We need a system change
Posted on September 16th, 2019

Fr J.C. Pieris Galle Courtesy The Island


A brawl in the house

The people of Sri Lanka finding them in the grip of an evil system tried for one last time to change it in 2015. The people trusted for one last time the usual set of politicians. The rascals promised ‘Yahapalanaya’ or good governance and deceived the people again. There is no point in elaborating the endless robberies that took place after 2015 and are currently going on with impunity, unchallenged and unpunished. The country is going from bad to worse. Bombs are going off again with hundreds of innocents dying and property destroyed. The very fact that the powers that are do not want to set up an independent probe into it smells fishy. Are they in collusion with some global powers playing their sinister games? With the dirty American tentacles groping around the country may even lose its sovereignty. After it became the dumping ground of British and international garbage there is nothing more to say. This country is at the end of its tether.

To save this country for the next generation we have no option but to chase away the traitors and betrayers of our people, the Ali Baba and the 225 thieves, robbers, murderers and pimps. It can be done by a radical system change.

It simply cannot be done within the current system. The system and the constitution have been dabbled and fiddled with the sole intention of the 226 staying in power for always either in the government or in the opposition and handing over this country to their dynasties. In this system they can commit any crime and get away with it. If even a few of this evil 226 come to power the rest of this despicable gang will be safeguarded. The system is tailor made for these criminals to stay in power with impunity. Therefore the need for a radical system change is imperative.

People have realized, finally, that there are only two sides to this national struggle. On one side the innocent, good but helpless citizens, the poor, the hard working white collar and blue collar workers, honest professionals and rank and file of the armed forces with their officers who are loyal to the people and the country, on the other side the 226 rascals who exploit them and the resources of the country supported by their boot-licking lackeys in the judiciary, armed forces, the administration and the business community.

The two sides can be easily recognized. The 226, their boot-licking lackeys and their foolish supporters are against a radical system change declaring it cannot be implemented for one reason or another. They try to trivialize it calling it an impractical dream or eyewash of a charlatan. Of course they will not expose the real reason: they know they will be defunct, politically speaking, if there is a real system change from their evil governance to genuine good governance.

On the other hand all good people, simple, hard working, decent citizens of the country who have had enough of this Ali Baba, the 225 thieves and their venal governance; professionals with clean hands, upright of character and love of the country who have had to suffer and put up with the evil shenanigans of their political masters simply tolerating it all for the sake of feeding the family; the farmers, the fishermen and the casual labourers who are in dire straits who have finally opened their eyes and seen why there is poverty in this country even after 71 years of independence, who have realized that it is corruption at the top that generates their poverty are not only accepting the revolutionary system change with much hope but also promoting it.

The people of this country has been offered a clear cut, logical and reasonable, revolutionary and non-violent system change in a new autochthonous constitution still in draft form. It will be finalized by the end of this month and at the nominations for the presidential election it will be presented to the people with the manifesto of the alternative candidate.

The new autochthonous constitution will drastically reduce the number of members of parliament, so much so that it will be brought back to the venerable old building at the Galle Face and similarly the number of cabinet ministers will be cut. Thus a huge amount of money will be saved to the treasury. The new MPs will be people who come forward to give the country their best unlike the present set of kleptoparasites who have come to take the best from the country. So the MPs will not receive a salary or a pension. They will be given an allowance and will leave the service after one or two terms of office. No dynasties will be formed and no life membership in the parliamentary club. They will have to be graduates from a recognized university or educated up to that level. They will have clean hands and have no criminal allegations. They or their close relatives will have no business dealings with the government. They will not get any permits for sale. Will anyone of the present 226 be willing to join a government of the people as described above?

Sri Lanka will be one country and it will be unitary. There will be only one people and they will be Sri Lankan. There will be only one law and the Kandyan law, the Thesawalami law and the Muslim law will be abolished. Executive presidency will be abolished and everybody, without exception, will be equal before the law. The provincial councils, the nine white elephants, will be abolished and one hundred billion rupees saved annually to the treasury! The illicit National List, the hole in the back door of the parliament, through which the rejected candidates creep into the parliament, will be abolished. Proportional representative method of election will be abolished. The old method of first past the post will be re-established. And thus democracy, true and genuine, will be brought back to the country.

There is a school of thought among the alternative groups that some good, clean people be sent to the parliament and slowly increase their number to form one day a government of good governance. They want to work within the present constitution and the way of proceeding. They want to throw clean people into a cesspit and expect them to remain clean! What a pipe dream! Didn’t the JVP try that for the last forty odd years? What have they got to show for that? They too finally and shamelessly resorted to the illicit national list to get into the parliament and sell vehicle permits to fatten the party coffers. There is only one method to clean the Augean stables, the autochthonous constitution and a system change.

A system change is a revolution. It can be violent or non-violent. It can be either by the bullet or by the ballot. The Autochthonous Constitution is the non-violent method by the ballot. It will be presented to the people at the next presidential election for their approval. Getting a simple majority it will become the supreme law of the land. Not a drop of blood will be shed, not a brick from a building will be moved, not a match will be struck to burn anything and not a tear will be shed. There will be only relief and joy at the dismissing of the Ali Baba and the 225 thieves from the country’s political scene. They shall receive their just dues for all the crimes they have committed and the wealth they have robbed from the poor of the country will be requited and returned to the people. The people of the country are yearning for a complete overhaul of the government, chasing away Ali Baba and the 225 thieves and giving the governance to a group of upright men and women of integrity. We need a system change.

Fr J.C. Pieris


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  1. Nimal Says:

    we are a third world that is deliberately created by our dishonest,selfish,ignorant and crooked politicians and some officials.

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