What is Muslim Congress (SLMC) up to?
Posted on November 1st, 2019

Mahinda Karunaratne

First the Hakeem lead SLMC joined with Sajith the Swan candidate to ensure his victory, however, the former is the kingpins of Jihad and I.S. in the country are now in a dilemma knowing Gota is winning.

Now they are depicting a different picture by defecting some members to support Gota, Why?

The simple logic is that they are placing one foot on each side If Sajith wins everyone will join with him and obtain their intended portfolios to establish Safaristan, if Gota wins everybody will join him and offer the support, obtain maximum benefits through which they will open the way to future Safaristan.

What Pohottuwa and Gota should be aware of is that this strategy of SLMC, which is originating from their Quranic chapter of Al-Taqiya the lesson on Deceiving.

Pohottuwa should not take in any SLMC or their associates now or after the victory or it will be your suicide!

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  1. aloy Says:

    I do not know the correctness of what Mahinda is writing here. But the fact that many politicos would like to have a foot on the winning side is true. I for one was not sure whether Gota is the correct person. I attended a few meetings of the so called professionals who have put Mahesh S as their candidate. I then realized that they are being sponsored by some unknown force trying to divide the country. I am sure many have realized this and now supporting Gota.

    He should be careful not to make the same mistake his brother made. That is, after coming to power on the backs of majority of Sinhalas thought of a sure way of getting elected for the third term. And he suffered a humiliating defeat.

    A few days ago he declared somewhere in upcountry that he will create a Tamil university for the people there. he is trying to follow his brother who helped to create an Arabic uni in the East. I kindly ask Gota to find out how those people were marched from India on foot and engaged them for slave labour displacing the kandian peasants from their lands and for whom no justice have been done to this day.

    To my mind what he should do is make those Tamil schools also Sinhala medium ones. That is the way to unify the country. I know even the upcountry Tamils like to admit their children to Sinhala schools when they come to Colombo. Many of them have told me this

  2. aloy Says:

    It is natural to give ministerial portfolios to those who extend support. But care should be taken not to give important ones that are likely to be misused. This is how the other countries work. And most of all there should be a mechanism to prevent ministers misusing their position by way of employment or awarding contracts. Employment to public service should be on quota basis or some system like the one for uni admission, at least until the country is economically sound when the private sector will be more attractive.

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