements of the Muslim community of Sri Lanka. The emergence of and initiatives taken by the Bodu Bala Sena and other Buddhist and patriotic organizations are timely and most admirable. In spite of untold and persistent challenges from various quarters – local and foreign, they are determined to provide necessary leadership to this movement, as a moral obligation to save the nation, the Buddha Sasana and the Buddhist heritage of our country. The courage, forthrightness, fearlessness, determination and foresight of the Bhikkhus of the Bodu Bala Sena and other Buddhist organizations that have sprung up in recent times to counter these undesirable trends are most praiseworthy. It is encouraging to note their rapidly expanding and widespread support base across the country and extending to the Sinhala Buddhist communities living overseas. It is time that all those who care for the survival of our nation, begin supporting this courageous movement, in all possible ways. The highly tolerant nature of the Buddhist community of Sri Lanka should not be taken for granted.They are becoming increasingly aware of the various forms of threats to which they are subject without good reason. As proven repeatedly in their nation’s long history of foreign aggression and misdemeanors, the Sinhala people, especially the Sinhala Buddhists will rise to the occasion when necessary, to save their Buddhist norms and principles which form the foundation of the national culture of their treasured motherland.   

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane                                     [email protected]


  1. Dilrook Says:

    I agree with the suggestion – Strengthen and Revitalize the Sinhala Buddhist Nation.

    It is better to have part of the island as a Sinhala Buddhist Nation very peacefully than lose it all. This is the disagreement.

    If British India remained as it was, it would not be a strong country today as some would love to think. It would be a very weak country manipulated by its western neighbours. Hindus would be less than 64% of the population and Muslims more than 32%. These percentages would be far more different if people moved around more. Obviously Hindus would not go to “Pakistan” and “Bangladesh” areas due to hostility and climate. Nationalists would never rule India.

    This is something to think about peacefully though most will disagree with me now. If things continue like this, all those who are truly concerned about the existence of Sinhalas will agree with me within a few years.

  2. Christie Says:

    We are becoming anti Sinhala Muslim. This is very unfortunate. Easter bombing is an India initiated work managed by Indian interests with Saudi Arabian money.

    The aim is to kill Sinhalese and drive a wedge through Sinhalese Buddhists and Sinhalese Muslims.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These mussies check what year this is. It is very easy thing to do. Even your mobile phone displays which year
    it is.

    People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers, gods etc. etc. in the olden days IN THE ABSENCE OF SCIENCE.
    Today, we all know (honest and not brain dead only) that the god is a man made thing and there isn’t a shred of
    evidence to support the guy. Not even a single museum in the world display a god while every one of them have
    a section dedicated to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (just like Buddha explained). Today, the Theory is a fact and
    no scientist disputes it and accepts it to be 100% true. Then his book, The Tree of Life, explained how all these
    other species came to be being including flies, mosquitoes, etc. etc. etc. God theory has only one thing in it.
    Holes, holes and holes and millions of them! All those people while live in the 21st century and their thinking is in years 0000 or 650. Look around, you see airplanes, cars etc. etc. People evolve, towns evolve, cities evolve.
    Simply put everything evolves! Why? To survive of course. You have to fit to the environment and the needs or
    die! Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. That’s why a tree in the shade trying to spread branches out to catch
    the sun. To survive! Gods? You do your maths!

    NASA’s missions have shown that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast vast vast universe where
    distances are measured in light years and no scientist knows where the edges are to date. Just like Buddha
    explained over 2,500 years ago. God’s work. Why then a grain of sand? Earth, sun etc. etc. all round in shape
    and orbits the sun due to the gravitational forces they have. If the earth (the grain of sand in the universe) is
    insignificant in the universe do we need to anything about the moon then? Any doubter should Google earth from space to find out or read about NASA’s missions like Voyager etc. etc. Remember this year 2018!

    Mussies go to other people’s countries (never to another mussie country since they are hell holes already) in all
    fours and quietly breed and breed. Once the numbers are high enough, natives have to be ready to die horrible
    deaths and hand over the country. Like what happened in old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh,
    malaysia and indonesia. Recently the menace started the dirty, disgusting, sub human trick in Buddhist
    Myanmar after creeping and mass breeding from bangladesh. Luckily for Myanmar, they had a patriotic leader
    and got rid of the menace in no time and they fled back over the border with 100s 1000s of children coming out
    of their ears. Never ending children? In a already severely overcrowded planet? Who is going provide them with
    food, homes, hospitals, schools, etc. etc. with an alien culture not fitting 21st century which more suited to pre-
    historic times? Only thing they will do is more breeding! And? Then turn on themselves like in syria, iraq, libya
    etc. etc. If anybody read Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, will why.

    Sri Lanka at the mercy of this menace now since they have multiplied enough and they know the country is
    ruled by a bunch of anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering
    traitor thieves. So the menace using this window of opportunity to decimate the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and
    Buddhism. Sad fact is still Sinhalaya in deep slumber. Still traitors puppet vairapala sorry sena and traitor chief
    die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande wa(n)dakaya reluctant even sack these thieves bada uuru deen,
    his bxlla aka empty dog, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?), xxxxheem etc. etc. for the fear of losing

    Sinhalese should call a general strike
    or join the army soldiers currently travelling towards Colombo by millions
    or get on to the street
    to throw out these shameless, power hungry, no Sinhalese blood in their veins, treacherous, lying, murderous
    (Sinhalese Buddhists only since murder/hurting tamils/mussies/catholics is a war crime) low life thieves who
    are prepared to destroy the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism to hang on to power.

    Spain banned the fastest religion aka religion of violence in 1478 when the breeding got out hand and saved their country from turning to mussies. Angola recently banned it. Sri Lanka should ban it to save the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka. Mussies will realise Buddhism is the only true religion in the world once they learn a few facts, and surely start going down the proper path in the samsaric journey. And! will ask to shut down all bomb factories/sword stores/ammunition dumps they have put up in every street corner to murder Sinhalese by millions in one night. Humans? In a host country. You do your maths! Still most mussie deshapaluwan defend those
    culprits to the hilt.

  4. aloy Says:

    Who paved the way for these atrocities ?. It is none other than our own Sinhala Buddhists leaders like MR, RW and perhaps My3. When they take bribes from every possible scoundrel and dump the loot in ME for safe keeping, they cannot raise a finger against the agents from that part of the world. When the door is kept wide open and the owners are sleeping unconcerned no wonder various powers especially the Arabs get ideas and send terrorist and plan various schemes.

    The way our security apparatus has operated during the two or three weeks prior to the incident is appalling. In a way the open drama going on in the parliament to find out what happened is good. I think everybody asked the most relevant questions. The intelligence head was just a puppet; he seems to have been writing research papers at a critical time like that when immediate action was required. Or was it a deliberate act of omission, not to focus on the danger?. Hundreds of kilos of explosives were found and many warnings have been coming from ‘friendly’ countries. The dic heads have not been talking to each other even when seated in a National Security Council. There is no harm in exposing those good for nothing fellows. Perhaps most of the so called top brass must have been like that even when the tiger war was going on, except at the last stages. I think the full security apparatus should be exposed as none of them gave a hint to the parties that were going to get affected.

    Sorry my comment is a bit too long. But, I must comment on what Dilook says above. Muslims with only about 10% of the total population are brave enough to plan various schemes and want to have a go. He thinks Sinhalese with more than 70% should come to one corner of SL. If this is the way our people want to think, then the day we will disappear from SL is not far. We only need a strong guy who would not take no for an answer. Let Milinda Moragoda, his American wife, Robert Blake et al go to any Timbuktu. I believe Moragoda is also someone like Kira and will show the true color when time comes.

  5. dingiri bandara Says:

    Despite belonging to different religious faiths, all Sinhalese should unite or else we are doomed. All Muslims are not violent jihadists but the are bound by Koranic teachings. Most of them like the idea of an Islamic world. and follow the Qaddafi doctrine of producing more. Look the Rohingas in Myanmar. They have have said to western media when interviewed that they need to produce more. Whether one likes to admit or nor Islam is fundamentalist religion. Ask the Japanese. They do everything possible prevent Islam from spreading in Japan. In Thailand, in the majority Muslim areas the Buddhist monks going out to collect alms need armed protection. Like the Jihadist we do not need to resort to violence. We need to learn from the Muslims and be united, help and each other, form non violent organizations to support poor Sinhalese families, form our own banking system like the Islamic banking system.Someone living Sri Lanka truly loyal need to the cause need to organize. We living out side Sri Lanka can help.


    Here’s my response Christie’s who has coined a new term -“Sinhalese Muslims”. Here are some relevant facts on Sinhala people and the small non-indigenous Muslim settler community in Sri Lanka.

    The Muslims of Sri Lanka should be aware of some important historic facts about Sri Lanka, if they are serious on becoming a legitimate part of this great nation. First, they should realize that, they are a small settler community in this country amounting to about 9% of its total population. Prior to the 15th century, the sole interest of the few male Arab merchants who visited the country was trade and they were basically visitors to the country. Gradually with passage of time, they married local woman and began settling down in some coastal regions. It was only by the 15th century that the Muslims became an established small minority community of the country. Therefore, it is incorrect to claim that Muslims have been an established community in Sri Lanka for over 1000 years. There is reference to Muslims and their settlements in Sri Lanka only during the period immediately prior to the arrival of the Portuguese in 1505 or the early 16th century. For all purposes, the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka as an established community extends to about 600 years and definitely not 1000 years as claimed.

    The country was referred to early times as Heladiva or Helabima which means the land or island of the Hela or Sinhala people. It was also referred to as Thunsinhalay (Ruhunu-Pihiti-Maya) or Sinhalay as it was called during the European colonial times (The Udarata Giwisuma or the Kandyan Convention of 1815 refers to the island as Sinhalay).

    Muslims should be aware of the fact that this country has an unbroken written or recorded history that extends to a period exceeding 2500 years. According to this history, this country has been a Sinhala Buddhist nation since the introduction of Buddhism in the 3rd century BCE, in an unbroken manner for over 2200 years. The cultural norms and way of life of this country are an outcome of or are based on Buddhist principles.

    The Muslims of Sri Lanka should be aware of the historic fact that Buddhism was brought to Sri Lanka about 1000 years before the origin of Islam, in the year 247 BCE. That is about three hundred years before the origin of Christianity. It is noteworthy that at the time of origin of the Islam religion in the early 7th century (622 CE?). the Sinhala were a highly advanced community. Up to the 7th century, our country has had 97 Sinhala Buddhist kings ruling the island.

    The 1600 year long period from 3rd century BCE to the 13th century CE, is referred to as the Golden era of our motherland, because of the vast overall development seen in the country, economically, socially and spiritually. Evidence of this prosperity is seen even today in the spectacular network of irrigation tanks and canals considered in modern times as engineering marvels, extensive farmland, and numerous Buddhist historic sites some of which have been designated by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. All these developments were the work of Sinhala Buddhists and took place in this country, way before Islam was ever known to the world. Besides, this development and prosperity was not attained through plunder, ruthless invasions and atrocities like in the case of communities that professed theistic religions such as Islam and Christianity. It is also noteworthy that this country had some of the greatest of literary works, paintings, sculpture and architecture, and historical chronicles written way before the Quoran and the Bible. The world renowned historic chronicle, laying out the written history fo this nation and of Buddhism in this country – the Mahawamsa was a product of this period.

    All these developments occurred way before the origin or Islam and some of it before the origin of Christianity. Our country was built on the Buddhist foundation for over two thousand years and the national character and identity of our motherland is Sinhela Buddhist. We were hospitable to permit non-indigenous settlers such Muslims, Moors and Tamils from Tamilnadu, in our motherland, with the expectation that they will integrate with our nation. They have no right whatsoever to seek autonomy or to claim territorial rights. They have no right to impose their religious or cultural norms and laws in our country which has its own characteristic national cultural norms and a well established rule of law. Muslims who live in Sri Lanka have no right to claim religious enclaves or regional autonomy in Sri Lanka. It is highly treacherous and ungrateful of settler communities to undermine the national culture, especially to destroy Sinhala Buddhist cultural sites, monuments and other historic and archeological treasures, and to impose Islamic norms such as the halal-halal stuff on the non-Muslims of Sri Lanka, and to propagate visible Islamic cultural norms in the open, that are damaging to the established visible cultural norms that characterize the of the vast mass of people of this country.

  7. dingiri bandara Says:

    The Sinhalese are partly to be blamed for making it possible for Muslim enclaves to come up.For reasons , some of which are economic, they sell their properties to Muslims for higher prices(cash) to Muslims and move away. More and more Muslims come and then a mosque. Unless the Sinhalese unite this will continue and the it will be too late. Sri Lanka like most other Buddhist countries will be an Islamic country. The Muslim enclaves did not come up overnight.
    I will tell you how strong the Muslims are united. A manufacturing company owned by a Muslim went under and was to be auctioned. I knew the owner well so I tried to negotiate with him on behalf of my Sinhalese employer who was in the same type of business to buy the company. The auction never happened because some Muslim entrepreneurs got together and bought the company. We Sinhalese need to learn fro the Muslims .

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Please search on Youtube and view this informative video:

    ෂාෆි අම්මලා වඳ කරපු හැටි? – Prof. Channa Jayasumana

  9. Dilrook Says:

    There is little use blaming now.

    As JVP Lal Kantha asked, if Sri Lanka is not the Sinhala Buddhist nation where is the Sinhala Buddhist nation?

    There must be a Sinhala Buddhist nation. End of story.

    If it cannot encase the entire island, it must at least be formed in the 7 provinces outside the north and the east. Otherwise we lose that part too. Something is better than nothing.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    I like to say that I am as a Sinhala Buddhist, I have long decided to be FIRST a SINHALA and SECOND a Buddhist.

    At other times I say that my left hand offers a piece of KRIBATH while my right hand wields a SHARP SWORD to defend my own.

    Basically I am saying that we must be committed to first EXIST and then to PRACTICING our nirmala faith.

    This is also the lesson that I draw from the historical record of our Sinhala Buddhist ancestors who shed blood, sweat and tears to preserve for us our Motherland and our Heritage.

    It is TIME for all SINHALA people to band together in their common defense to BANISH this PARAGATHI Government, and usher in a DESHAPREMI Government and FUNDAMENTALLY change the way we defend, protect and govern our nation.

    Make no mistake, that day is coming, as soon as Nov 15 – Dec 7, when the next Presidential Elections MUST be held and a PATRIOTIC TSUNAMI will roll onshore!

  11. Dilrook Says:

    I agree.

    I’m first a Sinhala. Second a Catholic.

    No point saving Sri Lanka if it is not a Sinhala Buddhist nation. It is better to have a territory that can be called the Sinhala Buddhist nation in part of the island than lose everything to Tamils and Muslims controlling the economy and politics.

    But I have my very serious doubts the next government will be a patriotic government. Remember the 2010-15 government was no more patriotic than this regime. That too had Bathurdeen, Hackhim, Thonda, Devananda, etc.

  12. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dr Daya.

    The Sinhalese have been living in this island for more than 100,000 years.

    Middle Eastern traders were sailing south for more than 700 years , So, they must have arrived in the Island around 1200 onwards. Those days it was men who sailed away without women. They later settled down with local women. It was the case with Portuguese and Dutch in Ceylon.

    They referred to our island nation as Selan, Seylan, and Ceylon.

    The people who went and joined ISIS was tagged as for example Mohamad Seylan and Fatima Seylan etc.

    What about the Indian and Hindu imposed on us? Sari and Vetti was never worn by our ancestors.

    There was an influx of Muslims from Tamil Nadu during the British-Indian Empire. These Tamil Nadu Muslims spoke Tamil and that is one reason some Muslims speak Tamil.

    It is unfortunate with Easter Bombings we have forgotten the killings by Indian Parasites the terrorist arm of India. Muslims live among us.

    Tamils are in their ghettos and Indian built Gandhipurams are coming up.

    Easter bombings is another Indian job like the Gandhipurams; both diring the Indian elections.

    Genocide of Sinhalese by India and Indians continue.

  13. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese have been compassionate and tolerant in nature due to the religion they follow and have accommodated
    foreigners tamils, mussies for centuries. We all know how traitor fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence
    mussies were saved from parangis bullet by King Senarath who pitied on them and settle them down in the east.
    Today, the ungrateful, crafty, murderous traitors have paid back by bulldozing old Buddhist temples and creating
    a mussisthan in the east in addition to mussie enclaves in every town, every bare land settling down fast breeding
    output even importing menace from former Buddhist countries afganisthan, pakesthan etc. etc.

    Meanwhile, tamils while living all over the country comfortably, started their exclusively tamils only catholic tigers
    of tamil drealam and killed over 100,000, mainly Buddhists. Traitor foreigners tamils and mussies want them only separate countries while catholics want the whole country believing they are the real thing since they got the backing of the west. Little these 3 groups know, Buddhism is the only true religion in the world which is not based
    in mythical gods but in science in this scienetific era. While there are ample evidence to corroborate it, they don’t want to know. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, NASA’s mission etc. etc. plus Buddhism’s Five Precepts which is used
    as the basis for penal codes in every country in the world etc. etc. etc.

    No race will surrender their country to a group of foreigners in the world. To even suggest it, is downright
    treachery in my opinion. If they can’t live in Sinhalese’s country they should find a new aboard since we never
    ask these people to come to Sri Lanka. They have the option to leave and find their dreamland elsewhere and
    no Sinhalese will be sorry or going to stop them.

    Fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence headquarters know they going to see the demise of those
    countries within 25/30 years once the electric cars come into operation. Electric car came to the market in the
    90s and car manufacturers were asked to scrap it by their governments since they going to lose all the revenue
    coming from selling oil including oil importing countries. So these mussie countries want to expedite islamisation
    of the world asap so they don’t have to ‘eat’ sand and can go anywhere in the world at freewill. This is why it
    is urgent for mussie oil countries. They spend billions all over the world buying property etc. knowing the party
    is nearing the end. In any case, planet should’ve been self sufficient from green energy, like solar (Sri Lanka
    has over 12 hours brilliant sunshine, still uses oil, since the government can’t make money from it), wind farms,
    etc. etc. This is in addition to alternative energy productions research in the pipeline. But greedy governments
    all over the world, opted out to sell oil to ‘balance the books’.

    After what these traitor mussie so called doctors done to Sinhalese mums, and Sinhalese race by feeding food
    laced with sterile agents, under garments sprayed with the same by mussie traders total Sinhalese race probably have become sterile. Government should ban mussies having more than 1 child (0 would be even better) to bring the Sinhalese population to safer levels. We can’t expect that from this anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri
    Lanka, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering traitor YAMA PALANAYA. For the next patriotic leader it should be priority!

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