Posted on September 8th, 2019

By Edward Theophilus

It is widely published in overseas that JVP will nominate a candidate for the presidential election with the support of a TV channel which has been giving wide publicity for the candidate since 2016 in its two major programs in Sinhala and English.  The candidate associated with audit activities and good for talking about audit work, but the public has a question whether the audit work is the only expected policy work from the president and why these people were silent on many malpractices, which were wilfully activating during the tenure of Mr. Sirisena. However, now it has published that JVP leader Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake will be contested in presidential election.  It is good and reflects the wide democracy in the country although JVP originally under the leadership of Mr. Rohana Wijeweera did not recognize the democratic politics and in 1971 JVP supporters in universities publicly stated that when they come to power by an armed struggle, they will kill all traitors and hang them in power posts.  I hope that current JVP has given up the concept of Armed Struggle intending to achieve liberation for proletarians.

JVP has already submitted the 20th amendment to the Constitution to the parliament in which the focus is to abolish the Executive presidency and allow more than two times to a person who was in the position of president in the country.  Is that the open policy of JVP, why they want to keep a hidden policy to play a role to cabal the votes of a popular presidential candidate or indirectly help to UNP as they did in 2015 betraying Mr. Wijeweera’s policy and in support of the broader hate of JVPers who sacrificed the lives during 1988/89.  Is JVP a subsidiary of UNP and the regime of corrupt after 2015.  JVP cannot deny that a member of the list nominated for appointing after 2015 general election was an actively participated in terrorist activities with a suicide bomber of Easter Sunday.  At his residence, several police officers sacrificed lives as the daughter in law of revolutionary nominated for appoint the parliament as a representative of JVP exploded a bomb killing herself and others.  Is current JVP a respected political party or a party used by UNP for political prostitution?  UNP had been had political and economic policies since its inception and JVP hasn’t had a clear economic policy since its inception and talks of JVP members in 1971 and after Marth implied that the party has an economic policy, which would not be relevant to modern states of the world. One of the stupid statements or bullshit of JVP leader in 1971 was to uproot tea plantation, which was the prime source of foreign exchange and heart of the economy and to plant Cassava as an industrial plantation, which was a highly controversial policy to people in Sri Lanka at that time.  

In this background, people want to know what is the economic policy of JVP?  Traditionally JVP committed to Marxist socialism and they were against the private capital. When I was in Grade 12, I read a book, Labour and Capital authored by V.I. Lenin and the argument about the ownership of capital in the book were highly questionable to me as the owners of capital was interpreted as labor, but not the entrepreneurship was argued in the book. At the university I questioned from a JVP student leader, who was killed during 1988-89 about this argument as he was a student studying Philosophy, he could not answer for my question and he told me that JVP policy to follow economic policies of South Korea and South Yemen.  I strongly told him that those two countries cannot help Sri Lanka to come up and JVP economic policies neither relevant to Sri Lanka nor can help in providing jobs for unemployed.  I clearly told him managed capitalist policies are the most relevant economic policies to the country, which had been depended on such capitalist policies since the beginning of Sinhala state, later my friend reasonably accepted the argument, but in 1971, he was blindly stuck to JVP and I could not redeem him from the blindness of JVP policies.

If JVP presidential candidate wins in the next presidential election will they take over profits of all private companies and distribute among poor people who are the class of no wealth?  The world has been radically modernized in technology and ideas since 1971, in fact people cannot depart from capitalist thinking today, however, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his team thinking would be helpful to upgrade Sri Lanka’s economy like a modern welfare state. During the tenure of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the advice of Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabral and Dr. Jayasundadara supported to manage the economy at a reasonable level. The government debt management is the most important area to the country where needs at least US $ 100 billion investment from outside during next 10 years and for this purpose the country be creditworthy to obtain credit supports from USA, China, Japan, and India.  For this purpose, Sri Lanka needs removing government debt from books and be a creditworthy country to obtain billions of credits and double the economy within five years increasing the annual rate of growth to at least 8% or over. (if the rate of growth at 1% it would take 70 years to double the economy and if the rate of growth 8%, the economy will be double most probably within 7 years as the multiplier process would be strong in current dynamism). Does JVP understand this jargon, no is my feeling and voting to JVP is wasting votes?

There is no doubt Sri Lanka’s economy can be lifted to a higher level and people of the country must be united with no too much politics be in the country.  The politics of the country is good for bullshiting than doing a right job to the country. m


  1. Nimal Says:

    We must ask this question from the communist chinese where their party is the guardian of the country and entrepreneurs are running the country, not the politicians who are there in countries like in sl,getting involved in bogus ventures, money wasting projects to fiddle the country’s hard earned taxpayers money. I am sure JVP will do something similar to uplift the country, just as in china, soon china will be second to none.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    Please watch the COPE on Youtube and come to the conclusion that no special economic policies are required if 2nd precept can be enforced.

    Currently, president of the country is Mr. Musawada and the PM is Mr. Adinnadana. Do we need different one to take over ? (Only the dominant one named, they all have all 5 names)

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    The JVP has NO FIXED ECONOMIC POLICY. It only has ONE POLICY: Grab POWER whatever means necessary!

    If allying itself with TRAITORS and DECLARED ENEMIES of Sri Lanka serves that goal, so be it.

    If HELPING to SELL off the nation’s assets to FOREIGN POWERS, and ASSISTING the BANK ROBBERS in power to ENRICH themselves serves that purpose, so be it!

    If ABANDONING the COMMON man they claim to represent to protect the INTERESTS of ELITE in power serves that purpose, so be it!

    The JVP has only ONE FIXED PURPOSE, to DESTABILIZE Sri Lanka and CAUSE MAYHEM, and EXPLOIT the ensuing CHAOS to HAUL itself into power by FOOLING the MASSES with UNDILUTED HYPOCRISY as and when necessary! There is NO OTHER PRINCIPLE at ALL; there is only SINGLE-MINDED SELF-SERVING AMBITION to SEIZE POWER by HOOK or by CROOK!

  4. Dilrook Says:

    JVP has no economic policy.

    (Not that the others have one other than a set of empty words and economically draining promises.)

    However, JVP’s Sunil Handunneththi was simply fantastic at the COPE investigation into Cricket Board and People’s Bank. He also lead the COPE investigation in the Central Bank bond scam. Those who have made these into political slogans did nothing to investigate the crime and prevent Baond Scam part 3. It was Sunil who did it.

    All true patriots must commend his excellent service to the nation. Sadly in a country where 85% are fixed voters they don’t understand these. Whatever their favourite clan does is good and whatever anyone else does is bad.

    (Sunil was defeated at the 2015 parliamentary election and was appointed from the national list. One needs massive cutouts that crash onto people seriously injuring them to win over 40% of the vote. Corrupted Democracy of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.)

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree that Sunil Handunetti did yeoman work on the Bond Scam and the Cricket board investigation, among others.

    But, CRITICIZING the folks they brought to power as if they are not responsible for the THEFTS and FIASCOs perpetrated by those GOONS does not ABSOLVE the JVP of the RESPONSIBILITY for those ACTS!

    It seems as if the JVP’s principal objective is to SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROY the major parties in the minds of the voters. Parties that POSE THE MAJOR BARRIERS to they own quest for POWER. To that end, they help elect and support the SUICIDAL POLICIES of those parties. Then they HAPPILY SINK THEM thus accomplishing their objective of making the voters FED UP of the main political parties, clearing their own way to replace them! NOwhere in the pursuit of these policies do they consider the DESTRUCTIVE IMPACT of this Machiavellian Quest for Power on the country and our people. As a party, they have not changed ONE IOTA from their first days when they led TOUSANDS of gullible but patriotic Sinhala youth to their destruction.

    This is the ONLY EXPLANATION that I can OFFER for the HYPOCRITICAL ALLIANCES the JVP continually makes, and the CONTRARY POSITIONS that the JVP continually adopts!


  6. Randeniyage Says:

    Whatever their favorite clan does is good and whatever anyone else does is bad.

    What a precise statement describing the POLITICAL SLAVES.

    In Sri Lanka, if only scam is the bond scam we are another Singapore right now.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    That is true. JVP has a bloody past and were also party to some (not all) disasters of this regime. JVP also helped Premadasa come to power in 1988 by disrupting pro-SLFP electorates. Despicable action.

    However, JVP has given up violence. So looking forward, its past violence is not very relevent. Weerawansa was part of the violent JVP at that time. Some newcomers were not. They joined after the JVP permanantly distanced from violence.

    The rest of your argument is also true but that is their political strategy. Every party and every business need a competitive strategy.

    Interesting to see the damage the JVP did to itself by aligning with the UNP. Six seats in 2015 only partly indicates that damage.

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